Phil Lord and Chris Miller Confirm They’re Directing 22 JUMP STREET, Talk about Cracking the Story, Explain the Sequel’s Title, and More

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Hands-down of the most entertaining movies of the last few years is directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s comedy 21 Jump Street.  The film perfectly showcased the goofy sensibilities of Lord and Miller while also showcasing the fantastic chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.  As such, it came as welcome news that Sony was moving forward with a sequel to Jump Street with Hill and Tatum reprising their roles.  We learned a few months ago that the story will be taking place in college and that Ice Cube is returning, but at that point Lord and Miller were only attached to direct and hadn’t yet officially signed on.

Steve recently caught up with Lord and Miller at Comic-Con in anticipation of the release of The LEGO Movie, and the duo confirmed that they only just officially signed on to direct 22 Jump Street a month ago because they were having trouble cracking the story.  The two discussed how they stumbled upon an interesting way to approach 22 Jump Street by continuing the “marriage” of the lead characters, their research into comedy sequels as prep for the follow-up, an “expanded role” for Ice Cube this time around, and revealed the very funny reasoning behind the film’s title.  Hit the jump for much, much more.


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A minor yet amusing piece of news regarding the 21 Jump Street sequel has been announced.  Embedded in a press release that announced a remake of the French film A Prophet produced by Neal Moritz, Sony has revealed that the title of the Jump Street sequel will be, appropriately enough, 22 Jump Street.  Not too much is known about the follow-up as of now, but directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are expected to return, and the story will find Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill’s characters infiltrating a college campus.  Moreover, Moritz previously told us that Ice Cube will indeed be reprising his fantastic role as Captain Dickson.  22 Jump Street will open in theaters on June 13, 2014.

Dave Franco Talks NOW YOU SEE ME, Magic, Working with Louis Leterrier, Nicholas Stoller’s TOWNIES, and the 21 JUMP STREET Sequel

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With director Louis Leterrier’s (The Incredible Hulk) magician-centered thriller Now You See Me opening May 31st, I recently went to New Orleans to interview the cast.  For those unfamiliar, the story follows an FBI squad on the heels of a team of bank-robbing magicians who share their profits with the audience, and the pic boasts an impressive ensemble cast that includes Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Caine, Melanie Laurent and Morgan Freeman.  For more on the film, watch six clips, or check out all our previous coverage

During my interview with Dave Franco, he talked about how much fun he had making the movie, what he learned about magic, what it was like working for Louis Leterrier and  his always moving camera, and more.  In addition, he talked about if he’ll be in the 21 Jump Street sequel, and reveals Nicholas Stoller‘s Townies features tons of male nudity.  Hit the jump to watch.

21 JUMP STREET Sequel Moves to June 13, 2014

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The production delay for Jurassic Park 4 has scuttled Universal’s plans for a June 13, 2014 release date.  But you can’t let a good release day go to waste, and Sony has wasted no time in moving the 21 Jump Street sequel into that vacated spot.  This move makes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the only wide release on June 6, 2014.  Filming on TMNT is currently underway with Megan Fox on a trampoline.

As for the sequel to 21 Jump Street, filming is set to begin this fall.  Phil Lord and Chris Miller will return to direct; Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will reprise their roles as Officers Schmidt and Jenko.  Korean Jesus be praised.

Oren Uziel to Pen MEN IN BLACK 4 and Rewrite 21 JUMP STREET Sequel for Sony

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While Sony is patiently awaiting Oren Uziel’s rewrite on the 21 Jump Street sequel, the studio has also tapped the screenwriter to pen another installment in the Men in Black franchise.  Little is known about the logline for Men in Black 4, though the studio was apparently pleased enough with Uziel’s pitch to give him the go-ahead.  It’s unclear at this time just how involved Will Smith would be with a fourth film and there are currently no deals for either Josh Brolin or Emma Thompson to return.  After Men in Black 3 went on to earn a franchise-best $624 million, the studio is obviously eager to get another film in development.  Uziel, however, will have to finish his draft on the 21 Jump Street sequel first, which Sony has already slated for a June 6, 2014 release.  Hit the jump for more.

