RED TAILS to Play in Auro-3D 11.1 Surround Sound in Select Locations

by     Posted 2 years, 341 days ago


The World War II action-drama Red Tails will be released in select theaters in Barco’s Auro-3D 11.1 surround sound.  Most theaters use 5.1 or 7.1 audio, which has three speakers in front, two on the side, and two in the back.  11.1 changes that up by putting up far more speakers at various heights in order to reproduce the audio dimension of height.  Since Red Tails depicts intense aerial combat, it’s an ideal candidate to test out the 11.1 system.  It’s important to note that while the audio system is called “Auro-3D”, it’s only creating a 3D audio mix.  Visually, Red Tails will be released in 2D only.

Hit the jump for more details about the Auro-3D system, an explanation from producer Rick McCallum on how it will function in Red Tails, and which theaters will be getting the 11.1 upgrade.  Red Tails opens January 20th.

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