Dwayne Johnson in Talks for Disney’s MOANA; Kerry Washington Set for UNFORGETTABLE; Amber Heard Joins THE DANISH GIRL

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We’ve got a trio of casting stories to attend to this evening.  Briefly:

  • Dwayne Johnson is looking to add “Disney Animated Film” to his world takeover plans, as the prolific (and unendingly charming) actor is in talks to voice a role in Disney’s Moana.
  • Scandal star Kerry Washington is in talks to lead the thriller Unforgettable, with Kate Hudson also in early negotiations for a role.
  • Amber Heard is in talks to join Les Miserables director Tom Hooper’s next film The Danish Girl.

More on the aforementioned casting after the jump.

MAGIC MIKE XXL Adds Elizabeth Banks, Donald Glover, Amber Heard, and More to Cast; Gets a Synopsis

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I’m getting excited for Magic Mike XXL (despite the fact that Matthew McConaughey won’t be returning).  And I’m excited even though original director Steven Soderbergh (who was able to guide his first film from a $7 million budget to a $167 million worldwide gross), won’t be back either (actually he will, since he’s shooting it under his alias Peter Andrews, which effectively provides new director Gregory Jacobs with the best sounding board ever).  This movie will still, in all likelihood, rule. Channing Tatum is of course back and now he’s got company.

Elizabeth Banks and Donald Glover have joined the film along with Amber Heard, Andie MacDowell and Jada Pinkett-Smith.  And it has a synopsis now too!  Hit the jump to learn the (bodacious) plot basics for Magic Mike XXL.

Kevin Costner and Amber Heard Talk 3 DAYS TO KILL, Work/Life Balance, Playing a Seductive Spy Hunter, and More

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3 days to kill amber heard kevin costner slice

Directed by McG and written by Luc Besson & Adi Hasak, the action-thriller 3 Days to Kill tells the story of Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner), an international spy who is trying to find the always balance between work life and home life.  Determined to give up his high-stakes life to finally build a closer relationship with his estranged wife and daughter, he must complete one last mission before he can leave his life of danger behind.  The film also stars Amber Heard, Hailee Steinfeld and Connie Nielsen.

During a press conference to promote the film’s release, Kevin Costner talked about how challenging the film’s physicality was, finding his own balance between his work life and home life, that he’s never changed his approach to acting, how he enjoys being there for what the director needs, and how he believes you should always write new scenes or do any rewrites ahead of time, and not once you’re on set, while Amber Heard (who plays Vivi, the agency handler assigned to Ethan’s last mission) talked about the power struggle between Ethan and Vivi, and how fun it was to play a seductive spy hunter.  Check out what they had to say after the jump.

22 New Images from 3 DAYS TO KILL Starring Kevin Costner, Amber Heard, and Hailee Steinfeld

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kevin costner 3 days to kill

Relativity has released a set of images for 3 Days to Kill, the action thriller directed by McG (Terminator Salvation).  Kevin Costner stars as an international spy determined to retire to spend more time with his estranged wife and daughter: “But first, he must complete one last mission—even if it means juggling the two toughest assignments yet: hunting down the world’s most ruthless terrorist and looking after his teenage daughter for the first time in ten years, while his wife is out of town.”

Amber Heard, Hailee Steinfeld, and Connie Nielsen co-star.  3 Days to Kill opens February 17.  Check out the image gallery after the jump.

New Trailer for 3 DAYS TO KILL Starring Kevin Costner, Connie Nielsen, Amber Heard, and Hailee Steinfeld

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A new trailer has gone online for McG‘s action-thriller 3 Days to KillKevin Costner plays an international spy with a terminal illness who agrees to do some contract killing in exchange for an experimental drug that could save his life, and allow him to reconnect with his estranged wife (Connie Nielsen) and daughter (Hailee Steinfeld).  Putting the easy Taken comparison aside, the trailer make it look like this could be a solid flick, but I have concerns about McG, who hasn’t directed a good film in a while (some might say “ever”, but I like Charlie’s Angels).

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  3 Days to Kill also stars Amber Heard, and opens on February 21st.

First Trailer and Poster for 3 DAYS TO KILL Starring Kevin Costner, Amber Heard, and Hailee Steinfeld

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The first trailer and poster for McG‘s 3 Days to Kill, starring Kevin Costner, are now online.  Costner plays an international spy who’s trying to set aside his violent profession in order to reconnect with his estranged wife (Connie Nielsen) and daughter (Hailee Steinfeld), but his handler (Amber Heard) ropes him back into more work for the agency.  The “violent guy with special skills plus estranged daughter” plot will inevitably invite comparisons to Taken, but 3 Days to Kill looks like it has a much lighter tone and more absurd action (although it will be tough to top Taken 2‘s scene where grenades are used to calculate distance).

