Read Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR Prequel Comic to Learn an Important Character’s Backstory

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Despite all of its exposition, there was still plenty in Interstellar I wish had been made clearer.  Specifically, life on Earth was vaguely defined, and just a little bit of explanation on how the Blight specifically affected society and culture would have been nice.  Christopher Nolan has now teamed with artist Sean Gordon Murphy for an Interstellar prequel comic for the latest issue of Wired (which he guest edited), but it goes into another aspect of the plot.  It’s a nice bit of writing that reveals a poetic bit of backstory, but it also doesn’t really illuminate anything about the film beyond commenting on the nature of man.

Click here to read the Interstellar prequel comic [contains spoilers]. And if you still can’t get enough of the movie and don’t mind the sound mix, click here to learn about the “Unlimited Ticket”.

Christopher Nolan Addresses INTERSTELLAR Sound Problems

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Christopher Nolan has a reputation for being incredibly meticulous when it comes to the presentation of his films.  He has lobbied in the past to have film IMAX projectors reinstalled in theaters that have been converted to digital, and he makes a point to visit a number of different theaters to personally test out the visual and audio presentation of his movies.  It’s an admirable attention to detail that shows the filmmaker genuinely cares about how his films are being experienced, and that made it all the more confusing when reports started flooding in about sound problems with his latest release, Interstellar.  Many complained that the sound mix on the film was muddled, making it difficult to hear important pieces of dialogue.  The complaints were quite large in number, but not very consistent (I saw the film in IMAX and had no trouble understanding dialogue while others cited the IMAX presentation as the worst, audio-wise).

Nevertheless, Nolan has broken his silence on the purported Interstellar sound issues, explaining that he chose an “adventurous and creative” sound mix for the self-described experimental film.  Read on after the jump.

THE COLLISION: Episode 111 – The Films of Christopher Nolan and INTERSTELLAR

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This week on The Collision, we look back at the films of Christopher Nolan and his newest movie, Interstellar.  We discuss his themes, style, tropes, excesses, and where his career might be going.  We also look at the strengths and weaknesses of Interstellar, and how it fits into both Nolan’s filmography and the larger blockbuster landscape.  As always, we finish up with our recommendations.

Click here to listen to the new episode of The Collision, click here for the previous episode (“Explaining Oscar Prognostication; Nightcrawler“), click here to add the podcast to your RSS, and click here to find us on iTunes. To keep up to date with The Collision, you can follow us on Twitter at @MattGoldberg and @AdamChitwood.

Christopher Nolan Addresses the Internet’s Determination to Pinpoint Plot Holes in INTERSTELLAR

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Even though Interstellar scored $47.5 million opening weekend and got a largely positive critical reception, there’s a lot of talk about plot holes, namely the useless Morse code message, Matt Damon’s character and the plausibility of the black hole depicted in the film.  It’s definitely not easy to wrap your head around some of the things that go down in Interstellar and there are some “cheats” in the movie as well, but Nolan is well aware of them.

Hit the jump to check out his response to moviegoer’s insistence on applying a “weirdly high standard” for his films.  Interstellar is currently in theaters and stars Matthew McConaughey, Mackenzie Foy, John Lithgow, Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, David Gyasi and Michael Caine.  [Warning: There are plot spoilers in this article.]

Christopher Nolan Discusses Ben Affleck’s Casting in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE

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After directing three Batman films, Christopher Nolan opted to take a step back and serve as executive producer on Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Even though that means Nolan isn’t as deeply involved in the production this time around, he’s still got an opinion on Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman.

Hit the jump to check out Nolan’s first thoughts after finding out Affleck was interested in the role.  Batman v Superman hits theaters on March 25, 2016 and also stars Henry CavillGal GadotJesse EisenbergAmy AdamsLaurence FishburneJason MomoaHolly HunterScoot McNairy and Jeremy Irons.

Weekend Box Office: BIG HERO 6 Knocks INTERSTELLAR into Second

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In this weekend’s box office showdown, Big Hero 6 took the title over Interstellar.  But there were no real losers on the first frame of the 2014 holiday movie season.  It’s been months since the last high-profile animated film was in theatres, so the fact that Big Hero 6 came out on top makes sense.  And while the sky-high expectations for director Christopher Nolan’s latest were not realized, Interstellar did come close to matching the $55.7 million debut of Gravity – without the advantage of 3D pricing.

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Big Hero 6 $56,200,000 $56.2
2.  Interstellar $52,151,000 $52.1
3.  Gone Girl $6,100,000 $145.4
4.  Ouija $6,017,000 $43.4
5.  St. Vincent $5,707,000 $27.3
6.  Nightcrawler $5,512,000 $19.7
7.  Fury $5,500,000 $69.2
8.  John Wick $4,075,000 $34.7
9.  Alexander… $3,495,000 $59.2
10.  The Book of Life $2,800,000 $45.2


Full story after the jump.