Sony Sets 2014 Release Dates for 21 JUMP STREET 2, SEX TAPE, and THINK LIKE A MAN TOO

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Sony has set release dates for a few of its big comedy titles hitting theaters next year:

  • 21 Jump Street 2 – The highly-anticipated comedy sequel will hit theaters on June 6, 2014, where it will open opposite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller and stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum return for a story that sees the characters infiltrating a college campus.  For much more info on the sequel, click here.
  • Think Like a Man Too – The sequel to the relationship comedy based on the book by Steve Harvey will open in theaters on June 20, 2014 opposite How to Train Your Dragon 2.
  • Sex Tape – Director Jake Kasdan’s (Walk Hard) comedy will open on July 2, 2014 opposite Disney’s Maleficent.  The film stars Jason Segel and possibly Cameron Diaz as a couple who set out to find their sex tape that has mysteriously disappeared.

Neal Moritz Talks 21 JUMP STREET Sequel; Confirms the Story Takes Place in College, Ice Cube Will Return, and Phil Lord and Chris Miller Attached to Direct

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One of the most pleasant surprises of 2012 was Sony’s 21 Jump Street adaptation.  While remakes and reboots are usually developed with an eye towards appealing to the widest possible audience, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller crafted a wonderfully peculiar and hilarious comedy that benefitted from some excellent chemistry between stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.  As the R-rated film grossed over $200 million worldwide, both fans and Sony were keen on moving forward with a sequel.  Screenwriter Michael Bacall has been working on the script for the follow-up alongside Hill, and Sony recently announced that they’re planning the film for a 2014 release.

Steve recently sat down for a lengthy interview with producer Neal Moritz, and during their wide-ranging conversation Moritz talked quite a bit about 21 Jump Street 2.  He confirmed that the story finds Tatum and Hill infiltrating a college campus, Ice Cube is set to return as Captain Dickson, and he also noted that Lord and Miller are attached to direct with an eye towards a summer 2014 release date.  Hit the jump to read on.

Sony Announces 21 JUMP STREET Sequel Coming in 2014

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Last summer, Sony announced they were preparing a 21 Jump Street sequelJonah Hill followed up to say he was working on the script with Michael Bacall and expected to start filming in September 2013.  It looks like all is going according to plan, as Sony announced 21 Jump Street 2 as part of their 2014 slate at CinemaCon.  21 Jump Street was too funny to leave alone and lends itself to a case-of-the-week comedy franchise, so I look forward to another adventure.  (21 Jump Street: The College Years?)

Hill and Channing Tatum are expected to reprise their starring roles.  Dave Franco says that despite plot logistics, he heard there is a place for him in the sequel.  Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are currently hard at work on the Lego movie, but it sounds like there will be room in their schedule to return to Jump Street.

Dave Franco Talks WARM BODIES and the 21 JUMP STREET Sequel

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Poor Dave Franco. The charming younger brother of James just can’t seem to catch a break in films. In Fright Night and 21 Jump Street, he’s the “other guy” – all the ladies choosing a different suitor, leaving ol’ Franco to either a.) get eaten by a vampire Colin Farrell or b.) go to prison. Not the greatest of options. I wish I could say things turn out differently for Franco in this week’s zombie rom-com Warm Bodies – but by the ten-minute mark, the poor kid’s zombie food and then somehow things get more tragic for his character. It’s a testament that even in a film as a light-hearted as Warm Bodies, Dave Franco still gets the short stick.

In the following interview with Franco, he discusses his character’s tragic arc, the plight of never getting the girl and whether or not he’ll be back for the 21 Jump Street sequel. For the full interview, hit the jump.

Dave Franco Talks 21 JUMP STREET Sequel and Success of the First Film

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21 Jump Street was one of the biggest surprises of 2012 both critically and commercially – so it should come as no surprise that a sequel has been in the works for awhile now (our previous coverage can be found here  and here).  At the press junket for Warm Bodies, I had the opportunity to speak briefly with co-star Dave Franco about coping with the film’s surprising popularity and his involvement in the inevitable sequel.  At the end of the film, Franco’s character Eric was in precarious waters having been caught and presumably sent away to prison — but Franco said that he’ll still have a presence in the upcoming sequel.  Per Franco:

“I’ve heard little things… They claim I’ll be around.  Who knows how much they can use me because I’m in jail at this point but I’m hoping they can find a creative way to have me be a pivotal part of the story.”

