Sundance 2013: IN A WORLD… Review

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I usually like movies that have some sense of structure and pacing.  If they don’t have these qualities, then I like these films to be truly daring and outside-the-box.  Lake Bell‘s In a World… is a rambling mess of a nice little comedy with too many characters, and has almost no sense of pacing or flow.  But somehow, it’s still a charming flick.  Bell gives a fun lead performance, and she surrounds herself with a likable cast.  Even the subtext is cutesy.  In a World… should be a movie that I found a slog, but somehow, Bell’s film won me over despite its glaring flaws.

Johnny Lewis and Alexandra Holden Join POSSESSION

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Johnny Lewis (The Runaways) and Alexandra Holden (Post Grad) have signed on to star in the indie thriller Possession.  The film was written by Eduardo Sanchez who will also direct.  If Sanchez’s name doesn’t ring an immediate bell, chances are you’ve probably seen at least one of his films – 1999′s “found footage” hit The Blair Witch Project, which he co-wrote/co-directed alongside Daniel Myrick.  According to Heat Vision, Possession tells the story of a “young newlywed couple that falls prey to a demonic spirit.”  Lewis is set to play the groom while Holden will make a turn as the bride’s sister/maid of honor.  The film is being produced by Haxan Films whose claim-to-fame (like Sanchez’s) is the aforementioned The Blair Witch Project.

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