Judy Greer Joins Musical Drama GEEZER; William H. Macy and Joan Allen Go for ROOM; Alexander Payne Wants Alec Baldwin for DOWNSIZING

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We’ve got three new casting reports well worth sharing.  Here’s what’s coming at a glance:

  • Judy Greer, Fred Armisen and Selma Blair are all joining Billie Joe Armstrong in the musical drama Geezer.
  • William H. Macy, Joan Allen and Jacob Tremblay have joined Room starring Brie Larson.
  • Alexander Payne wants Alec Baldwin to join Matt Damon in Downsizing.

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JOHN DIES AT THE END Might Kill You If You Pirate It; Billie Joe Armstrong Pitches “Death Metal Meets BELLE & SEBASTIAN” in THIS IS 40 Deleted Scene

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People may disagree on the legalities of internet piracy, but attempting to steal director Don Coscarelli’s John Dies at the End may actually result in your gruesome death.  That’s the premise of this new anti-piracy warning for the film, which stars Chase Williamson, Rob Mayes and Paul Giamatti.  The twisted horror comedy is now availabe on iTunes and VOD with a theatrical release slated for January 25th.

Already in theaters is Judd Apatow’s This Is 40, though the best parts of the movie might be the deleted scenes on the eventual Blu-ray.  One of those scenes features Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong pitching an odd combination of musical genres to Paul Rudd’s character.  Hit the jump to check out the videos from John Dies at the End and This Is 40. 

Two Green Day Documentaries Coming Soon; Band Aiming to Premiere at Sundance Film Festival

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Earlier this year, we learned that Green Day was prepping not one, not two, but three new albums for release between this September and January 2013, and now it appears that the multi-tasking group is also readying two documentaries.  Tim Lynch (producer of Green Day: Bullet in a Bible) and Tim Wheeler are creating one documentary that covers the making of Green Day’s new albums, titled ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tre!, and a second documentary will be made up of vintage footage from their pre-Dookie days.  Regarding the making-of documentary, Billie Joe Armstrong tells Billboard that it won’t be a by-the-numbers pic:

“It’s not going to be the sitting down, head shot of me going ‘we started out blah blah blah.’ We wanted to get into lifestyles of rock’n'roll and playing rock n roll and letting the story kind of tell itself rather than create revisionist (history).”

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