Bruce Campbell Talks Upcoming EVIL DEAD TV Series; Says Fans Will Get “Quite the Explosion of Viscera”

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It’s been over 20 years since Ash (Bruce Campbell) fought off the deadites, and in that span, fans have clamored for the character to return.  Evil Dead came back as a remake but without Ash, and looking at the angry, ugly nature of that film, his absence was for the best.  Now Ash will be back for real with the Evil Dead TV series, which will run 10 half-hour episodes on Starz in late 2015.  Campbell will return to play his iconic character, and Sam Raimi, who directed the original trilogy of Evil Dead movies, will helm the pilot and executive produce.

Campbell, ever the raconteur, recently spoke to EW about the show and what fans can expect—in short, they should be very pleased because the actor knows his character and this franchise inside and out.  Hit the jump for more on the Evil Dead TV series.

THE COLOR OF TIME Trailer and Poster: James Franco, Jessica Chastain, Mila Kunis, and More Go through the Life of Poet C.K. Williams

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Starz Digital Media has released The Color of Time trailer and poster.  We last reported on this film over two years ago, and at the time it looked like it was an adaptation of the poetry of Pulitzer Prize-winner C.K. Williams, but as this new trailer and synopsis explain, it’s really more of a biopic.  The plot has Williams (James Franco) preparing for a reading in New York City, but he’s haunted by memories from his past.  The Color of Time has the hook of being handled by 12 directors, and the cast also includes Mila KunisJessica Chastain, Zach Braff, Henry Hopper, and Bruce Campbell.  However, looking at this trailer, it seems like the ensemble of directors really wanted to make The Tree of Life minus dinosaurs.

Hit the jump to check out The Color of Time trailer and poster.  The film will be available for early digital download on December 2nd, On Demand and on iTunes on December 9th, and in theaters on December 12th.

EVIL DEAD TV Show Ordered By Starz; Bruce Campbell Will Star, Sam Raimi Will Direct

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The Evil Dead TV show is officially a reality.  We learned a few months ago that Sam Raimi was writing a version of Evil Dead for television, and Starz announced today that it has indeed ordered a TV iteration of the classic horror franchise straight-to-series for a debut in 2015.  Bruce Campbell will be reprising his role as Ash in the show, titled Ash Vs. Evil Dead, as the story finds the character having spent “the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity, and the terrors of the Evil Dead.”  He’s essentially forced out of retirement when a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind.  More after the jump.

EVIL DEAD TV Show Planned; Sam Raimi Writing and Bruce Campbell Will Be Involved

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An interesting piece of news that came out at the panel for The Last of Us today was that Sam Raimi is currently writing and Evil Dead TV show.  Which is bizarre to me, but no more bizarre than the tortured development history of Army of Darkness 2.  Where does this leave that film?  And what does this mean for Evil Dead 2 (the apparently-still-gestating sequel to Fede Alvarez’s remake)?  We have no idea because Raimi didn’t mention anything in regard to those projects.  He barely mentioned anything in regard to this project except for the fact that he’s co-writing it with his brother Ivan Raimi and that Bruce Campbell will be involved.

Hit the jump for more on the potential Evil Dead TV show.

THE LAST OF US Comic-Con Panel Recap; Maisie Williams Being Eyed to Play Ellie

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Earlier this year, we reported that Screen Gems and Sam Raimi were set to produce a feature film adaptation of the acclaimed and best-selling game, The Last of Us.  Today at Comic-Con, the schedule had a “Sneak Peek” listed, and the peek was more details on this highly anticipated adaptation.  It was an exciting opportunity to tell fans that there was legitimate progress on this movie, and also for Raimi and the game’s creative director/screenwriter Neil Druckmann to gauge the audience’s reaction, especially on a piece of possible casting.

Hit the jump for my The Last of Us Comic-Con panel recap.

Bruce Campbell Continues to Toy with Emotions of People Who Want ARMY OF DARKNESS 2

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Even though Army of Darkness is a cult film and its fans would desperately like for Bruce Campbell to pick up a chainsaw and a shotgun again so he can reprise his role as Ash.  Army of Darkness came out in 1992, and where there’s hope for a sequel, there are rumors.  Campbell and director Sam Raimi always dance around the possibility of a sequel and come right up to the line of saying they’re doing it, but legitimate pre-production never gets underway.  Today, that tradition continues as Campbell talked to an audience at Wizard World Nashville Comic Con, and said “I just haven’t been racing to do it. Sam Raimi is just a little bit busy making the biggest movies in Hollywood. I use to be busy. Now I’m not. That’s why I’m here.”  That should have been the end of it, but of course, it wasn’t.

