Blu-ray Deals: ALIEN ANTHOLOGY for $19.99 (71% Off)

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Remember back in June when Alien Anthology was only $38.99 on Blu-ray?  Well if you bought it then, you were a sucker.  Today, a scant five months later, it’s Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day and is going for $19.99 (71% off MSRP).  To be fair, this is a set worth owning at any price.  Not only do you get all of the Alien movies in HD as well as all the special features from the incredible Alien Quadrilogy box set, but there are also new extras created especially for this set (like what really happened on Alien 3).

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Holy God. That’s one of the first reactions one has to 20th Century Fox’s six disc Blu-ray release of the Alien Anthology. It was put together by Charles de Lauzirika, and he’s the guy who’s been doing all the supplements for this franchise for years now, including the awkwardly named Alien Quadrilogy. His task was to make a collection that had not only improved picture and sound quality, but all the supplements of previous releases, and even more additional content. He and his team delivered; this is the mother lode. Of course, the series is also presented immaculately, with each film offering two cuts, deleted scenes, commentaries and isolated scores. The six disc set has over 60 hours of supplements. It’s mind-boggling and overwhelming, but also the perfect franchise for this sort of study, and it’s perfect for Blu-ray. Our humbled review of the Alien Anthology Blu-ray set follows after the jump.

Writer-Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet Interview MICMACS

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Writer-Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet Interview MICMACS slice

With Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s new film Micmacs getting released this Friday, we got to participate in a roundtable interview with the gifted filmmaker.  Micmacs is a poignant and whimsical tale starring French comedian Dany Boon and featuring Jeunet cast favorites Andre Dussolliers, Dominique Pinon and Yolande Moreau. Set in modern day Paris, Jeunet’s satire on the world’s arm trade takes its inspiration from some of the great silent comedies of another era and reflects his extraordinary eye for colorful characters and rich visual detail. Micmacs also reveals once again Jeunet’s unique sensibility for addressing matters of life and death in a distinctly original way with poetry, imagination and emotion.

During the interview, Jeunet talked to us about what drew him to the project, how he infused the film’s political undercurrent with magical realism to make his point, and why ingenuity and imagination can be a powerful defense against violence in today’s world. He also discussed the challenges he faced while making Alien: Resurrection.  More after the jump:

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