Limited Paper: Bottleneck Gallery’s WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT Celebrates Glow-in-the-Dark via New Prints by Craig Drake, Bruce Yan, Mark Lone, Godmachine, More

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For the past year or so, Limited Paper’s been wondering which gallery would be the first to announce an “all Glow-in-The-Dark” show.  Indeed, if we consider GID’s rise in popularity over the past year or two, such a showcase seems inevitable.   But just because the idea’s an obvious one doesn’t guarantee that it’d result in success: more than any other factor, an all-GID show would almost certainly live or die based on the artists hired to participate.

Turns out, there was nothing to worry about: our friends at NYC’s Bottleneck Gallery have pulled the trigger on an all-GID showcase, and–based on the preview images we’ve been cleared to share with you today—Bottleneck understood just how crucial hiring the right artists would be.  Wanna see new (and GID-infused!) posters from Craig Drake, Godmachine, Bruce Yan, and a slew of others?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Ltd Art Gallery’s MINT CONDITION 2 Online Sale Begins Tomorrow, So Let’s Do a Giveaway to Pass The Time

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In case you hadn’t heard, Seattle’s Ltd. Art Gallery kicked off Mint Condition 2 last night, dropping roughly 50 brand-new prints, OGs, sketches…hell, Ltd Art’s even had a stuffed Deadpool doll up in that bitch.  And from what we’ve heard, virtually everyone in attendance left satisfied (“virtually everyone” because—according to the coroner’s report–some doofus choked on a corn dog while sitting in his car waiting for the show to start).

But what about those of you who weren’t in Seattle last night?  When can you pick up new prints from guys like Bruce Yan, Sam “For Sho” Ho, Ian Glaubinger, and 100% Soft?  And—more importantly—is there a way to turn this writeup into a giveaway?  Answers we think you’re gonna like await you after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Ltd Art Gallery’s MINT CONDITION 2 Includes Superhero-Themed Work by Sam Ho, Bruce Yan, Ian Glaubinger, Tim Anderson and Many More

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Got an interesting installment of Limited Paper for you today, folks.  This Friday, Ltd Art Gallery (located in Seattle, WA, don’tcha know) opens its doors on Mint Condition 2, another superhero-themed showcase featuring new artwork from a bunch of artists that we’ve covered many times in the past here at Limited Paper:  Bruce Yan, Ian Glaubinger, Tim Anderson, Sam Ho (the show also includes an original piece by some n00b named Scott Wampler, but we’ll get to that in a minute).  Wanna see some exclusive images from the show and find out when you’ll be able to pick up a ton of new prints featuring your favorite superheroes?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper Preview: Hero Complex Gallery’s OSCAR LEGENDS Show Brings New Work from Craig Drake, New Flesh, Cuyler Smith, Blunt Graffix, More

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It seems like everywhere we turn right now, some sort of Oscars-themed drop is taking place:  Gallery 1988’s got a three-day poster-palooza planned for the coming weekend, Mondo’s presumably hard at work on this year’s crop of Oscars Night poster drops (fingers crossed for a Stout Django Unchained), and—last but certainly not least—Hero Complex Gallery has their own Oscars-themed show on deck:  Oscar Legends brings together new art from Craig Drake, Cuyler Smith, Alice Lin, Bruce Yan, Blunt Graffix, James Rheem Davies, and a number of other artists regularly featured here at Limited Paper.  Wanna see some of what’s going to be available when the show opens this Friday?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Bottleneck Gallery’s GET A ROOM Opens This Friday With New Art by Godmachine, Cuyler Smith, Craig Drake, More

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There’s zero empirical evidence to back up the theory, but here at Limited Paper we tend to think that there aren’t a lot of hard-core collectors out there with big Valentine’s Day plans.  Quite frankly, when the vast majority of your spending money is being pushed towards one fancifully-colored 24x36” sheet of paper after another, there isn’t much budget left for schmoozing the ladies (or the gents, if that’s your thing).  Sure, you could’ve bought her that diamond-encrusted toaster she’s always wanted, but there’s something like 400 prints dropping this week:  one has to prioritize.

But what if you have a significant other…and they’re also into poster collecting?  Well, good news, buddy:  Bottleneck Gallery’s Get a Room (opening in NYC this Friday) is filled with a ton of romantic, movie-themed posters your guy or gal will be jazzed to have hanging on their wall, and we’ve got preview pics for you (including new work from Craig Drake, Godmachine, and Cuyler Smith) after the jump.

Limited Paper: Ltd. Art Gallery Set to Open POP 2! THE ART OF POP CULTURE RETURNS This Thursday; Check Out Exclusive New Images Here

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Ltd. Art Gallery popped up in our inbox a week or two ago to share an exciting bit of news:  the Gallery was coming up on the its first-ever anniversary, and to celebrate the occasion they were revisiting the pop-culture theme that kicked off their first gallery show all the way back in 2011.  The 2012 model was being called Pop 2! The Art of Pop Culture Returns, and—from what the Ltd. Art Gallery folks have told us about this show—it’s gonna be a helluva party.

Wanna find out what’s happening at Ltd. Art Gallery’s Thursday opening of Pop 2! The Art of Pop Culture Returns?  Wanna find out which artists have new artwork dropping at the show?  Wanna see a few of those prints, including one we’re convinced is one of the year’s absolute best?  Meet me after the jump for all of that and more, folks.

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