THE COLLISION: Episode 28 – The Beginning of Awards Season 2012 (Special Guest: Sasha Stone)

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This week on The Collision, we’ll be talking about the beginning of the 2012 awards season with Awards Daily founder and editor-in-chief Sasha Stone (@AwardsDaily). We discuss the recent wins from various critics associations, their influence on the Academy, recent Oscar history, the current state of the race, and much more.

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BROADCAST NEWS Criterion Blu-ray Review

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Watching Broadcast News twenty years after release it’s interesting to note that the film hasn’t been vaulted into the category of films like Network or A Face in the Crowd for being a prophetic film about what’s happened to journalism. Perhaps because it cuts deeper to the bone. And though it may not be the go-to for the state of journalism, it’s just as on-point as any satire of TV journalism. Holly Hunter stars as Jane Craig, a segment producer for network television’s evening news. She’s good friends and colleagues with Aaron Altman (Albert Brooks), who’s nursed a crush on her so long that it is a habit of their friendship, and their platonic bond is disrupted when Tom Grunick (William Hurt) enters the pictures. He’s the handsome but vacuous new talent, who knows he’s out of his depth but also knows how to anchor. My review of the Blu-ray Criterion edition of Broadcast News follows after the jump.

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