October 8, 2014

Peter Parker can’t seem to catch a break. He’s constantly hunted by powerful villains, battling inner turmoil, and working through typical teenage angst, all while trying to solve the mystery of his parents’ death. Unfortunately, he has to add “surviving …

The Films of David Fincher: THE SOCIAL NETWORK

     September 29, 2014

[With the upcoming release of his new film Gone Girl, I’m taking a look back at the work of director David Fincher.  These articles contain spoilers.] If The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a director and a screenwriter working …

99 HOMES Review | TIFF 2014

     September 12, 2014

In my experience, home ownership is viewed as a right of passage in America.  We’ve heard of “the lawn with the white picket fence”, but no one celebrates living in the three-room apartment.  Our homes aren’t just where we keep …

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