10 LEGO Fan Projects That Need Your Support, Including LORD OF THE RINGS Sets, Tony Stark’s Workshop from IRON MAN, CENTURIONS, and More

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It’s been a really good year for LEGO.  Not only did The LEGO Movie enjoy critical and commercial success, the film is now just the start of a feature franchise built on the toy brick foundation.  Oh, and speaking of toys, LEGO has a host of lucrative major movie tie-ins due to hit shelves soon, like Avengers: Age of Ultron setsJurassic World figures, and new Star Wars approximations.

That’s all well and good for the company, but what about the legions of LEGO fans out there who opt to put aside the instructions and build their own fantastic creations?  Well thankfully those two factions work together for the benefit of all!  “LEGO Ideas” is an offshoot of the parent website that invites fan submissions and allows readers to lend their support; once a project nets 10,000 votes and company approval, they become official!  We’ve put together a list of ten worthy ideas for you to inspect.  Hit the jump to check them out.

Hollywood! Adapt This: CENTURIONS

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Well, folks, the Hollywood adaptation train keeps rolling.  The latest addition to the ranks is a possible feature production of the short-lived series Manimalabout a doctor who moonlights as a crime fighter and can morph into different animals.  They’ve yet to take my advice and greenlight a movie adaptation of Gargoyles, The Pirates of Dark Water or Jonny Quest, but we’ll press on in the hopes that studios come to their senses.  Today we’ll reach back into the bag of obscurity and pull out a mid-80s cartoon series from production company Ruby-Spears and Japanese animation studio, Sunrise.  A series that could easily (and most entertainingly) be adapted by director Michael Bay, as I teased last week.  Hit the jump for man and machine, power extreme. Hollywood! Adapt this: Centurions

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