Sony Hack Fallout Continues; New Regency Cancels Gore Verbinski’s PYONGYANG Starring Steve Carell

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Some people are joking that the Sony hack is a viral campaign for The Interview, but a more accurate joke would be a viral campaign for Blackhat, a movie about how much power a hacker can wield in the digital age.  Movie theaters have caved to terrorist threats, and now New Regency is avoiding the problem altogether by canceling Gore Verbinski‘s adaptation of Guy Delisle‘s graphic novel Pyongyang, which is a memoir following “the French-Canadian cartoonist’s travels through North Korea after obtaining a work visa (a rarity for a Westerner) for his job on a children’s cartoon show,” but his journey becomes complicated when he’s accused of espionage.

According to The Wrap, Verbinski was prepping to start filming in March with Steve Carell set to star in the comedy, but now New Regency is the latest company to cave into fear, which is exactly what terrorists want.  This is a movie the company could have billed as “From the Director of Pirates of the Caribbean” and starring a likely Oscar-nominee, and they’re choosing to drop it.  With The Interview and now Pyongyang, the message is clear: don’t make fun of North Korea or else.  Hit the jump for a synopsis of Delisle’s book.

Gore Verbinski Talks THE LONE RANGER, RANGO, What it Will Take for Him to Make Another Animated Film, and Whether PYONGYANG Is His Next Film

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Yesterday at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Walt Disney unveiled about twenty minutes of director Gore Verbinski‘s The Lone Ranger.  Since I was on the red carpet waiting for the cast and filmmakers, I missed the screening.  But talking to a few people that did see the footage, the consensus I heard was that it looked great and it was a lot better than all of them expected.  If you want to judge some of the movie for yourself…watch the brand new trailer that was released yesterday.

Shortly after walking off the stage, I landed a red carpet interview with Verbinski.  We talked about how he decided which footage to show the CinemaCon audience, how long his first cut ran, he reveals that he still doesn’t have a finished cut of the film and doesn’t know how long it’ll be, whether he will ever make another animated film, how much he loved doing Rango, and more.  In addition, I asked if his adaptation of the graphic novel Pyongyang is his next film.  Hit the jump to watch.

Gore Verbinski to Direct Adaptation of Graphic Novel PYONGYANG

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Gore Verbinski has been directing blockbuster films for almost a decade, but he may be returning to smaller material.  According to Deadline, Verbinski has teamed with New Regency to direct an adaptation of the graphic novel Pyongyang by Guy Deslisle.  The memoir follows the French-Canadian cartoonist’s travels through North Korea after obtaining a work visa (a rarity for a Westerner) for his job on a children’s cartoon show (I don’t know the name of the show but I assume it was Kim Jong-Il’s Super Fun Time Worship Your Beloved Supreme Leader Happy Hour; that’s a rough translation since my Korean is a little rusty).  Deslisle’s trip becomes more complicated when he’s accused of espionage because of course he is.

This sounds like a fun project for Verbinski, and also a return to his smaller-scale films like The Weather Man and Mouse Hunt.  Hit the jump for a synopsis of the graphic novel.  Verbinski’s next film, The Lone Ranger, opens July 3rd.

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