3 Days to Kill opens February 21, 2014.  Hit the jump to watch the trailer and check out the poster.

New Trailer and Posters for MACHETE KILLS Highlight the Ladies of the Film

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A few new assets from director Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming sequel Machete Kills have been released online, all focusing on the women of the film.  The pic centers on Machete’s (Danny Trejo) quest to stop an eccentric billionaire arms dealer (Mel Gibson) who has plans to spread war and anarchy across the planet.  A new trailer gives audiences a preview of the Lady Gaga song “Aura” while also highlighting the colorful cast of characters, and two new character posters focus on Alexa Vega and Amber Heard.

Hit the jump to check out the new trailer and posters.  The film also stars Sofia VergaraMichelle Rodriguez Charlie Sheen Antonio BanderasJessica AlbaDemian Bichir, Vanessa HudgensCuba Gooding Jr.William Sadler, and Marko Zaror.  Machete Kills opens in theaters on October 11th.

10 New Images from MACHETE KILLS Featuring Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Amber Heard, and Antonio Banderas

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Ten new images have been released from Robert Rodriguez’ Machete Kills.  The film centers on Machete’s (Danny Trejo) quest to stop an eccentric billionaire arms dealer who has plans to spread war and anarchy across the planet.   Judging by what we’ve seen so far, it looks like more of the same, so if you liked the original Machete, then Machete Kills should be right up your alley of violence and mayhem.  The movie is set to screen this evening as the opener of Fantastic Fest 2013, so expect some reactions to start hitting the Internet later tonight.

Hit the jump to check out the images.  The film also stars Sofia VergaraMichelle RodriguezAmber Heard, Charlie SheenLady GagaAntonio BanderasJessica AlbaDemian BichirAlex VegaVanessa HudgensCuba Gooding Jr.William Sadler, Marko Zaror, and Mel GibsonMachete Kills opens October 11th.

Willem Dafoe Joins Keanu Reeves in JOHN WICK; Amber Heard Takes to LONDON FIELDS; Jeremy Garelick’s THE WEDDING RINGER Adds to Cast

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Here’s today’s latest casting news:

  • Willem Dafoe (John Carter) will join Keanu Reeves in hitman thriller, John Wick.
  • Amber Heard (Paranoia) joins London Fields, an adaptation of the Martin Amis novel directed by Matthew Cullen.
  • Director Jeremy Garelick’s previously-untitled comedy is now officially The Wedding Ringer.  Kevin Hart, Josh Gad and Kaley Cuoco are joined by an impressive cast.

Hit the jump for more.

New MACHETE KILLS Images Reveal Michelle Rodriguez’s New Fashion Statement, President Charlie Sheen and Proof That Mel Gibson Has a Heart

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Today’s pleasant surprise is brought to you by Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills.  We have 11 new images and one wacky poster from the upcoming sequel that show off the cast’s crazy looks while only hinting at the insanity that’s sure to come.  On display are the title hero, Danny Trejo himself, in addition to Amber Heard, Michelle Rodriguez, Antonio Banderas, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and Jesse James.  Sadly, no new looks at Sofia Vergara or Alexa Vega, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Machete Kills opens October 11th.  Hit the jump to view the new images and poster.

TOP 5: KICK-ASS 2, Rare Footage from Jerry Lewis’ THE DAY THE CLOWN CRIED, Vin Diesel Voicing Groot in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY?, PARANOIA, D23 Expo

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I hate to wish my life away, but with both The World’s End and You’re Next hitting theaters I really can’t help but look ahead to next weekend. That’s to say nothing of the pics opening this week (I plan on checking out Kick-Ass 2 next Wednesday), rather that the aforementioned two are a pair of my most anticipated of the soon-to-end summer movie season. In fact, You’re Next has been on my must-see list since Matt reviewed it at TIFF 2011 nearly two full years ago. In addition to the excitement associated with finally seeing the movie, my latent resentment of Goldberg for having seen it a lifetime ago will finally come to a close which is nice because I could use the sleep.

