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Seriously, are we supposed to call it Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow now? That’s what the packaging of the Blu-ray (and its title on VOD) suggests, which is odd for a movie that made a little over a hundred million domestically.  Generally that sort of rebranding happens when a film flops, but perhaps this change was made because that’s what audiences thought the title was from the marketing.  Regardless, this Tom Cruise sci-fi action movie was easily one of the better movies of this past summer, but perhaps Cruise fatigue or title confusion left the film to underperform.  Starring alongside Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton, Cruise does great work in this video game-inspired film and my review of the Blu-ray of Edge of Tomorrow follows after the jump.

First MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 Cast Images Feature Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames

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Just last week I was saying how excited I was more excited for Mission: Impossible 5 than I have been for any other film in the franchise.  All of the elements just add up to it being the first one I’m actually looking forward to as opposed to being something I’d just wait for passively.  Not only did I really like  Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, but I think director Christopher McQuarrie recently showed that he is in fine form with his recent Tom Cruse collaboration, Jack Reacher (not to mention his great script work on Edge of Tomorrow).

While last week’s report of Sean Harris joining the cast was subsequently confirmed by McQuarrie himself, he doesn’t figure into this new photo as it’s a shot of the film’s team reuniting (as actors, not characters).  So that would be Cruise, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames.  Hit the jump for a better look at the pic.  Alec Baldwin and Rebecca Ferguson also star in the film.   Mission: Impossible 5 opens December 25, 2015.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 Close to Super Creepy Villain in Sean Harris

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I’m more excited for Mission: Impossible 5 than I have been for any other film in the franchise.  It seems like the series finally hit a nice stride in the 4th installment, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, so hopefully they used what worked about that film as a blueprint moving forward.  It’s also great news that Christopher McQuarrie is directing this time out.  I really enjoyed his prior collaboration with Tom Cruse, the adaptation of Jack Reacher, and he’s also coming off some seriously high praise for his script work on Edge of Tomorrow.

We’ve known for a while that Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner will be returning and that Ving Rhames is also going to rejoin the team.  We also know Alec Baldwin and Rebecca Ferguson will show up.  But what we haven’t heard much about until today is the villain, and now we’re getting word that Paramount has offered that part to Sean Harris (Deliver us From Evil, Prometheus).  Mission: Impossible 5 opens December 25, 2015.  Hit the jump for more on Sean Harris potentially signing on as the film’s villain.


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In almost every action movie, the hero never dies.  If he does die, he’s always alive at the end.  He is immortal by default.  Doug Liman‘s Edge of Tomorrow provides a sly commentary not only on the action genre, but also touches on notions of destiny, providence, choice, and sacrifice.  However, its most intriguing aspect is how it aligns with the career of its ageless, persevering star.  Tom Cruise is the eternal action star, who is both dominant in and yet trapped by his career circumstances.  His captivating performance in Edge of Tomorrow is both reflective and fresh as he doesn’t distract from the fascinating, exciting film, but his presence gives an extra pop to a film that will bring you back for repeat viewings.

Paramount and Tom Cruise Moving Forward with JACK REACHER Sequel Based on NEVER GO BACK

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It looks like that Jack Reacher sequel might actually be coming to fruition.  Director Christopher McQuarrie’s adaptation of the popular Lee Child character was a modest success when it opened last year, grossing $218 million worldwide.  The critical response was quite positive both with regards to McQuarrie’s take on the material and Tom Cruise’s portrayal of the lead character, and fans of the film (myself included) were eager to see the franchise take off.  Though initial reports made the prospect of a sequel coming to fruition seem unlikely, the film’s box office push over the $200 million mark forced Paramount and Skydance Productions to reconsider.  And reconsider they did, as the studios are now actively developing a follow-up based on another one of Child’s novels.  Hit the jump for more.

