Chris Hardwick Talks YouTube’s Geek Week, Dealing with Podcasting Trolls, TALKING BAD, Moderating in Hall H at Comic-Con, BIOSHOCK INFINITE, and More

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I was a Chris Hardwick fan before I knew I was a Chris Hardwick fan.  I watched MTV’s Singled Out when he was the host, and he was the best part, but I’ve become an even bigger fan since he started moderating panels in Hall H at Comic-Con.  However, that’s only a small part of the many things he does.  In addition to his wildly popular Nerdist podcast (which he founded), Hardwick does stand-up, TV series, and much more.

I got to speak with Hardwick on the phone yesterday, and we talked about his involvement in YouTube’s Geek Week, dealing with extortionist patent trolls and how that relates to podcasting, the experience of moderating panels in Hall H, looking back at Breaking Bad and his upcoming talk show on AMC, Talking Bad, how it will compare to Talking Dead, the SXSW film he’s helping to distribute, Zero Charisma, how much he loved BioShock Infinite, and much more.  Hit the jump to check out the interview.

BIOSHOCK INFINITE DLC “Clash in the Clouds” Released Today; Two-Part “Burial at Sea” in Development

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BioShock Infinite was one of my most anticipated games of 2013, and it filled me with an odd mix of awe and disappointment.  The world of Columbia was gorgeous and detailed, and the story of Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth was a fascinating and moving ride.  Unfortunately, there was a video game in the way.  The reliance on combat completely broke the spell, and it brought into stark contrast how the business demands of AAA gaming (i.e. loads of violence) can be at odds with the long-form, visually immersive world only a video game can provide.  Having beaten the game, I was curious to see where the DLC would go, and the results are somewhat disappointing.  Today, Irrational Games has announced that the “Clash in the Clouds” DLC is now available, and will present players “with a series of unique, intense challenges and a whole new gambit of combat opportunities.”  Huzzah.  As for story DLC, the two-part “Burial at Sea” takes place in Rapture, and looks like fan-fiction.  Gameplay wise, part one is from Booker’s perspective, and part two is from Elizabeth’s.

Hit the jump to check out trailers for both.  “Clash in the Clouds” costs $4.99 and “Burial at Sea” costs $14.99 a piece (both are included for those who bought the Season Pass).

Launch Trailer for BIOSHOCK INFINITE

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I’m picking up BioShock Infinite at midnight tonight, and I’ll be up until 2am every night this week until I finish it.  As the true sequel to BioShock (developer Irrational Games had nothing to do with BioShock 2), BioShock Infinite has looked incredible since the first trailer was revealed at E3 2011, and so expectations have been ridiculously high.  Judging by the 96 score on Metacritic, the game has lived up to the hype.  The launch trailer has been released, and it makes the 10 hours until midnight (EST) feel even longer.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  BioShock Infinite will be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

“Lamb of Columbia” Trailer for BIOSHOCK INFINITE

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I’m currently making my way through Ni No Kuni (if you like old-school JRPGs and Studio Ghibli, it’s a must-buy), but I need to make sure I’m finished by the time BioShock Infinite hits stores next month.  The game takes place in the floating city of Columbia in 1912.  You play Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton agent sent to recover a mysterious girl named Elizabeth, who turns out to have extraordinary powers.  The game looks like it has all the trademarks that made 2007′s BioShock unforgettable: fun powers, cool guns, gorgeous setting, and an intriguing story.  The new trailer shows off some more footage, and ends with some chilling dialogue.

Hit the jump to check out the new trailer, “Lamb of Columbia”.  BioShock Infinite hits Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on March 26th.

Limited Paper: Bottleneck & Marko Manev’s SUPERHERO NOIR, Irrational Games BIOSHOCK Posters, and Hero Complex Teases OSCAR LEGENDS

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We’re expecting some bigger news to come down the pike later today (fingers crossed), but who knows if that’ll pan out as expected?  While we’re waiting to see how that shakes out, why don’t we take a quick peek at a few other stories that crossed Limited Paper’s desk over the past few days?  I’ve got news regarding a new series from artist Marko Manev called Superhero Noir (which Steve wrote about last week), a look at a collection of Bioshock Infinite posters (that we really wish were screenprinted), and a head’s up regarding the second helping of Hero Complex Gallery’s Weapon of Choice showcase.  It’s all waiting for you after the jump, folks.


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This weekend Spike TV aired the 2011 Video Game Awards, and like previous years, the VGAs were used to provide plenty of trailers for upcoming games.  This year, debut trailers were released for The Last of Us (a zombie game from Naughty Dog, the creators of Uncharted), Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD, Alan Wake: American Nightmare, Fortnite (the new game from Gears of War studio Epic Games), Rainbow Six: Patriots, Command & Conquer: Generals 2 (from Mass Effect studio BioWare), Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (have any of these games been good?), and The Amazing Spider-Man.  The Spider-Man one is interesting because it’s supposed to be an epilogue to the movie of the same name, but there are also giant subterranean spider robots.  I was under the impression that Marc Webb‘s Spider-Man reboot was supposed to be grittier and more realistic, but then I remembered that a new open-world Spider-Man game was probably in development before Webb’s film.

Hit the jump to check out the debut trailers along with new trailers for Bioshock Infinite, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (I don’t make up the names), Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Hitman: Absolution, Diablo III, and Mass Effect 3.

Mind-Blowing Demo for BIOSHOCK INFINITE

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We usually don’t cover video game stuff on Collider, but I had to post this extended demo of BioShock Infinite.  We’ve seen a brief trailer for the game, but this is a full-on, 15-minute look at the gameplay and my jaw was on the floor.  The art direction alone is astonishing.  As your character Booker DeWitt moves through the floating city of Columbia, I just wanted to tell the demo’s player to slow down and gaze at everything.  This looks like a game you won’t lose yourself in just because there’s so much to do, but also because it’s too beautiful to look away.  And it’s not just a pretty picture.  2K Games looks like they’ve built on the mechanics they introduce in BioShock, created a richer narrative, and crafted what could be one of the most immersive video games of all time.  There’s a ton of promise in this demo and it makes the wait until the game’s release (sometime in 2012) feel like an eternity.  If you had a most-anticipated game that wasn’t BioShock Infinite, it’s about to be pushed aside.

Hit the jump to check out the demo.


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As E3 rolls on, more video game trailers are getting released.  I find most video games uninteresting, but these three are definitely on my radar: Star Trek, Bioshock Infinite, and Uncharted 3.  Based on their past installments, Bioshock Infinite and Uncharted 3 sell themselves, but they still look damn cool.  More intriguing is the new co-op Star Trek game.  Trek fans will argue that run-and-gun third-person shooting is not what Star Trek is about, but it’s what a video game is about and I’d rather it be fun than adhere rigidly to the ethos of the original series.

Hit the jump to check out the trailers.  Star Trek and Bioshock Infinite are both slated for 2012 while Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception arrives November 1st.

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