GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Concept Art Shows Unused Designs for Gamora and Nebula

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I’m strongly considering picking up the Guardians of the Galaxy concept art book because it has to be filled with interesting designs.  I’m happy with almost everything in the finished feature, but I’m always curious about what could have been, and concept art always shows roads not taken.  Artist Andy Park has posted some of his unused designs for Thanos’ daughters Gamora and Nebula, and I think what he came up with was in some ways superior to what we saw in the finished feature.

Hit the jump to check out Park’s Guardians of the Galaxy unused concept art.

Check Out Andy Park’s Concept Art for THE AVENGERS

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Before a movie opens, we’re all eager to see the concept art so we’ll have some idea of what the film will look like.  After the film opens, concept art is still great because it shows us the roads not taken.  Artist Andy Park has posted plenty of concept art from The Avengers on his website, and it’s worth checking out.  Some of the changes are drastic (I can’t imagine Nick Fury without his black trench coat), and some are nice and subtle.

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