Christopher Nolan, Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and More Talk INTERSTELLAR, the Evolution of the Script, and Grounding the Film with Emotion

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Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is finally in theaters.  As most of you know, Nolan wrote the screenplay based on a previous draft by his brother, Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight).  The story finds a crew of astronauts led by Matthew McConaughey setting off into deep space in order to find a new planet that might be inhabitable.  Loaded with a great cast (Anne HathawayJessica ChastainCasey AffleckMichael CaineDavid OyelowoWes BentleyJohn LithgowEllen Burstyn,  Topher GraceDavid GyasiMackenzie FoyBill Irwin, and Timothee Chalamet) and amazing visuals, Interstellar should be seen on the biggest screen possible.  If you have an IMAX theater near you, I strongly suggest seeing it in that format.  For more on the film, watch these featurettesclip, or click here for all our coverage.

At the recent Los Angeles press day I was able to participate in a press conference with Christopher Nolan, Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, co-writer Jonathan Nolan, producer Emma Thomas, and Jessica Chastain.  They talked about the experience of making the film, how the project came together, how much the script change once Nolan replaced Steven Spielberg as director, writing a science fiction movie with so much hope, working in the space suits, space exploration, if there were any deleted scenes, the involvement of NASA, and so much more.  Hit the jump for what they had to say.

Friday Box Office: INTERSTELLAR Leads BIG HERO 6 at Start of Competitive Weekend

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2014’s holiday movie season has officially arrived, and with it two of the year’s most-anticipated titles.  Interstellar, director Christopher Nolan’s first release since The Dark Knight Rises, took first place on Friday with an estimated $17 million from 3,561 locations.  That gives the film, which bowed in 370 IMAX locations and 249 traditional theatres on Wednesday, a domestic total of $19.1 million.  For its first weekend, Interstellar should earn close to $55 million, which is on par with both studio projections and the 2013 debut of Gravity.  But while impressive, it probably won’t be enough to secure Interstellar the weekend win.  That honor will belong to Disney’s Big Hero 6.  Based on the Marvel comic series, the animated feature earned an estimated $15.8 million from 3,561 locations on Friday and should wind up with at least $60 million on its opening weekend.

Friday’s top five after the jump

Hans Zimmer Talks INTERSTELLAR, Breaking Away From the Sound of INCEPTION, Working With Christopher Nolan, and Hypnotizing the Audience

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Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is finally in theaters.  And I loved it.  I can say that and at the same time I acknowledge that it is, in some ways, a flawed film.  But I think I love it even more because of those flaws.  It’s brazenly emotional and goes places I didn’t quite think it would have the balls to go in that regard.  It’s nice to see a director making something so hugely idiosyncratic with such a big canvas and I can’t wait to check it out again.

A big part of the film’s appeal is composer Hans Zimmer‘s score.  Zimmer has been working with Nolan for years, but here they come up with something unlike anything we’ve heard from them before.  It’s ethereal and driving and almost religious, it’s the opposite of Inception.  I recently hopped on the phone with Zimmer to discuss the score and the marked departure it represents in his collaborations with Nolan.  Hit the jump for the interview and be sure to check out Interstellar this weekend, preferably in IMAX or 70MM.     For more on the film, watch these featurettesclip, or click here for all our coverage.

INTERSTELLAR – What Did You Think?

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Alright folks, one of the most anticipated movies of the year is now in theaters.  Given all the secrecy surrounding Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic Interstellar and the fact that it’s a wholly original story set in deep space, expectations were almost impossibly high for this one.  I caught the movie myself last night at a digital IMAX showing, and I’m still mulling it over.  In some ways it was exactly the film I expected, and in other ways it was somewhat surprising.  The visuals and set pieces are spectacular, and I do think that Hans Zimmer composed one of his best scores to date—“majestic” is the word I’d use to describe the sound he found here—but Interstellar is a lot of movie (probably too much), and I think Nolan’s reach exceeds his grasp in terms of trying to constantly surprise the audience.  The performances from Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway are incredibly strong, and Nolan’s attempt to ground the film in emotion is admirable, but I came away from the film somewhat disappointed.

Matt composed his thoughts more eloquently in his review, which you can read right here, but now we’d like to hear from you, readers.  What did you think of Interstellar?  Did it exceed your expectations?  Where does this fall in Nolan’s filmography?  Sound off in the comments after the jump.

