Sylvester Stallone Wants More Humor for EXPENDABLES 3, Hopes to Add Jackie Chan and Promises “Young Blood”

     March 12, 2013


You can tell Sylvester Stallone is having a helluva good time with The Expendables franchise, but the writer/director/actor wants to bring a bit more humor into the mix.  Taking to Twitter this evening, Stallone commented on the tone of The Expendables 3which he is currently writing, and hopefully getting Jackie Chan into the cast as was previously rumored.  He also gave a brief update on an action star who would not be making the cut and alluded to an injection of “young blood” into the franchise.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

the-expendables-2-sylvester-stallone-imageCheck out Stallone’s The Expendables Tweets from earlier this evening:

Writing EX3 at the moment… there are going to be mountains of surprises.

EX3 needs NEW blood and more humor…. The films were always meant to be more on the humorous side with moments of drama

No S. Seagal, sorry ,but maybe we get lucky with J. Chan! And some young bloods!!!

By young I mean 22 to 27. Not big bruisers but tech wizard, super brains and a young woman who is not a sex symbol but funny ,tough,REAL

So it looks as if Chan isn’t confirmed just yet, which probably has a lot to do with scheduling conflicts.  He’d certainly bring his own signature action to the franchise which is chock full of fun, right in line with what Stallone wants to see.  It looks like Steven Seagal will be on the sidelines for the third installment, though I don’t know if Stallone even approached the Lawman.  While he didn’t mention anyone by name, Stallone seems eager to bring in some younger, up-and-coming action stars to take over the franchise from the aging veterans.

Take a look at some of our recent coverage of The Expendables 3 below and let us know who you’d like to see join the cast in the comments:


  • dodoriz

    It’s a shame about seagal, hopefully they can bring in Cage, Ford, Diesel and the Rock. If Jet Li comes back and Jackie Chan joins then we may see some movie magic, all we will need then is Donnie Yen.

  • Buno Dias

    Gerard Butler?

  • ourshark33

    Ido Kwais from Raid: Redemption would be a great addition. Vin Diesel wouldn’t be terrible. Nic Cage serves no purpose in this franchise. I would love to see Tom Hardy or Chris Hemsworth, but I think they are too big for Expendables, but maybe Stallone could work some magic.

  • ourshark33

    Ido Kwais from Raid: Redemption would be a great addition. Vin Diesel wouldn\’t be terrible. Nic Cage serves no purpose in this franchise. I would love to see Tom Hardy or Chris Hemsworth, but I think they are too big for Expendables, but maybe Stallone could work some magic.

  • Cman

    Bring in tony jaa… He kicked ass in ong bak and the protector.

  • Bob

    Harrison Ford, Westley Snipes, Jackie Chan, Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel.

  • Person

    Ford, Diesel, Snipes, Butler, cameo by Damon

  • Jessica


  • GunsOfNavarone

    The problem is Stallone’s writing. What he thinks is funny, usually isn’t on-screen. The Chuck Norris thing got old fast, the terminator references for Arnie have been done to death and were tired, the poor short china-man jokes for Li in the first were crass and disrespectful to Li. The humour in Red / The Losers is a lot better. Perhaps Sly should consider hiring in someone who knows how to write humour.

  • LEM

    Who wants humor from these movies? I want to see amazing action with cheesy one liners as you kill someone or blow something up.

  • Eddie

    SNIPES as the villian

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  • Jesus

    Oh hey, if it’s young blood you want Stallone, ***SPOILER ALERT*** maybe you shouldn’t have KILLED OFF the youngest action star and newest addition in your group in the last movie. ***END SPOILERS*** Dumbass.

  • Wayne

    Ugh. Please…no young people. That’s the point of the Expendable movies – a celebration of ’80s/’90s action stars.

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  • mike jevons

    how does he even show his face after bullet to the head didn’t even make 10 million domestic. just go away old fart.

  • ped

    Gotta have Snipes as the villain…. demolition man style

  • JECR


  • Ur mom

    “A young woman who is not a sex symbol, but funny, tough and real.”
    Good!! I wanna see a badass woman, not a playboy model!!

  • Joe

    if Dwayne Johnson is in, heck I’m watching it :D


    So Sly is looking for a young female type that’s “not a sex symbol,but funny,tough and real”.
    May I suggest……ELIZA DUSHKU or SUMMER GLAU.

    They both fit that description.

    Now I wanna hear some responses.
    Do you like MY choices,or you think YOU can do better?

    Well,let’s see what you got………….

  • Red X

    As much as I’d like to see it I don’t think Vin would do it cause the F&F franchise has evolved into its own star assembled type of Expendables. As for casting they should defn get Liam Neeson or someone fresh that no one would expect like Dev Patel who is actually a black belt in Karate.

  • Motion S

    For some reason I immediately thought Stallone should get Edgar Wright to look over his script, when I read he wanted more comedy and action all together.

  • yasser

    il love this film very much thank you wew are waiting to another great film

  • Lucas G O

    Vinnie Jones and Steve Austin who spice up the show, but mostly Vinnie Jones.

  • stephen

    Bolo yeung as a major part on the villian side. Mark whalberg.

  • stephen

    The mcmanus brothers!!!!

  • Andymovieman

    Get Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson,Mickey rourke, jean claude van damme, Rutger Hauer, John Travolta, Wesley Snipes, Roddy Piper, Kurt Russell, Jeff Bridges, Tommy lee Jones, Robert Patrick, Ray Liotta, Armand Assante, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Costner, Don Johnson, Alec Baldwin, Carl weathers, Mr. T, peter weller etc. for expendables 3. So Sly if you get this message this is what I want to see from you all the best action stars in one great film.

  • Anonymous


  • Alex Palladino

    How about Sigourney Weaver!!!

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  • travenaldo

    I’d like to see Tom Hardy and Jacky Wu (Jing Wu).

  • travenaldo

    Dalip Singh and Tony Jaa are others good names to cast next expendables.

  • ExpendableFan

    Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Ving Rhames, Ryan Reynolds (witty), Hugh Jackman & Alex O’Laughlin.

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