BURN NOTICE Gets … Well, Its Burn Notice and TNT’s SOUTHLAND Gets Cancelled

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Two crime dramas have been given the ax today.  First up is USA’s spy series Burn Notice, which will begin airing its final season on Thursday, June 6th at 9/8c.  Starring Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar and Bruce CampbellBurn Notice will bring the exploits of the disavowed spy Michael Westen (Donovan) to an end with its seventh season.

Meanwhile, TNT’s cop drama Southland has been cancelled, meaning that the show’s fifth season finale (which aired on April 17th) will serve as the series finale as well.  Southland’s leads, Ben McKenzie, Regina King and Shawn Hatosy, have all booked pilots so you may see them again soon.  Hit the jump to watch the season seven premiere teaser for Burn Notice.

USA Sets Summer Premiere Dates for BURN NOTICE, ROYAL PAINS, COVERT AFFAIRS, SUITS, and More

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USA network has unveiled its summer schedule, announcing when fans can expect their favorite USA series to return.  Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Season seven of Burn Notice begins on Thursday, June 6th at 9/8c.
  • The new drama series Graceland premieres on Thursday, June 6th at 10/9c.
  • Season five of Royal Pains kicks off on Wednesday, June 12th at 9/8c.
  • The third season of Necessary Roughness launches on Wednesday, June 12th at 10/9c.
  • Season four of Cover Affairs begins on Tuesday, July 16th at 9/8c.
  • The season three premiere of Suits airs on Tuesday, July 16th at 10/9c.
  • And finally, the new series Summer Camp will bow at an unspecified date in July.

WonderCon: Bruce Campbell Talks EVIL DEAD, Premiering at SXSW, His Planned Involvement in the Sequel, ARMY OF DARKNESS 2, and Upcoming Projects

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What is there to say about Bruce Campbell?  For horror fans the world over Campbell transcends “actor” status and lands firmly in the category of “icon”. Today I was lucky enough to fulfill a lifelong dream and interview the man, the myth, the legend; the chin himself. Needless to say, it was awesome. Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead is a classic of the genre and when the remake was first announced the general reaction was skeptical, to put it kindly, so when the film premiered at SXSW earlier this month fans breathed a collective sigh of relief as positive reports poured out of Austin.

Shortly before the Evil Dead panel at WonderCon (here’s our recap), I sat down with Campbell for an exclusive interview. He talked about the success of the premiere at SXSW, the communal experience of watching horror films, why it was surprisingly easy for them to get an “R” rating, his hands-on approach to producing, carrying that over to the sequel, and the toll filming took on the actors. We also discussed the possibility of Army of Darkness 2, his presence on twitter, and his post Burn Notice plans. Check out the full interview after the jump. 

Bruce Campbell Talks EVIL DEAD Remake, Trying to Get an R Rating, the End of BURN NOTICE, His Spinoff, EVIL DEAD Tattoos, and More

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I need to start by saying I’m sorry to Bruce Campbell and Screen Gems.  I thought I’d posted this interview right after NYCC, and it was only this morning that I realized it never went online.  While it’s a bit late, I promise you it’s still worth checking out.

When I first heard Screen Gems was remaking Sam Raimi‘s Evil Dead, like many of you, I was extremely nervous.  But then I found out the original creative team (Raimi, producer Rob Tappert, and star Bruce Campbell) were heavily involved in the remake and they were the ones that picked Fede Alvarez to helm the project.  Shortly after the project wrapped, Raimi told us that the remake would definitely be rated R and is “so bloody it will make your head spin.”  Needless to say, this calmed my nerves and after Matt said that he loved the NYCC footage and everyone loved the red band trailer, next March can’t come soon enough.

Shortly before the Evil Dead panel at Comic-Con, I got to sit down with Bruce Campbell for an extended video interview.  He talked about the fan reaction to the remake, the gore of the film and trying to get an R rating, how he’s seen the cut of the film and it’s 90 minutes, and more.  In addition, he talked about the end of Burn Notice and how he’d like to do a spinoff, scripts he’s written, future projects, and the best part of the interview: he showed me a ton of awesome tattoos that fans have sent him.  Hit the jump to watch.