Colin Firth to Star in THREE TO KILL; Christopher McQuarrie to Direct French Noir Adaptation

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colin firth christopher mcquarrie slice

Over a decade passed between Christopher McQuarrie‘s directorial debut The Way of the Gun and 2012′s Jack Reacher.  McQuarrie plans to fill up his slate for the decade that follows.  He begins shooting Mission: Impossible 5 in February 2014 for a Christmas 2015 release.  McQuarrie is also attached to direct adaptations of the sci-fi anime Star Blazers, the British miniseries Unforgiven, and the 1968 Rock Hudson movie Ice Station Zebra.  Add one more to the pile.

Deadline reports McQuarrie is signed to direct Three to Kill, an adaptation of the Jean-Patrick Manchette noir novel set on the French coast.  Colin Firth is set to star as “disillusioned businessman witnesses a murder and finds himself being hunted by two relentless sociopaths.”  Read the book synopsis after the jump.

Christopher McQuarrie to Direct Sci-Fi Anime Adaptation STAR BLAZERS; Filming on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 Begins February 2014

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While doing the press rounds for Jack Reacher, director Christopher McQuarrie was not shy in admitting that he had spent the past decade in director’s jail following the disappointment of his 2000 feature directorial debut The Way of the Gun.  Luckily, it looks like that slump is very much over.  McQuarrie is currently prepping Mission: Impossible 5 as his next film, and he’s now added another project to his to-do list.  Deadline reports that McQuarrie will direct and produce an adaptation of the 1970s anime Star Blazers for Skydance Productions.  The sci-fi story revolves around an old spaceship in the year 2199 that must go to another planet and pick up a device that can save the Earth, which has been under siege from hostile aliens using radioactive warfare.

Hit the jump for more, including the news of when M:I 5 will start production.

Christopher McQuarrie Officially Set to Direct MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5

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The fifth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise may now officially have a director.  Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher writer/director Christopher McQuarrie has been mentioned as being in talks to take the gig for quite some time, and with Cruise recently dropping out of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. in order to focus his efforts on Mission: Impossible 5, we assumed that production was poised to begin sooner rather than later.  Earlier today, McQuarrie took to Twitter with the simple message, “Mission: Accepted,” seemingly indicating that he has agreed to sign on as the director of M:I 5.

Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3) was tapped to pen the script for Mission: Impossible 5 a few months ago, and Cruise is officially onboard to produce and star in the follow-up to Brad Bird’s nearly $700 million-grossing fourth installment.  Simon Pegg recently told us that his 2014 schedule would include the filming of another Mission: Impossible, so it appears that Benji will (thankfully) return as well. [Update: Paramount has confirmed McQuarrie's involvement.  Read the full press release after the jump.]

Comic-Con: EDGE OF TOMORROW Panel Recap; Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, and More Present First Trailer

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comic con edge of tomorrow slice

Once I get over my bitterness of the title change from All You Need Is Kill to the tamer but more descriptive Edge of Tomorrow, I think it could be an incredibly entertaining sci-fi action film.  It’s been described to me as “Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers”, and the footage we saw definitely conveyed that.  Also, mech suits make everything better.  Just imagine how much better Terms of Endearment would have been with mech suits.

Hit the jump for my recap of the panel.  Edge of Tomorrow opens June 6, 2014.

Christopher McQuarrie to Write and Direct Adaptation of British Miniseries UNFORGIVEN

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Coming off of last year’s impressive Jack Reacher—his first directorial effort since 2000’s The Way of the GunChristopher McQuarrie is becoming quite the in-demand filmmaker.  He’s expected to direct Mission: Impossible 5, he’s working on a sequel to Jack Reacher at Paramount, and now’s he’s adding an adaptation of the British miniseries Unforgiven to his docket.  The 2009 miniseries told the story of a woman attempting to rejoin society after serving a 15-year prison sentence for murdering two cops after they came to evict her family from their farmhouse. She plans to live quietly with her troubled younger sister, but she’s soon targeted by two sons of one of her victims on a quest for revenge.  Deadline reports that McQuarrie will write, direct, and produce the feature film adaptation alongside Graham King’s GK Films.

