Fox Sets Screenwriter Jack Stanley for CHRONICLE 2

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chronicle 2 dane dehaan

It’s been almost a year since screenwriter Max Landis announced that a sequel to his 2012 superhero story Chronicle was moving forward without him.  News on the picture’s front has been quiet of late, but as of today we have word that Fox has tapped screenwriter Jack Stanley to pen Chronicle 2.  We know what Landis had in mind for the story, and we also know that Fox wasn’t too pleased with it, but it remains to be seen how Stanley’s take will differ.

If you don’t recognize the name, you’re not alone.  The 25-year-old screenwriter doesn’t have any produced works to his credit just yet, but he currently has the female assassin/high school graduation script Sweetheart in development, and has the werewolf script Silver making rounds as well.  Now that a writer is attached to the picture, expect to hear more about it in a few months. (Via Deadline)

Max Landis Talks about What He Would Have Done for CHRONICLE 2

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There have been numerous films that have tried to play with the “superpowers in a realistic setting”, and Chronicle did it wonderfully.  A rare instance where the found-footage approach actually works combined with the authentic characters created a well-defined and surprisingly powerful picture.  The movie was a surprise hit, but original screenwriter Max Landis was booted off the sequel.  Landis is a gregarious, opinionated, and vocal fellow, and he recently took to Twitter to describe what he envisioned for Chronicle 2.  Landis’ take “elaborated on the ideas and situations from the first to create a different genre of movie,” in a way similar to Terminator 2, Aliens, or at worst, Grease 2.

Hit the jump for more details on what Landis wanted in his sequel.  The screenwriter is currently at work on his directorial debut, Me Him Her.

CHRONICLE Writer Max Landis Says Sequel Is Moving Forward Without Him

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Chronicle surprised in February 2012, grossing $127 million worldwide on a $12 million budget.  Fox announced a sequel shortly after the release, hiring Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis to script the follow-up.  Development slowed over the last year and a half, though.  A rumor surfaced that Fox was unhappy with Landis’ script for Chronicle 2.  Landis responded to claim that Fox liked the script, but the dark tone raised the question, “How do we all compromise to get something we want?”

Landis and Fox were unable to find that compromise, as Landis revealed on Twitter that while Chronicle 2 is “still probably happening,” Fox hired other writers and will not be moving forward with Landis’ script.  If you are unfamiliar with Landis’ persona, he is refreshingly candid, so his Twitter stream is worth a look after the jump.

Screenwriter Max Landis Gives Status Update on CHRONICLE 2; Says It’s a “Really Dark Script”

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Though the news that 20th Century Fox was moving forward on a sequel to Chronicle came rather quickly after Josh Trank’s film performed very well at the box office, development on the follow-up has been fairly slow.  Screenwriter Max Landis returned to pen the script, but it seemed unlikely that Trank would return to direct given that he’s next helming The Fantastic Four and is also attached to a Venom movie and Shadow of the Colossus.  Last we heard re: Chronicle 2, Landis’ father John Landis claimed that Fox wasn’t happy with Max’s script and wanted “more of the same.”

Now Max Landis himself has spoken up regarding the status of Chronicle 2 and also directly addressing his father’s comments.  Hit the jump to read on.

Weekend Box Office: WARM BODIES Wins Super Bowl Frame with $20 Million

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warm bodies teresa palmer nicholas hoult

It wasn’t even close. Against a handful of holdovers and one weak new release, Summit Entertainment’s Warm Bodies walked off with this year’s Super Bowl box office prize. From 3,009 locations, the zombie comedy earned an estimated $20 million – more than twice the total of the number two title. Bullet to the Head, the frame’s only other wide release, took in just $4.5 million from 2,404 locations for a sixth place finish.

