Lego Round-Up: Watch a Lego Version of the MAN OF STEEL Trailer and a Feature-Length Lego CASTLEVANIA Movie

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We’ve got a couple of Lego-related videos to share this afternoon.  First up, some fans have created a Lego version of the most recent trailer for Zack Snyder’s Superman film Man of Steel.  It’s pretty much a shot-for-shot recreation of the actual trailer, but it’s worth a watch if only for Bearded Lego Clark Kent.  Additionally, there exists a feature-length film adaptation of Castlevania and it is now online for your viewing pleasure.  The video is a whopping 146-minutes long, and covers stories from the Castlevania video game series.

Hit the jump to watch the videos.

E3 2012 Video Game Preview: Trailers for TOMB RAIDER, CASTLEVANIA, GUARDIANS OF MIDDLE EARTH, Behind the Scenes of HALO 4 and More

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With the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3 2012) set to kick off on June 5th at the Los Angeles Convention Center, we thought we’d bring you a preview of some of the major video games that are going to be on display.  This year will feature a new installment in the Halo franchise, a return to form for the groundbreaking Tomb Raider series and a few new LEGO games that will please fans of DC heroes and Lord of the Rings alike.  There’s also talk of a new game from LucasArts, titled Star Wars 1313 but unfortunately there’s no video to share as of yet.
As someone who grew up with blocky monochrome pixels bouncing around the screen, I’m continually impressed by the level of realism and beauty that comes out of these games.  Hit the jump to check out a variety of jaw-dropping trailers and previews.

Update on Frank Miller’s RONIN Movie from Director Sylvain White

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Sylvain White director Ronin movie.jpg

Last week I was able to speak with director Sylvain White. While most of our conversation is under embargo, I’ve been given permission to post some of what was said. Since Sylvain is currently attached to Frank Miller’s “Ronin” movie, I figured you’d like to hear what he said about his take on the property and where it currently is in development.

According to Sylvain, he’s about to get a new draft of the script and he envisions the film as a “big-budget, big blockbuster.” He went on to say he’d love to do it in 3D.” For more on the project, click the jump:

Game Over for CASTLEVANIA Movie

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castlevania_sotn_death_01.jpgAccording to Bloody-Disgusting, the planned adaptation of the popular videogame franchise “Castlevania” has been damned to Development Hell.  Apparently, the film was to focus on both the origins of Dracula and the vampire-fighting Belmont Clan, but then I guess someone made the mistake of actually playing one of the games and realizing, “Holy shit.  There’s no story here.  You just go around and beat the shit out of every monster ever created.”  And while that’s ridiculously fun to play (at least in 2D), I feel blessed that, for the time being, we’ve been spared another unnecessary videogame movie.

But like Dracula, don’t count on this one to stay dead.  My bet is that any producer or studio who looked at the script saw that it would be expensive (big castle, lots of special effects), remembered that we’re in a recession, and stuffed it in a drawer.  So if any good came of this recession, that was about it.

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