Hit the jump for a description of how Campbell sees an old Ash fighting evil, and for a misleading confirmation about the movie.

WonderCon: Bruce Campbell Talks EVIL DEAD, Premiering at SXSW, His Planned Involvement in the Sequel, ARMY OF DARKNESS 2, and Upcoming Projects

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What is there to say about Bruce Campbell?  For horror fans the world over Campbell transcends “actor” status and lands firmly in the category of “icon”. Today I was lucky enough to fulfill a lifelong dream and interview the man, the myth, the legend; the chin himself. Needless to say, it was awesome. Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead is a classic of the genre and when the remake was first announced the general reaction was skeptical, to put it kindly, so when the film premiered at SXSW earlier this month fans breathed a collective sigh of relief as positive reports poured out of Austin.

Shortly before the Evil Dead panel at WonderCon (here’s our recap), I sat down with Campbell for an exclusive interview. He talked about the success of the premiere at SXSW, the communal experience of watching horror films, why it was surprisingly easy for them to get an “R” rating, his hands-on approach to producing, carrying that over to the sequel, and the toll filming took on the actors. We also discussed the possibility of Army of Darkness 2, his presence on twitter, and his post Burn Notice plans. Check out the full interview after the jump. 

New Clip and WonderCon Trailer for EVIL DEAD

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evil dead remake

A new clip and trailer for director Fede Alvarez’s upcoming remake of Evil Dead have been released online.  The clip is incredibly brief as it’s mostly just a bloody set-up for a jump scare, but the WonderCon Announcement Trailer features a few bits of new footage.  The film premiered at SXSW last week to a mostly enthusiastic response, with our own Matt Goldberg calling it a “crowdpleaser” and a “gruesome feast” in his positive review.  Though some seemed to be put off by Alvarez’s “fan-service” approach with the pic, the critics who caught the film all agreed on one thing: Evil Dead is very, very, very violent.

Hit the jump to watch the new clip and WonderCon trailer.  The film stars Jane LevyShiloh FernandezElizabeth BlackmoreLou Taylor Pucci, and Jessica Lucas.  Evil Dead opens on April 5th.

Sam Raimi Says He Plans to Work on EVIL DEAD 4 Script This Summer

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Well this is a bit of pleasantly surprising news.  Ever since Army of Darkness was released in 1992, Evil Dead fans have been wondering if/when we would see a fourth film in the beloved horror franchise.  Though writer/director Sam Raimi never publicly shut the idea down, the production of the Evil Dead remake left many wondering if Raimi had closed the door on the old franchise in favor of putting together a new series of Evil Dead films.  Well it appears that Deadites can have their cake and eat it too, as Raimi recently revealed that he and his brother Ivan Raimi plan to work on the script for Evil Dead 4 this summer.  Hit the jump for more.

Bruce Campbell Talks EVIL DEAD Remake, Trying to Get an R Rating, the End of BURN NOTICE, His Spinoff, EVIL DEAD Tattoos, and More

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I need to start by saying I’m sorry to Bruce Campbell and Screen Gems.  I thought I’d posted this interview right after NYCC, and it was only this morning that I realized it never went online.  While it’s a bit late, I promise you it’s still worth checking out.

When I first heard Screen Gems was remaking Sam Raimi‘s Evil Dead, like many of you, I was extremely nervous.  But then I found out the original creative team (Raimi, producer Rob Tappert, and star Bruce Campbell) were heavily involved in the remake and they were the ones that picked Fede Alvarez to helm the project.  Shortly after the project wrapped, Raimi told us that the remake would definitely be rated R and is “so bloody it will make your head spin.”  Needless to say, this calmed my nerves and after Matt said that he loved the NYCC footage and everyone loved the red band trailer, next March can’t come soon enough.

Shortly before the Evil Dead panel at Comic-Con, I got to sit down with Bruce Campbell for an extended video interview.  He talked about the fan reaction to the remake, the gore of the film and trying to get an R rating, how he’s seen the cut of the film and it’s 90 minutes, and more.  In addition, he talked about the end of Burn Notice and how he’d like to do a spinoff, scripts he’s written, future projects, and the best part of the interview: he showed me a ton of awesome tattoos that fans have sent him.  Hit the jump to watch.