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Warm Bodies $20,025,000 $20
2.  Hansel & Gretel $9,210,000 $34.4
3.  Silver Linings Playbook $8,113,000 $80.3
4.  Mama $6,730,000 $58.2
5.  Zero Dark Thirty $5,300,000 $77.7
6.  Bullet to the Head $4,500,000 $4.5
7.  Parker $3,215,000 $12.4
8.  Django Unchained $3,039,000 $150.9
9.  Lincoln $2,412,000 $170.7
10.  Les Miserables $2,400,000 $141.4

Dave’s Top 10 Films of 2012

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As most of our regular readers may have figured out from our quarterly “Most Anticipated” articles, my movie preferences heavily favor the genre films. I’m a fan of spectacle, big action, larger-than-life characters and borderline-ridiculous premises. I’m always happy to see great performances on screen, but as long as I’m having some sort of visceral response to the film in question, it works for me. I’m not artsy or indie, I don’t have access to festivals and screeners; I’m out there in the ticket lines and sub-par theaters like the majority of the blue-collars out there. It’s a foregone conclusion that you will disagree with me, so be sure to vote for your own top ten here. You’ll find my ten favorite movies from 2012 after the jump.

Best Performances, Directing, and Other Miscellany of 2012

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In past years for my “Best of” list, I’ve been able to provide fun categories like “Best Kill” and “Best Quotes”, but sadly, that won’t be happening this year.  I keep notes throughout the year, but in July, my hard drive crashed, and because I am a foolish person, I didn’t back up the notes to a separate drive.  However, I do have enough information to do the traditional categories as well as Breakthrough Performance, “A Very Good Year”, Best Villain, Best Surprises, Biggest Disappointments, and a new category, “Best Movie You Probably Missed This Year.”  One final note: unlike previous years, the film had to come out in 2012; festival-only flicks don’t count, so that’s why there’s no love for The Place Beyond the Pines on this year’s list.

Hit the jump to check out my miscellaneous “Best of 2012″ picks.  Be sure to keep checking back this week as we’ll be running Top 10 lists from Adam, Dave, and me.

John Landis Says Fox Isn’t Thrilled with Max Landis’ Script for CHRONICLE 2, Wants More of the Same

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One of the more pleasant surprises of 2012 was director Josh Trank’s low-budget “superhero” film Chronicle.  The pic was a hit with audiences and critics alike, and Fox naturally tapped the first film’s scribe Max Landis to start work on a sequel earlier this year.  Shortly thereafter Landis teased the return of star Alex Russell in the follow-up, but since then word on Chronicle 2 has been quiet.  Now we may have an idea of why, as Landis’ father, filmmaker John Landis, recently revealed that Fox isn’t too keen on what Max Landis has cooked up for the sequel.  Hit the jump for more. 

Dane DeHaan Talks THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES, Working for Derek Cianfrance, KILL YOUR DARLINGS and More at TIFF

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Dane DeHaan is having a great year.  After appearing on TV series like In Treatment and True Blood, DeHaan starred this year in Josh Trank‘s Chronicle, then acted alongside Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy in Lawless, and now he’s one of the leads in director Derek Cianfrance‘s much buzzed about new film, The Place Beyond the Pines, which premiered to glowing reviews at this week’s Toronto International Film Festival (watch two clips here).  In addition, he recently wrapped on director John KrokidasKill Your Darlings, where he starred alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Elizabeth Olsen.

Shortly before the premiere of the film at TIFF, I sat down with DeHaan for an extended interview.  We talked about the past year, how he prepares for his roles, what it was like to work for Cianfrance and make The Place Beyond the Pines, who he plays in Kill Your Darlings and what its about, and what he might have coming up.  Hit the jump to watch.

CHRONICLE Blu-ray Review

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The found footage film and the superhero movie are both formulaic to a fault, so it’s odd that the combination of the two bring new life to both.  Josh Trank’s Chronicle tells the story of three kids who gain powers, but does so in a way that’s refreshing and engaging.  The movie was a surprise hit, and we can’t wait to see what Trank does next.  Our review of the Blu-ray of Chronicle follows after the jump.

Fox CEO Tom Rothman Talks 48fps, THE WOLVERINE, PROMETHEUS, CHRONICLE 2, DIE HARD 5, Comic Book Movies, and a Lot More

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At this year’s CinemaCon, I was able to land an exclusive interview with Tom Rothman (Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fox Filmed Entertainment).  While we posted selected portions of the interview last week, after the jump you can read the entire conversation which covers a lot more than comic book movies.  I love getting to speak with actors and directors, but if you really want to find out which projects are moving forward and why certain decisions were made, a studio head has all the answers.