McQuarrie was actually first involved with Unforgiven in 2010, when he signed on to write it as a star vehicle for Angelina JolieScott Frank was subsequently tapped to write and direct the film, but he eventually fell off the project.  McQuarrie is still expected to direct M:I 5 as his next project, but he’s adding Unforgiven to his to-do list.

JACK REACHER Blu-ray Review

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In many ways, Tom Cruise never escaped the fallout from that infamous 2005 ride on Oprah’s couch.  His box office returns have gradually slipped and the sheen of “Scientology Weirdo” still hangs around him in the public mind. It’s quite unfair because 1) the man’s private life is still his own business and 2) the quality of his films in recent years has been quite good. From his brilliant cameo in Tropic Thunder to the slick thrills of Valkyrie and the unexpected triumph of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, he’s pretty much firing on all cylinders these days… despite comparatively poor box office. Jack Reacher is a sad testament to the bind he finds himself in: a smart, intelligent action thriller that got lost amid bad timing. The Blu-ray release is a perfect opportunity to catch what you probably missed. Hit the jump for my full review.

Christopher McQuarrie to Write and Direct ICE STATION ZEBRA Remake

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Hot on the heels of the news that Tom Cruise has officially signed on to return in Mission: Impossible 5, a new report has writer-director Christopher McQuarrie attached to a remake of the 1968 thriller Ice Station Zebra.  This project will obviously impact the decision of who will direct M:I5 as McQuarrie is in talks to helm the follow-up to Brad Bird’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.  No timetable is in place for either film yet so it’s feasible that McQuarrie would be able to line up both pictures.  However, McQuarrie will not only direct the Ice Station Zebra remake – a story about an American sub racing against the Russians in order to make it to a secret base in the Arctic circle – but will also pen the adaptation, based on the Alistair MacLean novel.  It’s too soon to tell how this will all shake out.  Hit the jump for more.

Tom Cruise Officially Signs on to Produce and Star in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5

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It’s going to be incredibly tough to top director Brad Bird’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, but it appears that Tom Cruise is officially up for the challenge.  Cruise has now signed a deal to star in and produce Mission: Impossible 5 for Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.  There’s no official word on who will be writing and/or directing the next installment of the franchise, but Cruise’s Jack Reacher writer/director Christopher McQuarrie is supposedly in line to take the gig.  Hit the jump for more, including a refresher on Cruise’s upcoming schedule.

JACK REACHER Sequel Possibly in the Works at Paramount and Skydance

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Back in January, we reported that a sequel to writer/director Christopher McQuarrie’s Jack Reacher was looking unlikely.  That was also about $50 million ago.  Now that the film has crossed $200 million worldwide, Paramount and Skydance are reportedly in the process of building the scaffolding for another installment.  The previously cited box office target was $250 million, but when you’ve got a proven draw in Tom Cruise (Jack Reacher marks his 19th film to hit that total), it makes those dice easier to roll.  Now that the (anti)hero has been introduced to a wider audience than only those familiar with the Lee Child novels, Deadline reports that the studios are at least running the numbers on the potential franchise.  Let us know if you think they should go ahead with another Jack Reacher in the comments below!

JACK REACHER Sequel Unlikely to Move Forward

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We’ve got some bad news for Jack Reacher fans.  Though Paramount’s feature film adaptation of the popular Lee Child book series character made a respectable $15 million on opening weekend and now stands at just a hair over $70 million for its total domestic gross, apparently the film’s box office performance isn’t likely to warrant the production of a sequel.  The Tom Cruise-starrer was developed as a potential franchise given the bounty of Jack Reacher source material in Child’s books, but a new report states that the current $153 million worldwide total gross of director Christopher McQuarrie’s pic is short of Paramount’s benchmark for moving forward with a sequel, and the possibility of a follow-up now hinges on the film’s performance in other international territories.  Hit the jump for more details.

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