Jeffrey Donovan Talks BURN NOTICE Season 6, His Favorite Villains, How Long He Sees Playing the Character, Directing and More

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The hit USA Network drama series Burn Notice is back with its remaining episodes for Season 6.  Already renewed for Season 7, which will likely be the show’s last season, things are on a dark trajectory for Michael Weston (Jeffrey Donovan), that will culminate with a shocking season finale, in which he makes a decision that affects not only his friends, but will be a huge betrayal.  From creator Matt Nix, the show also stars Bruce Campbell, Gabrielle Anwar, Coby Bell and Sharon Gless.

During this recent interview to promote the return of the popular TV show, actor Jeffrey Donovan talked about how much fun it is to play so many different cover characters on the show, his favorite villains, maintaining chemistry among the cast, where things are headed with the storylines, how long he sees playing this character, the major challenges in directing episodes of the show, his responsibilities as a producer, how different he is from Michael Weston, and what he likes to do on hiatus.  Check out what he had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers

BURN NOTICE Lets Fans Decide the Show’s New Opening Credits

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USA’s Burn Notice is about to enter its sixth season, and the show is letting fans vote for the new opening credits.  I’ve felt that it’s long overdue to remove Fiona’s “Should we shoot them?” since she’s talking in an Irish accent she hasn’t used since the series premiere.

Hit the jump for a special message from star Jeffrey Donovan, and to find out how you can vote for the new opening credits.  The sixth season of Burn Notice premieres on USA on Thursday, June 14th at 9/8c.

Exclusive: Director Renny Harlin Talks 5 DAYS OF WAR, BURN NOTICE, and THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT Sequel?

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Inspired by the real events of the devastating five-day war between Russia and Georgia in 2008, 5 Days of War is an action-packed thriller that centers around an American journalist, named Thomas Anders (Rupert Friend), and his cameraman, who are caught in the combat zone after rescuing a young woman (Emmanuelle Chriqui) from the aftermath of the first Russian airstrikes against Georgia. As the three attempt to escape to safety, they happen to record the cold-blooded murder of innocent civilians, which they desperately want to broadcast for the world, in order to get the truth out.

Recently director Renny Harlin spoke with us about how there was only a blueprint for the script when he became interested in the project, and that telling the story from a journalist’s point of view offered the best way to make it relatable. He also talked about how emotional the experience of actually filming in Georgia was and the extent of support they got from the government and the people. And, he talked about what made him want to try directing television by taking on an episode of the hit USA series Burn Notice, how he’s hoping to do a sequel for The Long Kiss Goodnight with the writer of that episode (show producer Ben Watkins), and how he’s in development on a few different projects and is waiting to see which one comes together next. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

Comic-Con 2011: BURN NOTICE: THE FALL OF SAM AXE; Plus, Bruce Campbell Talks EVIL Dead 4

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Fan-favorite Bruce Campbell had pages of one-liners ready as he took the stage alongside Burn Notice creator, Matt Nix. Always charismatic (and dressed boldly in a white sport coat, pink shirt and green pants) Campbell was on hand to joke with the crowd and talk about Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe. Although the USA made-for-tv movie debuted on the network this past April, it’s now available on Blu-ray and DVD exclusively at Comic Con. While fans of Burn Notice will be happy to know that the series has been extended for season six, fans of Bruce Campbell (Sam Axe) will want to keep reading. Recently, Campbell tweeted about the progress of Evil Dead 4 but has said little else since then. He addressed the “elephant in the room” right off the bat. Hit the jump to see what he said.

Exclusive Interview: Bruce Campbell Talks BURN NOTICE: THE FALL OF SAM AXE

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I’m a big fan of Burn Notice so when Collider was offered the chance to ask Bruce Campbell five questions about the show and its upcoming prequel movie Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe, I leaped at the opportunity.  I asked Campbell if the events of Fall of Sam Axe will factor into the show’s fifth season, how much input he had into the script, whether he was surprised by any elements of Sam’s backstory, and how the movie will retain the vibe of the series.  I also asked if we’ll be seeing the estranged Mrs. Axe this season.

To find out Campbell’s answers, hit the jump.  Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe premieres Sunday, April 17th at 9/8c on USA.

Jeffrey Donovan Will Direct the BURN NOTICE Prequel Movie Starring Bruce Campbell

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Fans of the USA series Burn Notice and Bruce Campbell better buckle up, because you’re in for one hell of a ride. Today the cable network announced that series star Jeffrey Donovan (who plays Michael Westen) is set to direct the prequel movie that features Bruce Campbell’s character Sam Axe. The story is set in late 2005 after a faction of Colombian rebels makes trouble for the locally stationed military platoon, and Lieutenant Commander Sam Axe is sent down to advise. As the mission unfolds, Sam begins to uncover the dark secrets of the area, learning the truth about sacrifice, deception, and ultimately what’s worth fighting for.

