UK Trailer for BLITZ Starring Jason Statham

by     Posted 4 years, 47 days ago


The UK trailer for the upcoming action film Blitz has gone online.  The film stars Jason Statham as Jason Statham as he Jason Stathams a bunch of bad guys who have made the grave error of messing with Jason Statham.  If you’re looking for Generic Jason Statham Movie, then it looks like Blitz has you covered.  The film also stars Paddy Considine, Aiden Gillen, and Luke Evans.  Hit the jump to check out the trailer.

Jason Statham May Play a Bad Cop in BLITZ

by     Posted 5 years, 166 days ago


Crime Spree Cinema is reporting that Jason Statham has signed to play a “rather crude, un-pc, borderline sociopath of a cop” in a British production of the Ken Bruen novel “Blitz”.  Statham would play Brant, a homophobic London cop who must work with an openly gay sergeant in order to catch a serial killer nicknamed “The Blitz”.  The Brant character is the star of a series of books by Bruen so Statham could be looking at another franchise here – always assuming this casting story proves correct.  Adding credibility to the news is the fact that Bruen himself said that “Jason Statham will really step up to the plate for Brant; he’s been looking for a part to make his own and I think this is it.”  The “Blitz” screenplay is from Nathan Parker (“Moon”) with Elliott Lester directing.  Shooting starts on August 10th in London.

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