Al Pacino Confirms He’s Met with Kevin Feige About Being in a Marvel Movie

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With so many films coming up, I’d like to bet that tons of actors have had conversations with the folks at Marvel regarding various roles, but when you’ve got someone like Al Pacino sitting down with Kevin Feige, it’s just got to be for a reason – especially when Pacino has already dubbed himself a big Guardians of the Galaxy fan and said, “I’m ready to go to Marvel.”

Hit the jump to revisit Pacino’s thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy and to read the very brief statement he made about his meeting with Feige.

DANNY COLLINS Trailer and Images: Al Pacino Receives a Letter from John Lennon

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The first Danny Collins trailer has been released for the upcoming comedy-drama from Crazy, Stupid, Love. scribe Dan Fogelman.  Previously titled Imagine, the film stars Al Pacino as an aging 1970s rocker who uncovers a 40-year-old letter written to him by John Lennon, which spurs him to try and reconnect with his family.  Fogelman is making his directorial debut with the picture, which also includes some of Lennon’s songs, and it looks like a perfectly nice movie.  The cast is certainly impressive—especially Christopher Plummer and Bobby Cannavale—and the lead role seems like a solid fit for Pacino.  The trailer’s not particularly noteworthy or anything, but it looks like it could be a sweet film.

Check the first Danny Collins trailer and images after the jump.  The film also stars Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner, Josh Peck, and Nick OffermanDanny Collins opens in theaters on March 20, 2015.


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In my review of Joe, I mentioned how I liked David Gordon Green’s return to smaller, character driven stories.  His newest film, Manglehorn, is another character piece, and while I stand by my appreciation for his decision to make this kind of movie, it also failed to hook me.  It’s an interesting film in how it tries to handle a character who is an intriguing collection of contradictions with regards to how he interacts with others, but eventually his navel-gazing and obsession with a lost love becomes tedious.

THE HUMBLING Trailer: The World Is a Stage Featuring Al Pacino, Greta Gerwig, and Charles Grodin

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The first The Humbling trailer for director Barry Levinson’s (Rain Man, Wag the Dog) upcoming comedy has landed online.  Based on the novel of the same name by author Philip Roth, the film stars Al Pacino as a retired stage actor in decline who strikes up an affair with a “flirtatious lesbian” (Greta Gerwig) while staying at a secluded country house in Connecticut.  The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival to rather mixed reviews, and indeed this trailer is a bit of a mixed bag itself.  There are portions of the film that look incredibly funny and the cast is phenomenal, but the romance aspect between Pacino and Gerwig’s characters feels off and a little strange (the “turning a lesbian” storyline again, really?).  There’s no denying the talent of this cast, though, and I still find myself curious to see full film.

Watch The Humbling trailer after the jump.  The film also stars Dianne Wiest, Kyra Sedgwick, Dan Hedaya, and Charles Grodin.

New Images from Peter Bogdanovich’s SHE’S FUNNY THAT WAY, THE HUMBLING Starring Al Pacino, and HBO’s OLIVE KITTERIDGE

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With the fall film festival circuit imminent, the 2014 Venice Film Festival has start to unveil images from some of the films that will screen in Italy later this month. We previously shared new images from Good Kill, Your Right Mind, and Hungry Hearts, as well as James Franco’s The Sound and the Fury, and now we have new images from another trio of films slated to screen in Venice.  Briefly:

  • She’s Funny That Way – Previously titled Squirrels to the Nuts, director Peter Bogdanovich’s (Paper Moon) ensemble comedy stars Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, and Imogen Poots.
  • The Humbling – Star Al Pacino reunites with director Barry Levinson (You Don’t Know Jack) for the story of a famous retired stage actor in decline who becomes reinvigorated by moving in with a much younger woman.
  • Olive Kitteridge – Director Lisa Cholodenko (The Kids Are All Right) helms the HBO miniseries adaptation of Elizabeth Strout’s Pulitzer Price-winning novel, starring Frances McDormand and Richard Jenkins.

Hit the jump for new images from the aforementioned films.  The 2014 Venice Film Festival runs from August 27 – September 6th.

