Limited Paper: Bottleneck Gallery’s GET A ROOM Opens This Friday With New Art by Godmachine, Cuyler Smith, Craig Drake, More

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There’s zero empirical evidence to back up the theory, but here at Limited Paper we tend to think that there aren’t a lot of hard-core collectors out there with big Valentine’s Day plans.  Quite frankly, when the vast majority of your spending money is being pushed towards one fancifully-colored 24x36” sheet of paper after another, there isn’t much budget left for schmoozing the ladies (or the gents, if that’s your thing).  Sure, you could’ve bought her that diamond-encrusted toaster she’s always wanted, but there’s something like 400 prints dropping this week:  one has to prioritize.

But what if you have a significant other…and they’re also into poster collecting?  Well, good news, buddy:  Bottleneck Gallery’s Get a Room (opening in NYC this Friday) is filled with a ton of romantic, movie-themed posters your guy or gal will be jazzed to have hanging on their wall, and we’ve got preview pics for you (including new work from Craig Drake, Godmachine, and Cuyler Smith) after the jump.

Limited Paper: A Preview of Bottleneck Gallery’s GIZMOS AND GADGETS Show Featuring New Artwork from Godmachine, Cuyler Smith, and Dave Perillo

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Yes, gallery shows are still coming fast and furious in 2013, and this week brings us another new one:  Bottleneck Gallery’s Gizmos and Gadgets opens this Friday, and—from the looks of the preview images sent over by our buddy Joe at the Gallery’s NYC location—it looks to be just as impressive as the work we saw from that Gallery throughout 2012.  Wanna see some amazing new artwork from Godmachine, Cuyler Smith, and Dave Perillo?  Find out when you can plan on getting a crack at purchasing some of this stuff online?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Spoke Art’s Third-Annual BAD DADS Show (Based on the Films of Wes Anderson) Opens, Prints on Sale Today!

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The folks at Spoke Art have an annual tradition, one that celebrates one of our greatest living entertainers by hiring dozens of artists to produce pieces of art based around that entertainer’s most cherished works.  We’re speaking, of course, about Spoke Art’s long-running Forever The Boss:  The Filmography of Tony Danza Retold Via Knitted Sweaters.  As you might expect, this series hasn’t sold a single piece since its 1988 inception.  It is the art world’s biggest ongoing catastrophic failure, truly one for the books.

Thank God, then, that the Spoke Art guys have another annual show that’s proved to be far more popular:  Bad Dads, an annual showcase of screenprints, paintings, and other works of art based around the filmography of Wes Anderson.  They just opened their third Bad Dads show:  wanna see some of the artwork from that show, and find out where you can buy some of those prints?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

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