RAMBO 5 On Hold as Sylvester Stallone Finishes EXPENDABLES 2; Isn’t Sure if Film Will Be UNFORGIVEN or “Passing of the Torch”

     February 10, 2012


While another entry in the Rambo franchise has been on Sylvester Stallone’s to-do list for quite some time, we haven’t heard much about the film in a while. It appears there’s a reason for that, as screenwriter Sean Hood recently took to Twitter to give a brief status update:

Rambo 5 on hold as Sly finishes Expendables 2. He hasn’t decided if R5 will be an Unforgiven or a “passing of the torch.”

Beyond Expendables 2, Stallone also has the highly anticipated Arnold Schwarzenegger team-up The Tomb on the docket, which is certainly a priority project. It’s nice to know that Rambo 5 isn’t dead, and I like the idea of an Unforgiven take. Maybe Stallone could blend a “passing of the torch” aspect in with the Unforgiven tone in order to kill two birds with one stone. Whatever the case, it appears we’ll all just have to sit tight a while longer for another Rambo. Hit the jump for more, including a recent photo of Stallone and Schwarzenegger in the hospital (yup).

I’m not the biggest fan of the Rambo franchise, but it’d be nice to see Stallone wrap things up on his terms. I think there’s definitely a future in the series with some “new blood” if done in a cool and interesting way. Stallone is 65 years old, which is getting up there for an action star. In fact, both he and Schwarzenegger needed surgery after filming The Expendables 2 and Schwarzenegger shared the photo on the interwebs. It’s pretty damn funny.


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  • aaron

    Being a Rambo flick, I’d rather see him kill two birds with one giant effing knife.

  • poo poo

    RAMBO 5, bring it on! Keep it hard R like the last one (damn that was epic!) I wanna see it go Unforgiven rout though not passing torch, i mean, whos he supposed to pass it to? ) Rambo IS Rambo. Not Rambo’s junior sidekick/long lost son.

    Maybe bring Commando onboard to lead a pack of mercs, including Rambo.

    That pic is funny by the way, if i could travel back in time to when i was a kid in the 80s and show myself that photo from the future of Sly and Arnie I would not believe my eyes. Looks like an action version reboot of the Odd couple.

  • Northern Star

    Leave it alone Sly, the 2008 movie was the first Rambo film since ‘First Blood’ that did the character justice (and even ‘First Blood’s author David Morrell thought so), it ended on an appropriately touching and quiet character moment, leave it be…

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  • Phil123

    agreed Northern star. 4 was the perfect ending. he came to terms with his life and went home. final shot nicely mirroring the begining of First Blood. There are many other movies Sly can make

  • Dave

    Are u kid’n with the Homo’s owning H-weird now, it’s good we still have he man types try’n to keep it alive keep goin guys!!

  • spongefist

    Rambo 4 was indeed epic, best action movie for a long long time. Bring on Rambo 5… but no passing of the torch, just pure Unforgiven.

  • Guns Of Navarone

    Bring it on. Rambo 4 was the best action movie I have seen in years. None of this PG13 crap.

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  • Telstar

    I have always loved Sylvester Stallone and all his movies. He has humour and strong convictions in everything he does, in life and in his acting. In Rambo 5 it will be interesting to see him return to his roots, how he relates to his family and what eventually makes him the awesome fighter that he is. Just as Sean Connery is legendary and the best 007 secret agent of them all, I can’t imagine someone else playing Rambo except Sylvester Stallone whatever his age. Honest! Give us another Rambo soon, Sly, you can never grow too old to play him.


    He should do it as the last one and make the story along the lines of this: rambo arrives at the door of his fathers ranch to find a stranger greets him and tells him his father died and his brother also a soldier has not returned home to the ranch for 5 years. After this Rambo finds out he had joined a covert cia group and had been working on an initiative to thwart some illegal drugs trade cartel in Mexico. as Stalone has been dying to do the story there why not? this time put his family in the mix for the last story as we know nothing about his family at all from other stories.He approaches the cia director and goes before a small off the books panel and get’s them to back him provided he works on some espionage whilst attempting to find his brother,things don’t go to plan when he finds that his brother is held captive by the most brutal cartel in Mexico and tries to bring down the cartel and save his brother in the process.He could make this one a sort of gritty street wise espionage/eplosive cat and mouse game with street shoot out’s and take down operations with Rambo taking down everything in his way to get his brother back

  • Wasim Alam Siddique

    After all the Rambo movies ….. I would hate to see the character die……..He is Vietnam Hero…..Green Beret……….I want ot see him live at peace for once……………….And him finally going home seemed to indicate that

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