But enough about next weekend. Let’s focus on the here and now. This week’s Top 5 includes a slew of Kick-Ass 2 interviews, rare footage from Jerry Lewis‘s unreleased film The Day the Clown Cried, Vin Diesel all but confirming that he’s voicing Groot in Marvel’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, Paranoia interviews with Harrison Ford and more, and a recap of our coverage from Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim. As you might expect, a brief recap and link to each of the above can be found after the jump.

Amber Heard Talks PARANOIA, Working with Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman, What She Collects, and Working for McG on THREE DAYS TO KILL

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With director Robert Luketic’s thriller Paranoia opening this weekend, I recently spoke to some of the cast here in Los Angeles.  The film stars Liam Hemsworth as Adam Cassidy, an entry-level employee at a corporation run by Nicholas Wyatt (Gary Oldman).  When Wyatt turns Cassidy into a corporate spy against rival Jock Goddard (Harrison Ford), Cassidy is drawn into a dangerous web of intrigue.  The pic gives Hemsworth his first leading role, and it’s got some great actors in supporting roles like Lucas Till, Amber Heard, Embeth Davidtz, Julian McMahonRichard DreyfussAngela Sarafyan, and Josh Holloway in supporting roles.  For more on the film, watch these clips or the trailer.

During my video interview with Amber Heard, she talked about working with Ford and Oldman, whether she’s good with technology, what she collects, who has made her laugh the most on set, and what it was like working for McG on Three Days to Kill.  Hit the jump to watch.

Harrison Ford, Liam Hemsworth, Amber Heard, Lucas Till, and Director Robert Luketic Talk PARANOIA, Real-Life Parallels, and More

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Director Robert Luketic’s high stakes thriller, Paranoia, explores a deadly world of greed and deception in which two powerful, dueling global tech billionaires (Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman) with a complicated past will stop at nothing to destroy each other.  An ambitious young superstar (Liam Hemsworth) becomes trapped in their dangerous game of corporate espionage only to realize that he’s in far too deep for them to let him walk away.  Opening August 16th, the film also stars Gary Oldman, Amber Heard, Lucas Till, Embeth Davidtz, Julian McMahon, Josh Holloway and Richard Dreyfuss.

At the film’s recent press day, Luketic, Ford, Hemsworth, Heard and Till talked about updating the film adaptation based on the New York Times bestseller by Joseph Finder, what drew them to their characters, why the film’s underlying themes of connectivity, personal privacy and liberty are so relevant today, how the value of hard work has changed for the next generation, the complex relationship between ambition and morality, and their personal relationship with technology.  Ford also discussed going toe-to-toe with Oldman and why his character’s mantra of “competition breeds innovation” doesn’t apply to acting.  Read the full interview after the jump.

New Trailer for MACHETE KILLS Starring Danny Trejo

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A new trailer has been released for Robert Rodriguez’ Machete Kills.  The film centers on Machete’s (Danny Trejo) quest to stop an eccentric billionaire arms dealer who has plans to spread war and anarchy across the planet.  This new trailer provides more of a “plot” synopsis, but mostly gives us a look at the supporting cast, which includes Lady Gaga, Cuba Gooding Jr., Antonio Banderas, and Mel Gibson as the villain.  Judging by this new trailer, Rodriguez has run out of ways to make Machete fun and interesting, and is now just making a really long Funny or Die video where celebrities briefly take on ridiculous roles.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  The film also stars Michelle Rodriguez, Amber Heard, Charlie Sheen, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba, Demian Bichir, Alex Vega, Vanessa Hudgens, William Sadler, and Marko ZarorMachete Kills will open Fantastic Fest 2013, and opens in wide release on October 11th.

4 Clips and 8 New High-Resolution Images from PARANOIA Starring Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman, and Harrison Ford

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Relativity Media has released four clips and eight high-resolution images from director Robert Luketic’s upcoming thriller Paranoia.  The film stars Liam Hemsworth as Adam Cassidy, an entry-level employee at a corporation run by Nicholas Wyatt (Gary Oldman).  When Wyatt turns Cassidy into a corporate spy against rival Jock Goddard (Harrison Ford), Cassidy is drawn into a dangerous web of intrigue.  The pic gives Hemsworth the chance to lead his own film, though Paranoia is no doubt buoyed by the heavy presence of veterans Oldman and Ford in a pair of volatile antagonistic roles.

Hit the jump to check out the clips and images.  The film also stars Lucas Till, Amber Heard, Embeth Davidtz, Julian McMahon, Richard Dreyfuss, Angela Sarafyan, and Josh Holloway.  Paranoia opens on August 16th.

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