Google Chrome Teams Up with OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL for Interactive “Find Your Way to Oz” Experiment

by     Posted 1 year, 318 days ago


Director Sam Raimi returns to the world of epic, big-budget filmmaking with this March’s Wizard of Oz prequel Oz the Great and Powerful, and Disney is hoping that the same audience that turned out for their 2010 iteration of Alice in Wonderland will be keen to check out Raimi’s VFX-heavy world of Oz.  We’ve seen quite a bit of colorful marketing for the film thus far by way of images, TV spots, trailers, and posters, but Disney is also taking a more interesting approach to advertising the film by teaming up with the folks at Google Chrome.

This new Chrome Experiment is called “Find Your Way to Oz,” and it’s essentially a heavily interactive website that allows fans to explore the world of the film.  Most of the website takes place at a circus, and fans can play games, creative their own music and videos, and even confront a giant tornado before ultimately unlocking some exclusive clips from the film.  Hit the jump to watch a preview video and to discover out how you can find your own way to Oz.  Oz the Great and Powerful opens in 3D on March 8th.

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