During the wide-ranging conversation we talked about 48 frames per second, the shift towards higher quality films on Fox’s slate, Prometheus (and it’s rating), Daredevil, Fantastic Four, the Chronicle sequel, The Wolverine, the Rise of the Planet of the Apes sequel, a New Mutants movie, A Good Day to Die Hard (Die Hard 5), and more.  Hit the jump to read what he had to say.

Writer Max Landis Talks CHRONICLE 2 Featuring the World’s First Super-Villain; Comments on Possibility of Josh Trank Directing the Sequel

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With the guaranteed blockbuster superhero movie The Avengers opening in less than a week, let’s turn our attention briefly to an unexpected heroic hit: Chronicle.  Screenwriter Max Landis gave an extensive interview recently at the Middle East Film and Comic Con 2012 in Dubais in which he discussed the sequel to his found-footage superhero film, Chronicle 2.  Whereas the first film gave us the origin story of the world’s first super-heroes, the follow up will apparently focus on the world’s first super-villain.  Landis had a lot to say on the script, which he is currently writing and also commented on the possibility of director Josh Trank returning for the sequel.  Hit the jump to see some of Landis’ choice quotes as well as the full video interview.

Max Landis to Write CHRONICLE 2

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Max Landis’ Chronicle was one of Collider’s Most Anticipated Films for the first quarter of 2012 and was a nice little box office surprise for Fox. The studio is hoping that lightning strikes twice as Landis has been tapped to write the sequel to the found-footage superhero film. Chronicle’s plot line followed three teenagers (Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan) as they acquired superhuman powers and attempted to gain control over them. Without giving too much of the plot away, let’s just say that not all of them were able to walk the straight and narrow path. Chronicle played out in such a way that a direct sequel involving all of the principal characters would be difficult, but fans of comics know that, in the world of superhuman powers, quite literally anything is possible. Hit the jump for more on Chronicle.

Weekend Box Office – CHRONICLE and THE WOMAN IN BLACK Both Break $20 Million on Super Bowl Weekend

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It didn’t claim the record for highest debut or the greatest attendance, but this year’s Super Bowl weekend still caught most box office watchers by surprise with two bigger-than-expected openings. Fox’s Chronicle was first with $22 million from 2,907 locations, but CBS Films’ The Woman in Black was right on its heels with $21 million from 2,855. That’s the first time that two titles have opened to over $20 million on a Super Bowl frame since… ever.

Title Weekend Total
1 Chronicle $22,000,000 $22
2 The Woman in Black $21,000,000 $21
3 The Grey $9,500,000 $34.7
4 Big Miracle $8,480,000 $8.5
5 Underworld Awakening $5,600,000 $54.3
6 One For The Money $5,250,000 $19.6
7 Red Tails $5,000,000 $41.3
8 The Descendants $4,600,000 $65.5
9 Man on a Ledge $4,460,000 $14.7
10 Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close $3,925,000 $26.7

TOP 5: WATCHMEN Prequel Comics, CHRONICLE Interviews, 16-Bit BREAKING BAD, DR. SEUSS’ THE LORAX, Sundance 2012 Interviews

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This past week brought us a story that is near and dear to me. While I briefly give my own thoughts regarding DC Comics’ Watchmen prequel comic series after the jump, I want to use the “Top 5′s” opening paragraph space to invite readers to voice/type their own opinions on the announcement in the comments section. As a fervent fan of the series, I’m always interested to hear fellow fans’ take on Watchmen adaptations, prequels, and the like. So, with that said, what do you think? Does the creative talent involved interest you? Is it the best idea ever? The worst? Somewhere in between? Sound off in the comments.

In addition to DC’s Before Watchmen announcement, this installment of the “Top 5″ includes interviews with the cast and director of superhero/found-footage pic Chronicle, a “What If?” look at a 16-Bit Breaking Bad RPG, ten things to know about Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, and Sundance 2012 video interviews with Bradley Cooper, Paul Dano and more. A brief recap and link to each follows after the jump.

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