Series creator Matt Nix is writing the script and will executive produce with Donovan and Campbell. For those worries about Donovan’s directing skills, he’s already directed one episode of Burn Notice, so he should be ready to go. Hit the jump for the official press release.

TV News: USA Prepping BURN NOTICE Prequel; AMC Adds to THE WALKING DEAD Cast (Pics Included)

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USA announced today at their Comic-Con panel in Ballroom 20 that a Burn Notice prequel movie centered around Bruce Campbell is in the works.  According to Variety, the telepic will follow “the last assignment of [Campbell's] character, Sam Axe, as a Navy SEAL before his retirement.”  Filming is set to begin after season four (currently airing) wraps and before the start of season five on location in Latin America.  Campbell has long been a geek icon due to his role as Ash in the Evil Dead series, so Comic-Con is truly the perfect venue for such an announcement.

Hit the jump for an update on casting additions to the AMC zombie series The Walking Dead.

Thursday Schedule Announced for 2010 San Diego Comic-Con; Highlights Include TRON: LEGACY, SCOTT PILGRIM, Joss Whedon, and THE EXPENDABLES

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The scheduling madness has begun. San Diego Comic Con announced the entire programming schedule for Preview Night Wednesday July 21 and Thursday, July 22.  As usual, the movie highlights are in Hall H where the line up is as follows: Megamind, Tron: Legacy, Battle: Los Angeles, Salt, Red, The Expendables and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Plus, can you say J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon together?

But there is so much going on outside of Hall H too. DC Comics is celebrating their 75th anniversary with a panel, the cast of Dexter will be in the house, Bruce Campbell will talk Burn Notice not to mention the infamous Masters of the Web panel which is surely of interest to anyone who reads sites like ours and the world premiere of The Lost Boys: The Thirst. Hit the jump for what I think is worth your time on Thursday, July 22nd at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.


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If you’ve read my DVD reviews for season one and season two of USA’s Burn Notice, then you know that I’m kind of in love with the show.  It has a formula and it (mostly) continues to work due to strong performances and sharp writing.  What I like most about the Burn Notice is that it’s redefined my notion of what a spy thriller can be.  It doesn’t negate a show like Chuck or the James Bond movies, but its matter-of-fact tone is a fresh take on the genre that you won’t find anywhere else.

Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) says in the show’s intro, “As long as you’re burned, you’re not going anywhere.”  Hit the jump for my take on where Burn Notice went in its third season.


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Comic-Con slice

In a sign that this year’s Comic-Con is going to be bigger than ever, THR is reporting a huge number of TV shows are already confirmed to appear at the Convention.  Included are:

  • FOX – Steven Spielberg’s new sci-fi Fox show Terra Nova, Fringe, Human Target, Bones
  • NBC – The Event, The Cape, Chuck
  • CBS – Hawaii Five-O
  • ABC – No Ordinary Family, V, Castle
  • AMC – The Walking Dead
  • The CW – Nikita, Vampire Diaries
  • USA Network – Burn Notice, Psych, White Collar
  • FX – Sons of Anarchy
  • They even mention that Conan O’Brien might attend.  Can I say YES!

While the official schedule usually gets released about a month from now, with Comic-Con only getting bigger every year, I’d imagine a lot more shows will be added to this list.  After all, I know Stargate Universe will be there and that’s not listed.  Finally, if you don’t have a badge…better get on eBay, as Comic-Con has been sold out for months.  See some of you in San Diego next month.

TV Review: Fox’s Buddy Cop Show THE GOOD GUYS Premieres Tonight 9/8c

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I didn’t get a chance to review the Fox’s summer buddy cop hourlong comedy The Good Guys in advance of its “sneak preview” in front of American Idol a couple weeks ago, but mind you that’s no indication of quality.  And lucky for me, Fox has deemed tonight’s move to its regular slot of Mondays 9/8 c the “series premire”, which gives me a second chance to shine some light on this fun romp of a summer show.

Hit the jump for a review of the first two episodes of The Good Guys after the jump.

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