ASCENSION Review: Syfy’s Newest Series Goes Retro

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Imagining the Syfy pitch meeting for Ascension writes itself: “Mad Menin spaaaaaaace!“  It’s an easy sell.  Ascension follows the crew of an American space ark, sent on a 100-year journey in the 1960s, to find and populate a new planet.  In this telling, President Kennedy thought the Cold War might get hot, and wanted Americans to be able to find a way out.  The program was designed for sacrifice — it would be the grandchildren, or beyond, of the original crew, who would end up on this new world, but it was all for the ultimate support of the mission.  Now, 51-years into the journey, the ship has its first murder, and the cracks in the ship’s idyllic, Truman Show-esque setting are starting to show.  Hit the jump for why, “we don’t have infinity, we have the ship.  We were born in it, and we will die in it.”

First ASCENSION Trailer Reveals the Starship Launched to Save the Human Race

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Killer Women came and went pretty fast, but Tricia Helfer’s got another series on the way and it looks far more promising.  Ascension is a six-hour mini-series that goes down on a starship carrying 600 people on a mission to save the human race by populating a new world.  Helfer plays Viondra Denniger, a beautiful but manipulative power broker aboard the starship Ascension.

The show’s very first trailer just dropped and even though the piece is only 30 seconds long, it still offers up a fairly comprehensive sense of the Ascension’s mission as well as an effective tease of what sends it into chaos.  Hit the jump to check out the Ascension trailer for yourself.  The mini-series debuts on Syfy on November 24th at 9/8c and also stars Brian Van HoltAndrea RothBrandon P. BellTiffany Lonsdale and PJ Boudousque.

COUGAR TOWN Season 5 Review: TBS’s Cult Comedy Continues Its Fun, Wine-Soaked Adventures

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Cougar Town‘s fifth season also marks its second on TBS, the network that saved it from the jaws of death after ABC announced it would not be renewing the cult favorite.  Since then, fans have clamored for more saves and revivals (for shows like Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B– in Apartment 23: basically, ABC’s discarded comedies), to no avail.  TBS made a smart choice to snatch up a show like Cougar Town, though, because unlike some other comedies, the show doesn’t need to grow or change.  The strength of the established personalities of the denizens of the cul-de-sac are Cougar Town‘s defining mark, and its fifth season plays that up while managing to keep things fresh.  Hit the jump for more.

COUGAR TOWN Season 4 Preview

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TBS established itself as cable-channel-as-lifeboat when it offered Conan O’Brien safe harbor in their lineup after what I’ll call “The Jay Leno Incident.”  Its latest revived series is ABC’s discarded /Courteney-Cox‘s-Cleavage-helmed Cougar Town, much to the toast of Big Carl (and Big Joe) lovin’ fans everywhere.  The biggest question though surely is whether or not the show is similar to its old format, and that I can answer without hesitation: 100% yes.  Though the network has changed, there’s no sense of transition, just relief to see the familiar faces of the cul-de-sac.  

The other question of course is whether ABC was right to cancel it in the first place.  After three seasons, does the show still have life?  How long can we go on watching six alcoholics sit around and change the use of common phrases (“I’m going to use ‘junk in the trunk’ to mean emotional baggage.” “Approved!”) and play Penny Can?  The answer lies behind the jump, with my full preview of the upcoming season.

COUGAR TOWN Moves to TBS for Season Four

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Apparently ABC just couldn’t justify keeping Cougar Town around for another season, but fans need not worry about losing the Courteney Cox led comedy series. Today TBS sent out a press release announcing they had rescued the series and picked it up for a fourth season that will begin airing sometime in early 2013. All the stars will be back for at least one more round, and if the ratings deliver on the cable network, we may get even more than a fourth season. It’s refreshing to know that series have more options for survival at this point in TV history when primetime networks aren’t willing to keep a show around to please fans.

And yet they wonder why they have to cancel and scarp so many terrible shows after they cancel the good ones? If Community sticks around like we’re all hoping, maybe we’ll get some more crossover action too. Anyway, for the full press release with this good news, hit the jump!

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