Christopher Nolan Vetoed a MAN OF STEEL Post-Credits Scene

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As director Zack Snyder’s superhero pic Man of Steel approached release, there was a high level of both anticipation and curiosity in the air.  The previous year, Marvel Studios had capped off its Phase One of interconnected superhero movies with The Avengers, which enjoyed both critical and commercial success to the tune of $1.5 billion.  Their experiment worked, and they would continue building out their MCU for years to come.  With Warner Bros., though, Man of Steel was seen as possibly the first piece of a larger puzzle that could lead to the studio’s own interconnected universe of DC Comics adaptations.  How would Man of Steel compare to Marvel’s approach?  Would there be many similarities?

The finished film, it turns out, was actually quite different from Marvel’s output.  It maintained the same dramatic tone of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy even though the films weren’t connected, and there weren’t too many nods to other DC characters.  But the film almost had one big similarity to Marvel’s approach: a post-credits stinger. However, when WB brought up the prospect of adding a coda, Nolan (a producer on the film) reportedly nixed the idea quite strongly.  More after the jump.


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“Except Christopher Nolan“.  That’s the cinephile’s refrain for a blockbuster marketplace that won’t accept any bold, original ideas.  No one gets to make a blockbuster film unless it’s based on a pre-existing material…Except Christopher Nolan.  Inception embodied this ideal, and following the conclusion of The Dark Knight Trilogy, Nolan was free to travel to anywhere he wanted to go.

His latest destination is Interstellar, a film that certainly breaks away from the traditional blockbuster in the sense of its visuals and turning scientific concepts like relativity, gravity, and time distortion into understandable dramatic plot points.  Unfortunately, for all of the movie’s grandeur, the voyage is constantly beset with clunky exposition, stilted dialogue, maudlin sentiment, and thinly-drawn characters.  Nolan has the power to go wherever he wants, but he leaves the most valuable parts of his story in the dust.

5 New INTERSTELLAR Featurettes Highlight Christopher Nolan’s Preference for Practical Effects; Plus 2 TV Spots

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It’s almost time.  Interstellar opens on film in 70mm IMAX and 35mm IMAX tomorrow and then everywhere else on November 7th.  There are some questionable story components, but overall, Interstellar is wildly engaging and entertaining, and goes above and beyond in many respects, like with its visuals.  You want to feel like you’re visiting planets in another galaxy?  Interstellar can do that for you and it’s probably because of Christopher Nolan’s dedication to creating authentic atmospheres on set and doing as much in camera as possible.

Five new Interstellar featurettes just surfaced offering up a behind-the-scenes peek at how Nolan made his stars feel like they’re trapped in a dust storm, zipping through space, traversing icy planets and more.  Hit the jump to check those out and two new TV spots as well.  Interstellar stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, Jessica Chastain, Matt Damon, Mackenzie Foy, Michael Caine and John Lithgow.

Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Rule Out Another Superhero Movie; Warner Bros. Pressed Him to Produce JUSTICE LEAGUE and a BATMAN Reboot

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If Marvel Studios and Iron Man is responsible for influencing one half of the current superhero movie climate, then Christopher Nolan and Batman Begins can take credit for the other half.  How many times have you heard “gritty reboot” and Batman Begins name-checked when describing a potential new project or an updated take on an existing property?  Nolan brought a grounded and serious tone to the superhero genre with his Dark Knight trilogy, specifically The Dark Knight, and many imitators have surfaced in his wake.  Nolan closed out his Batman adaptation with The Dark Knight Rises, but many fans of the franchise would no doubt love to see Nolan put his spin on another superhero.

So what does Nolan think about returning to the superhero genre?  Well he’s not particularly crazy about it, but he won’t entirely rule it out either.  Hit the jump for more, including how Nolan figured into Warner Bros.’ delay in getting its DC Movie Universe off the ground.

Early Reviews for Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR: A Winning Epic, But Far From Perfect

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Interstellar’s November 7th release date is fast approaching and the early reviews are pouring in.  The highly anticipated Christopher Nolan film stars Matthew McConaughey as Cooper, a former NASA test pilot who is asked to join the Lazarus mission and leave Earth behind to find a new life-sustaining planet for mankind.

There’s been talk of Interstellar being an Oscar contender and while there is high praise for the film all-around, it also seems as though “hokey contrivances” and “a ruptured script” could keep it from earning Nolan his first Academy Award win, or another nomination for that matter.  Hit the jump for snippets from the early Interstellar reviews in circulation right now.  The film also stars Anne HathawayJessica ChastainCasey AffleckMichael CaineDavid OyelowoWes BentleyJohn LithgowEllen BurstynTopher GraceDavid GyasiMackenzie FoyBill IrwinTimothee Chalamet and Matt Damon.

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