SALOMÉ | WILD SALOMÉ Trailer Sheds New Light on Al Pacino’s Jessica Chastain Project

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Wow, how long has it been since we’ve heard from Wild Salomé? Almost three years, that’s how long.  But now it appears as though Al Pacino’s examination of how Oscar Wilde’s play impacted his mind is finally being primed for release (despite playing at the Venice Film Festival in 2011).  And now it’s going to be packaged as a double bill with Salomé, what is apparently Pacino’s actual adaptation of the play.  Bonus? They both star Jessica Chastain.

Right now it seems as though this double bill will only be screening in the U.K. (Stephen Fry is hosting a screening on Sunday, September 21st) but we’ll let you know if that changes.  Hit the jump for the Salomé and Wild Salomé trailer!


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Earlier today, the Toronto International Film Festival announced additions to their Galas and Special Presentations programs.  Among the films with new images and synopses are:

  • The Humbling (Directed by Barry Levinson) starring Al Pacino, Mandy Patinkin, Dianne Wiest, and Greta Gerwig.
  • The Keeping Room (Directed by Daniel Barber) starring Sam WorthingtonBrit Marling, Hailee Steinfeld, Muna Otaru, and Kyle Soller.
  • The Last Five Years (Directed by Richard LaGravenese) starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan.
  • Learning to Drive (Directed by Isabel Coixet) starring Patricia Clarkson and Ben Kingsley.

Hit the jump to check out the images and synopses.  The 2014 Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 4 – 14th.

First Image and Synopsis for David Gordon Green’s MANGLEHORN Starring Al Pacino

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David Gordon Green has gotten back on track in a big way with his last two features, Prince Avalanche and Joe.  His next film, Manglehorn, will continue the director’s dramatic streak by telling the story of an aging, ordinary guy (played by Al Pacino) with a dark past that comes back to haunt him.  While the story is along dramatic lines, Green previously described the picture as “a love story, the choices you make in your youth and the situations you set up for yourself,” but adds “there is a beautiful humor in this.”  It sounds like a great role, and I’ll be interested to see what Pacino does with it.

The first image from the movie has now been released and you can check it out after the jump along with the official synopsis.  The film also stars Holly Hunter, Chris Messina, and Harmony KorineManglehorn currently does not have a release date.

Al Pacino Departs DESPICABLE ME 2 [Update: Benjamin Bratt Steps in to Replace Him]

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We haven’t seen too much from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s animated family-friendly sequel Despicable Me 2, but we can expect to hear even less from Al Pacino as the veteran actor has left the picture.  Pacino had come onto the film to replace Javier Bardem as the new antagonist, but apparently creative differences have led to a parting of ways.  Although Pacino has done a fair amount of work on the film, the studio is already looking for an actor to replace him in order to make their early July release date.

Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud are directing the sequel with Steve Carell reprising his role as Gru.  Other voice cast members include Kristen Wiig, Ken Jeong, Miranda Cosgrove, Russell Brand and Steve Coogan.  Despicable Me 2 opens July 3rd.  Hit the jump for more.

Al Pacino May Lead David Gordon Green’s MANGLEHORN

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David Gordon Green provided a nice return to form with his latest film, Prince Avalanche.  However, that was an incredibly small production that was shrouded in secrecy.  Nevertheless, after the comic misfires of Your Highness and The Sitter, it looks like he’s returning to thoughtful drama with Joe and now Manglehorn.  According to Deadline, Al Pacino is in talks to play A.J. Manglehorn, “an aging, ordinary guy in a small town who nurses his sick cat, squeezes out a conversation with the local bank teller every Friday, and eats at the same place every day.”  But it turns out Manglehorn is an ex-con with a dark past who deeply regrets giving up his dream girl for a big score.  Green describes the picture as “a love story, the choices you make in your youth and the situations you set up for yourself,” but adds “there is a beautiful humor in this.”  Green definitely found that kind of “beautiful humor” in Prince Avalanche, and I hope he finds it again with Manglehorn.

Pacino will next be heard as one of the voices in Despicable Me 2.  Green’s Joe, starring Nicolas Cage and Tye Sheridan (Mud), is set to debut on the fall festival circuit.

