Ridley Scott Says He Won’t Direct BLADE RUNNER 2 But It Starts Shooting in 2015; Harrison Ford Appears in the Third Act

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For a filmmaker of 76 years of age, Ridley Scott is showing no signs of slowing down.  He just shot Prometheus, The Counselor, and this December’s Biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings in quick succession, and while he’s prepping the sci-fi thriller The Martian to start production early next year, he’s also still talking about sequels to Prometheus and Blade Runner.  It’s the latter that he addresses today, revealing that while he won’t be directing Blade Runner 2, it is poised to begin production next year.  That’s somewhat surprising news given that we haven’t heard anything about a replacement director being set, but Scott now says he’ll only be involved in the picture as a producer.  However, he also let slip how Harrison Ford fits into the film’s story.  More after the jump.

Ridley Scott Says BLADE RUNNER 2 Script is Ready to Go; No Xenomorphs in PROMETHEUS 2?

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Ridley Scott’s got a lot going on right now, and perhaps too much for those eager to see Blade Runner and Prometheus sequels.  Scott is still gunning to make both, but right now he’s got Exodus: Gods and Kings making its way towards a December 12th debut and he’s busy casting up for his next film, The Martian, too.

Scott recently revealed hopes to shoot Blade Runner 2 right after The Martian and it seems as though he could pull it off because apparently the script for that one is written and ready to go.  Prometheus 2, however, is a different story.  That one’s still in the works and there’s a chance that it won’t include any Xenomorphs.  Hit the jump for more on both projects.

Offer out to Harrison Ford to Reprise His Role as Deckard in Ridley Scott’s BLADE RUNNER Sequel

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Alcon Entertainment has sent out a press release announcing that they’ve put out an offer to Harrison Ford to reprise his role as Rick Deckard in Ridley Scott‘s Blade Runner sequel.  It’s a bit unusual for a production company to announce that they’re courting an actor; usually, press releases state that the actor is officially on board.  I’m sure this news is making fans happy, and Ford has expressed his interest in returning for the sequel on multiple occasions.  The press release doesn’t provide any details on the story other than saying it takes place several decades after the original.  It also doesn’t state the size of the role, but presumably it would be the lead, or at least one of the leads (maybe they’d hand it off to a younger actor?).  With an offer out to Ford, we don’t know if Scott plans to make Blade Runner 2 his next movie, but it’s certainly an interesting development/studio power play.

Hit the jump for Alcon Entertainment’s press release regarding Blade Runner 2 and Harrison Ford.  Ford is currently reprising another of his classic roles by starring in Star Wars: Episode VII, and he’ll be seen later this summer in The Expendables 3.  As for Scott, he’s currently in talks to direct The Martian starring Matt Damon.

Harrison Ford Doesn’t Care If Han Shot First; Expresses His Interest in Possibly Returning for BLADE RUNNER 2

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Yesterday, Harrison Ford participated in a Reddit AMA to promote the upcoming Showtime docuseries Years of Living Dangerously, which is about climate change.  During the AMA, Ford fielded plenty of questions about his career, personal life, interests, and various other topics.  Ford came off online as he usually does in interviews: charming when asked good questions, and not suffering fools when it comes to bad, fanboyish questions.  My personal favorite was when someone asked, “Who shot first? Han Solo or Greedo?” and Ford responded, “I don’t know and I don’t care.”  And if you think he’s being a curmudgeon, he also says he was happy to take small roles in Anchorman 2 and The Expendables 3 because they looked like fun even though he hadn’t seen the previous movies.

Hit the jump for more including Ford’s thoughts on Blade Runner 2.

Ridley Scott Provides Updates on PROMETHEUS 2, BLADE RUNNER 2, and EXODUS; Says PROMETHEUS 2 Is Written

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Ridley Scott is currently doing press rounds for The Counselor.  The movie was a bit of a disappointment and tanked at the box office, but that’s okay because the director never slows down.  He’s already charged ahead with his follow up, Exodus.  In a recent interview with Empire, he says the story will be “Fucking huge” and of course he’ll have the parting of the Red Sea.  For those unfamiliar with the project, Christian Bale is playing Moses (because if anyone looks Jewish, it’s a guy named “Christian”), John Turtorro as Pharaoh Seti, Sigourney Weaver as Tuya, Seti’s wife, and Joel Edgerton as Pharoah Ramses.  We previously reported that Aaron Paul and Ben Kingsley may have roles, but Empire doesn’t mention those actors.

