SCARFACE and UNITED 93 Blu-ray Reviews

     February 6, 2015

Brian De Palma’s Scarface is one of the most entertaining bad movies ever made. Overwrought, overacted (by Al Pacino, Michelle Pfieffer and Robert Loggia, among others), overlong, its indulgences make it the definitive 80’s movie par excellence. I kinda love …

Brian De Palma to Direct Thriller THE KEY MAN

     August 18, 2011

Director Brian De Palma hasn’t stepped behind a camera since 2007’s Redacted, but it looks like he may be returning to the director’s chair soon. Deadline reports that the Untouchables director has been set to direct the thriller The Key …

Will Brian De Palma Direct PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2?

     February 25, 2010

Like just about every successful horror film of the past 25 years, Paranormal Activity will have a sequel.  That much is assured, but the question is, who’s going to direct it?  Apparently Brian De Palma (Scarface, The Untouchables, The Black …