Bruce Campbell To Guest Star On New NBC Series 1600 PENN

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President Bill Pullman (Independence Day) returns in NBC’s mid-season pickup 1600 Penn, a comedy about dysfunctional family who also happens to be the First Family.  The principle cast includes Josh Gad (who starred in The Book of Mormon on Broadway) and Jenna Elfman (Dharma and Greg) as the step-mom, but the latest addition to the family is Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness) playing Uncle Doug, an insult-prone Las Vegas businessman.

Pullman plays (yet another) President Dale Gilchrist, the patriarch of a family described as “loving, fun and a little crazy.”  The series comes from Gad, Jon Lovett, and Modern Family‘s Emmy-winning co-executive producer and director Jason Winer, who is also directing the pilot.  For more on the series, hit the jump.

New York Comic-Con: EVIL DEAD Panel Recap; Self-Mutiliation, The New Ash, and Bruce Campbell Dazzles the Crowd

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I spent a full day at New York Comic-Con watching panels, and the one with the best footage was easily Fede Alvarez‘ remake of Sam Raimi‘s Evil Dead.  Not so much as an image had leaked from the movie, and while it had Raimi’s stamp of approval (he hand-picked Alvarez to write and direct), we still didn’t know what to expect.  Judging by the trailer we saw, he came up with something truly terrifying that’s strong enough to stand on its own.  But even if the audience at the IGN Theater at the Javits Center were wary of a remake before they saw the footage, they were completely taken with the original Ash, Bruce Campbell, who also served as a producer on Alvarez’ film.  Half of the panel was Campbell just owning the crowd.  At one point, Evil Dead remake star Jane Levy broke out her iPhone to record what was happening and said, “I’m sorry.  I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Hit the jump for my recap of the Evil Dead panel, and click here for all of our New York Comic-Con coverage.

New Synopses for Fede Alvarez’s EVIL DEAD and Kimberly Peirce’s CARRIE Remakes

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When Hollywood decides to greenlight a remake, we’re always interested to see if the contemporary director will put an original spin on the project or if it will be a shot-for-shot remake (see: Gus Van Sant’s 1998 Psycho remake).  So now that 2013 will feature remakes of Sam Raimi’s 1981cult classic Evil Dead and Brian De Palma’s 1976 adaptation of Stephen King’s Carrie, we’re at least curious as to which, if either, will offer moviegoers something new on the big screen.

Fede Alvarez’s The Evil Dead stars Jane Levy (Suburgatory), Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood), Lou Taylor Pucci (Carriers), Jessica Lucas (Cloverfield) and Elizabeth Blackmore (Burning Man) and opens April 12th, 2013.  Kimberly Perice’s Carrie remake stars Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass) in the title role alongside Judy Greer (13 Going on 30), Portia Doubleday (Youth in Revolt), Alex Russell (Chronicle), Gabriella Wilde (The Three Musketeers), Ansel Elgort and Julianne Moore (Magnolia), opening March 15th, 2013.  Hit the jump to check out the new official synopses. 

Bruce Campbell Talks EVIL DEAD Remake, What Fans Can Expect, Differences from the Original Film and Whether or Not He’ll Make a Cameo

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Bruce Campbell’s role in Sam Raimi’s original film The Evil Dead was career-defining, so how does Campbell feel about the current remake by director Fede Alvarez? Luckily, the man behind the famous chin had nothing but good things to say about the film.  He also talked about what fans could expect, differences between the remake and the original and whether or not he would be making a cameo appearance.

The Evil Dead remake, starring Jane Levy, Jessica Lucas, Shiloh Fernandez, Elizabeth Blackmore and Lou Taylor Pucci, debuts April 12th of next year.  Hit the jump to see what Campbell had to say, and click here to read what Raimi himself told us about the “so bloody it will make your head spin” remake.

Comic-Con: Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Sam Raimi Talk OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, Including Bruce Campbell’s Cameo

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Oz The Great and Powerful slice

Following their Hall H panel at Comic-Con, director Sam Raimi, along with actresses Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams, held a press conference to discuss the new film Oz: The Great and Powerful, which already looks intriguing and compelling, just from its small glimpses.  The story is a prequel to the classic Wizard of Oz, telling how the selfish Wizard (played by James Franco) arrived in Oz from Kansas and went on to become a more selfless ruler and man.  Check out what they had to say after the jump.

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