Hit the jump for Scott talking about his upcoming projects, Prometheus 2, Blade Runner 2, and more.  Exodus is set for December 12, 2014.

Harrison Ford Says He’s Had Discussions with Ridley Scott about Returning for BLADE RUNNER 2

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Director Ridley Scott caught a bit of sequel fever around the time he agreed to make the Alien pseudo-prequel Prometheus.  The filmmaker revealed that he was working on a sequel to his groundbreaking 1982 sci-fi film Blade Runner, and last year original Blade Runner scribe Hampton Fancher came aboard to pen a screenplay that would take place “some years’ after the first film.  Word on Blade Runner 2 has been quiet as of late, though, as Scott was busy filming The Counselor and he’s now moved on to prepping his Moses epic Exodus, which starts filming next year with Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton starring.

While Blade Runner 2 may or may not happen, it appears that Harrison Ford has had discussions with Scott about reprising his role as Deckard should the film come to fruition.  Hit the jump for more.

Check Out Craig Drake’s Awesome New BLADE RUNNER Poster

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Over the past year, Craig Drake has been killing it on the poster scene by taking his unique style and applying it to such subjects as The Thing, The Matrix, Daft Punk, Kill Bill, Akira, and a number of other pop culture properties.  And while he’s already created some memorable Blade Runner posters, the folks at Hero Complex Gallery are releasing his new “Spinner” poster and it might be his best one yet.

According to the gallery, the print will be a timed edition (meaning you have a set number of hours/days to purchase the poster, and then it’s never sold again).  The “24″ X 36″ poster will be available beginning at 9am Wednesday, July 3rd and finishing on Sunday, July 7th at midnight.  In addition, the gallery will be producing a very limited metal version of the poster, and one lucky fan is going to win a “golden ticket”, which will allow that fan to commission a print from Drake.  Hit the jump to check out the poster and for more info.

Michael Green in Negotiations to Rewrite BLADE RUNNER Sequel Script for Director Ridley Scott

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Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner sequel script looks to be getting a rewrite by Michael Green (Green Lantern).  The scribe was recently reported as being in negotiations to rewrite Hampton Fancher’s script, which is set a number of years after the conclusion of the original 1982 film (which Fancher also wrote).  Per the press release, Green also recently completed rewrites on Robopocalypse and Warners Bros.’ Gods and Kings.  In addition to his work on the script for DC’s Green Lantern, Green is reportedly attached to a feature adaptation of the speedy superhero, The Flash.  Alcon Entertainment will also partner to produce Blade Runner theatrical sequels and prequels, in addition to all television and interactive productions.  Hit the jump for the full press release.

70 Pictures from the Hero Complex Gallery RIGHTEOUS RIDES…AND THE DUDES WHO DRIVE THEM! Gallery Show in Los Angeles

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Imagine an art show that focuses on “prominent characters of fiction and their often creative ways of getting around.”  If that sounds cool, then I recommend checking out the new Hero Complex Gallery show called “Righteous Rides…And the Dudes Who Drive Them” that opened in Los Angeles tonight.  The show is located at 2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D (90034) and it’s filled with artwork based on the rides from Blade Runner, Akira, Bullitt, Back to the Future, Star Wars, James Bond, Ferris Bueller, Prometheus, Transformers, Up, Star Trek, and so many others it’s too many to list here.  The most important thing to know is that the artwork is really well done and it’s definitely worth the drive.

However, since most of you live outside of Los Angeles, I took pictures of everything on display and after the jump you can check out about 70 images from the show.


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For one night only, Target is sponsoring AFI’s Night at the Movies, a screening of 13 classic films hosted by the stars that helped make them famous.  2012 AFI Life Achievement Award recipient and Oscar®-winning actress Shirley MacLaine and Oscar®-winning actress Sally Field will reunite to co-present Steel Magnolias, Harrison Ford will present Blade Runner: The Final Cut and Kevin Spacey will present The Usual Suspects, just to name a few.

Tickets for the Wednesday, April 24th event are available now at the Arclight Hollywood website or box office.  You can head to AFI’s website for more information or hit the jump to read the press release for the event.