For Franco’s full thoughts on 21 Jump Street, hit the jump.  Look for the full interview soon.

Producer Dan Lin Talks LEGO: PIECE OF RESISTANCE; Says Lego is Building Some of the Models for the Movie

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With Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball and 21 Jump Street, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have become two of my favorite filmmakers.  Their comic sensibilities fall in line with my own, so I’m ecstatic that they’re handling the Lego movie, Lego: Piece of Resistance.  Like many people, I played with Lego as a kid, and I want to see the property treated right.

Steve recently spoke with producer Dan Lin for the upcoming release of the crime drama Gangster Squad, and Lin also talked about Lego, how the animation is coming, the development process, and wrangling other IPs into the movie.  Hit the jump for what Lin had to say.

Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade Talk THE WATCH; Updates on THE DOUBLE, THE INTERNSHIP, ZOOLANDER 2 and the 21 JUMP STREET Sequel

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Opening tomorrow is director Akiva Schaffer’s (Hot Rod) sci-fi comedy The Watch (previously titled Neighborhood Watch).  The film stars Vince Vaughn, Jonah HillBen Stiller and Richard Ayoade as a group of neighbors who form a local neighborhood watch group and end up stumbling onto an alien plot to destroy the world.  The film also stars Billy Crudup, Will Forte, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Nicholas Braun.  For more on the film, here’s the latest trailer, a red band trailer, an outtake reel, my video interview with Schaffer, and all our previous coverage.

The other day I got to speak with Stiller, Vaughn, Hill and Ayoade.  We talked about the filthy dialogue, what was in the script versus improv, what scene had the most takes, and who broke the most during filming.  In addition, at the end of the interview I got updates on the 21 Jump Street sequel, Zoolander 2, The Internship and The Double.  Hit the jump to watch.

Jonah Hill Talks 21 JUMP STREET Sequel; Says They’re Writing the Script Now and Filming Begins September 2013

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We’re currently more than halfway through 2012, and 21 Jump Street remains one of the best and most entertaining films of the year.  Though those who had seen directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller‘s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs had high hopes for the film, a lot of moviegoers were caught off guard by just how great 21 Jump Street was.  Miller and Lord’s offbeat sense of humor was buoyed by a smart script and hilarious performances from Jonah Hill and, yes, Channing Tatum.  It’s an all-around great time at the movies, and naturally audiences were left wanting more.

Columbia Pictures President Doug Belgrad recently confirmed that the 21 Jump Street sequel was in development, but he confused quite a few people by saying that production would begin this fall, even though there’s no finished script and no director(s) firmly attached.  Steve recently got to speak with Hill during the press day for the upcoming sci-fi comedy The Watch, and the actor set the record straight regarding the status of the follow-up.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

Sony Pictures Planning JUMANJI Reboot; MEN IN BLACK 4; Will Shoot 21 JUMP STREET Sequel in the Fall

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Columbia Pictures (which is owned by Sony Pictures) President Doug Belgrad recently said what the future might hold for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but he also provided some updates on the studio’s other major projects.  To begin, you may want to break out your favorite jungle-themed board game because the studio is considering a Jumanji reboot.  Speaking to THR, Belgrad says “We’re going to try and re-imagine Jumanji and update it for the present.”  Translation: the game will now end when someone lands on the final space and screams “Jumanji!” at their iPad.  I’m not exactly sure how one re-imagines the strikingly simple premise of Jumanji.  You play a board game, bad things happen.  It’s like the Final Destination of family fun.

Hit the jump for what Sony has planned for sequels to Men in Black 3 and 21 Jump Street.

Jonah Hill Says They’re Already Writing a 21 JUMP STREET Sequel

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While I’m obviously highly anticipating movies like Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises, one of the 2012 releases that I’m most excited for is 21 Jump Street. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the comedy, and it makes the feature directorial debut of Phil Lord and Chris Miller who directed the goofy and fantastic Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Steve said the movie was awesome and thinks it’s going to be a huge hit, and I’ve gotta say I concur. Apparently Columbia Pictures agrees as well, as Jonah Hill recently revealed to E! Online that they’re already at work on a sequel:

“We are writing the sequel now, we got [the greenlight] by the studio to start writing the sequel.”

Hit the jump for more on this in the works follow-up.

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