Watch This: Every Michael Bay Movie in under a Minute

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon is 154 minutes long but did you know you could condense every Michael Bay movie in under a minute?  It’s true and the folks at CollegeHumor have done exactly that!  While I think some Bay movies are better than others, he certainly has a formula that earns both massive box office and massive scorn from critics.

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Most of the time, finding out what a major A-list director is going to do next is a major scoop. But, occasionally, it’s as simple as reading his official website. So thanks to, we know Michael is figuring out what his next project will be. Acoording to the site, he’s either doing “Transformers 3″, “Bad Boys 3″, or “Pain & Gain”. More after the jump:

This Shit Just Got Even More Real – Columbia Pictures Developing BAD BOYS 3

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While a sequel is always “in development” some place as long as the prior entries in the franchise are successful (and sometimes even if they’re not) but when you start hiring people to make that sequel a reality, it shows that you’re serious.  That you’re willing to make this sequel, this “shit”, if you will, real.

Hit the jump to find out how Columbia Pictures is doing it (and how I think they should do it) with BAD BOYS 3.

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