SyFy Cancels CAPRICA and Immediately Removes Series from Schedule

     October 27, 2010

After an apparent struggle finding high enough ratings, SyFy has canceled the Battlestar Galactica prequel spin-off series Caprica and yanked it from their schedule effective immediately. The remaining five episodes of the first and only season of the series will run in early 2011. Mark Stern, Executive Vice President of SyFy says, “Unfortunately, despite its obvious quality, Caprica has not been able to build the audience necessary to justify a second season.” Surely a blow to all Battlestar Galactica fans, but fortunately they still have the recently announced two-hour pilot for Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome to look forward to in the future. Anyone really disappointed?


  • Kzauke

    Yeah I’m very disappointed and so are many others…

  • Bill Graham

    I know many of my personal friends that loved BSG didn’t even check out a single episode of this series. The BSG line is complete, in my mind and many others. We had an amazing narrative that ran its course. Clearly, people just didn’t respond to another narrative arc/prequel. Come up with something equally as compelling as BSG and we might tune in. Personally, I will be checking out RED.

  • Mike

    This hurt. I love Caprica. I think it’s challenging, fascinating television.

  • dathmeat


  • MG21


  • John Jones

    It was Boring…Boring…Boring. It was a soap opera, like All My Children or One Life To Live or any of the rest. It stunk!

  • mike anderson

    i had really high hopes and really tried hard to like for Caprica but it was TERRIBLE! looking forward to the new series!!!!

  • Ben Nash

    Im super disappointed. WTF.

  • James Treakle

    Ouch. I’ll miss it. It was fun while it lasted.

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  • Dwoods21

    Clearly Syfy has decided to substantially deviate from its original market and focus on pro wrestling and reality shows. I am older and make money. They are targeting kids that have to beg mom and dad for cash. I guess it makes marketing sense somewhere but I don’t get it.

  • Lwalliczek

    I really loved Caprica and will miss it. I wondered if the monotheists being the terrorists had anything to do with it. Perchance it rubbed someone the wrong way. I do request that they just run the episodes they have shot already. I have to now wait for the DVR to tape them when they do decide to burn them. :(

  • Karyn Hill

    I’m definitely disappointed. Sci Fi used to be my favorite channel but then they changed it to SyFy and started playing fewer science fiction shows. Look at the schedule – at least half of it is non-sci fi and my sci-fi Friday has turned into WWE. It has gotten to the point where I just let the DVR record the (few remaining) shows that interest me and I watch during the week when I have some time. Caprica was a bit on the slow-moving side but there were enough teasers to keep me watching. Most of the rest of the schedule is junk I could find on any other channel so I now almost never actually turn the channel on.

    It’s a damned shame, really.


    This sucks…ratings are wrong.


    This sucks…ratings are wrong.

  • Smitty

    SyFy has turned into a cheap monster and WWE channel it has lost it’s edge. As soon as a new Sci Fi station comes online even if they show old Sci Fi shows I’m there….

  • Wayne Hurlburt

    Definitely not the best news, as I for one really liked the show. Sure it had a slow start, but in reality, it does take a little finesse to take a great series like Battlestar Galactica and create a series that explains its beginnings. It’s not like this could be done in 4-5 episodes, properly, especially when you want to create a series with it.

    There is a lot of changes that would need to be overcome, in order to take the conciousness of the ‘V’ world and transform this into the ‘Cylon’ bodies. On top of that, we’re not just talking about doing this with only one conciousness, it would require a build up of many, to form the amount that has been used in the original Battlestar Galactica. How was this done, where did they come form, what was the process and how did they all come to gather together to believe that this should be done?

    All these points need to be explained through properly and sorry to say it just doesn’t play well with straight out action packed genre. Like I said before, it takes finesse along with a decent story build up. The real problem here isn’t that the show doesn’t contain what it takes to become a great series, it’s that it is being compared to Battlestar Galactica, which had 4.5 seasons to build upon.