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Opening this weekend is director Steven Soderbergh’s psychological thriller Side Effects.  Written by Scott Z. Burns (Contagion, The Informant!), the film is about “a successful New York couple (Rooney Mara and Channing Tatum) whose world unravels when a new drug prescribed by Emily’s psychiatrist (Jude Law)—intended to treat anxiety—has unexpected side effects.”  The film also stars Catherine Zeta-Jones.

At the recent Los Angeles press junket, I landed an exclusive interview with Burns.  We talked about his feelings regarding Soderbergh’s retirement, how he originally wanted to direct Side Effects himself, changes to the script during development, his writing process, and much more.  In addition, I got updates on rumors he might be writing the new Blade Runner, what happened to The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and what it was about, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, David Fincher’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and more.  Hit the jump to either read or watch the interview.

Screenwriter Scott Z. Burns Clarifies His Involvement with Ridley Scott’s New BLADE RUNNER Film

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When it was first announced that Ridley Scott was heading back into the world of sci-fi with the pseudo-Alien prequel Prometheus, fans were doubly excited about the prospect of Scott dabbling in sci-fi again and the fact that he was returning to one of this classics.  The finished film was a bit of a mixed bag, but Scott didn’t seem to mind all that much and is eager to get moving on a sequelAlien isn’t the only past film that the legendary director is revisiting, though, as he’s also been working on a new Blade Runner movie for the past couple of years.

At one point, it was reported that screenwriter Scott Z. Burns was being eyed to pen Scott’s new Blade Runner film.  This news was quickly debunked, but Steve recently sat down with Burns to discuss his upcoming film Side Effects directed by Steven Soderbergh, and the scribe clarified his relationship with Blade Runner, saying that he and Scott did indeed have discussions about it.  Hit the jump for more.

Limited Paper: Craig Drake Dropping a Dozen BLADE RUNNER, KILL BILL, and STAR TREK AP Prints Tomorrow

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The Mondo Gallery’s Brandenburg and Drake showcase will almost certainly be remembered as 2012’s biggest pleasant surprise:  it totally snuck up on us, delivering an uppercut of awesome that no one saw coming.  Two months later, at the most recent Mondo Gallery opening, people were still talking about how thoroughly they’d been caught off-guard by that show.   Since then, Craig Drake has gone from being one of the more obscure contributors on the Mondo payroll to one of its most respected.  Even fans that aren’t hip to Drake’s style (basically: “Pat Nagle by way of a Harry Knowles fever-dream”) seem to respect the fact that his work is unlike anything else currently being produced in Poster World.

And tomorrow, Drake is scheduled to drop a huge batch of APs via his online store, giving the newly-converted (and everyone who missed out the first time around) one last chance to snatch up some of the guy’s best work.  Wanna know what’s dropping and what it’s gonna cost ya?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

PROMETHEUS Blu-ray Easter Egg Reveals BLADE RUNNER Connection?

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Seventy years separate the timelines of Ridley Scott’s directorial efforts Blade Runner and Prometheus, but a new Easter Egg suggests the plots take place in the same world. Available on DVD/Blu-ray in just a couple of days,  Prometheus will have a special feature that reveals a few lines of text supposedly written by Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce).  The text, which you can read after the jump, talks about Weyland’s mentor, a creator of synthetic lifeforms who will be instantly familiar to fans of Scott’s 1982 sci-fi classic, Blade Runner.  This may be a simple nod to the fans that connects Scott’s works or perhaps it hints at a potential crossover in the planned sequel to Blade Runner Hit the jump to check out the Easter Egg.

Limited Paper Exclusive: Mondo’s BRANDENBURG AND DRAKE Gallery Show Opens Tomorrow, Offers up KILL BILL, BLACK SWAN, and…Barbara Streisand?!

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Back in March– when Mondo opened their first-ever Gallery space in Austin, Texas—they made it clear that they wouldn’t be using their new digs to showcase anything typical.  In fact, it was made clear to everyone that Mondo intended to use the site to celebrate some of their lesser-known artists, to showcase artwork based on some of the more obscure licenses in their catalogue, to provide something a little weirder and more personal than the work they produce in conjunction with Hollywood’s studios.

Since that first Gallery show in March, Mondo’s definitely made good on that promise.  And tomorrow, they’re giving us our latest dose of atypical, obscure, lesser-known, and weird.  Tomorrow, Mondo will unveil the Brandenburg and Drake show…and from what we’ve seen thus far, it’s gonna be something special.  Wanna know (and see) more?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

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