THE INSIDER Blu-ray Review

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The line between opinion and truth on news outlets has been getting awfully blurry lately.  As corporations dictate the commentaries and presumptions delivered by major media outlets, journalistic integrity seems like a thing of the past.  It’s amidst this cloudy backdrop of subjective news sources that Touchstone releases the Blu-ray of Michael Mann’s critically-acclaimed 1999 drama The Insider – a film that examines the perils of allowing corporations to control the news.  The film, which was nominated for seven Academy Awards, resonates today more than ever as it pulls back the curtain on contemporary journalism and the sleaziness of the tobacco industry.  More on Touchstone’s Blu-ray of The Insider after the jump.

New Trailer, Poster, and Images for DESPICABLE ME 2

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A new trailer, poster, and images are now online for Despicable Me 2.  The new trailer shows Gru (Steve Carell) being kidnapped by the “Anti-Villain League”, and being recruited in order to defeat a new super villain.  Gru seems to have softened considerably since becoming the father of Margo, Agnes, and Edith.  Unsurprisingly, the best jokes belong to the minions, and although Despicable Me 2 looks okay, I’m still more excited to see the minions’ spinoff.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer, poster, and images. The film also features the voices of Kristen Wiig, Al Pacino, Miranda Cosgrove and Russell Brand.  Despicable Me 2 opens in 3D on July 3rd. 

First Full Trailer for HBO Biopic PHIL SPECTOR Starring Al Pacino, Helen Mirren, Jeffrey Tambor, and Wigs

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phil spector al pacino

Phil Spector produced some of the most beautiful music you’ve ever heard.  Spector is also a crazy man who was convicted of second-degree murder in 2003.  Since insane geniuses captivate us so, HBO understands that we need a Phil Spector biopic, and they went all out for Phil SpectorAl Pacino plays Spector.  Helen Mirren and Jeffrey Tambor co-star.  David Mamet wrote and directed the thing, for goodness’ sake.

HBO released the first full trailer, and I’m not sure what to make of it.  Part courtroom drama, part fever dream, the clip doesn’t connect so much as it disrupts.  But we can count on three things: 1) Awesome soundtrack, 2) Terrific wigs, and 3) Lines like, “The first time you got felt up, guess what: You were listening to one of my songs.”  With Pacino shouting Mamet dialogue, that may be enough for a fun viewing experience when Phil Spector premieres on March 24, regardless of quality.  Watch the trailer after the jump.

DICK TRACY Blu-ray Review

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dick tracy warren beatty

Dick Tracy arrives from another era in comic-book filmmaking, when Hollywood viewed it all with a lot more skepticism than it does now. Marvel efforts were nowhere to be seen and DC rested everything on its two big pillars (Batman and Superman) to carry their cinematic fortunes. So when Tim Burton’s Batman took the world by storm, studios turned to alternative comic book characters to make their mark.  We saw The Shadow, The Mask, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and similar efforts rather than more traditional costumed heroes who dominate movie screens today. Dick Tracy, a pet project for director-star Warren Beatty, boasted a huge budget and treated its subject with more respect than most of its fellows. That may explain why it holds up so well in retrospect. Hit the jump for my full review.

Martin Scorsese Says SILENCE Will Be His Next Film…Again; Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino Read for THE IRISHMAN

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Director Martin Scorsese has only just begun to dive into post-production on his financial drama The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, but he’s already looking ahead to his next project.  The filmmaker has been developing an adaptation of Shusaku Endo’s novel Silence for 15 years, and is now adamant that the 17th century Jesuit priest drama will be his next film.  Of course Scorsese said the same thing after wrapping Hugo, only to make Wolf of Wall Street his follow-up project instead (much to the chagrin of his investors).

Scorsese is apparently auditioning actors and looking to finally begin production on Silence in mid-2014, after the release (and presumably awards campaign) of Wolf of Wall Street this fall.  Silence isn’t the only project that Scorsese is actively developing to direct, though, and there was recently some forward movement on the mob drama The Irishman.  Hit the jump for more details.

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