    If the re-imaged series had been done as a prequel to the first, original Battlestar Galactica, the scrutiny of the show would have been ten-fold to what it did go through when it first started. Yet the series was great, even greater than the first or second season would have expected.

    Yes, there needs to be some scrutiny involved to keep it aligned with the quaility and information known from what makes the ‘Cylon’ what they are, but let it evolve to point that this can happen. From the very first episode, Caprica had been scrutinized by the Battlestar Galactica fan genre. What did they expect? That the show would immediately start out with what the webisode series of William Adama first discovering the location of the secret lab, of the ‘Cylons’ and getting a glimpse into what they were experimenting on. That just wouldn’t make sense. The story would need to evolve from a much earlier stage to really give a grasp of just what happened in the Cylon’s themselves. From being just ordinary machines, doing the will of their creators to actually become self aware and developing a willful drive to become in control of their own destiny.

    All this takes time and to have a series like Caprica, which really has the cast and storyline that can evolve, as it has already done so, to be shut down before it can even begin to demonstrate what it can actually become, is sad.

    Caprica also faced problems, by only allow few episodes to be shown at a time and drawn out over the course of almost to two years, just to air 13 episodes. That is just plain out bad programming and any new series that is to be drawn out in this way will also be destined to fail as well. You need to keep the story fresh and steady, to allow the it to evolve in peoples minds. By only visualizing a few episodes here and there with 6+ months in between airings newer material just isn’t the way to introduce a new series. Take a look at any series using this format and see their ratings. The same is also happening to them as well.

    Play out a season as a season and let the series have a chance to really take off, not as a fill show to be watched every so often, when the network feels like an episode. If aired as a fill in that’s all it will ever be, is a fill in and no one will take it serious as a series. That is why the ratings drop, not because the series is a bad series, but because it is being projected as one.

    Who can really get involved into watching a series that only plays once and a while, not many. The way Caprica has been executed and aired, has been bad advertising(so to speak), this is not a great so we will only air it in spurts. This just puts out a negative message to the viewers in general. Poor marketing isn’t a reason to cancel a product. When a product is poorly marketed, you fire the marketing manager and replace him or go somewhere else to someone who knows how to do it right.

    Well, even with the poor market plan behind Caprica, it still managed to capture a decent amount of viewers, now that should say something for the show itself. Imagine if it actually had been marketed right….gee. Maybe more people would actally have become interested in the show as well.

    I like SYFY, but I think they really made a wrong turn here. don’t cancel shows for bad marketing gimmicks, get rid of the bad marketing gimmicks and give the shows that have fallen under this faulty process a chance to shine and show what they really can become.

  • Mja27950

    i don’t see why. it is more syfy than the stupid wresseling they put on. that should go. has nothing to do with the syfy channel.

  • Harry Seldon

    I guess that is why they change SCIFI to SYFY. Wrestling, monster movies of the week, stupid reality shows, have taken over our beloved science fiction station. Feel like I’ve been sold out to mindless kiddie S**t!!

  • Mayflyxxx78

    very disappointed..they started the first couple of ep of the second season,even though cancelled, where are the rest of the season? cause they ve had to of been syfy plan on showing the rest of the season at all in the future?

  • Glesstron

    Yea I am not happy, I liked it, if they put it on a Friday or Saturday night around 8 or 9 the ratings would have been better but they decided to compete with Sons of Anarchy on Tuesday and lost. Dumb move, I can take over secluding if they need someone to make them a profit.

  • Jesus

    Just shows how TV schedules are dominated by what the great unwashed and brain-dead want. Heaven help us all.
    These days almost everything in life is based around the wishes of the great majority who are mostly fuckwits and have no taste beyond their mutherfuckerMacs

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry to hear that the series has been cancelled.. I enjoyed it very much.

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  • sakibaba

    Mark Stern you are a fool…..pull the ghost hunter and wrestling crap from the channel. I thought the channel was about science fiction you moron.
    I think syfy will pay heavy price for this in viewership.

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