New to Blu-ray/DVD: THE HOBBIT Extended Edition, TWILIGHT FOREVER, BOY MEETS WORLD: The Complete Collection, and More

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This week’s new home video releases include a couple of long-awaited box sets, an even longer cut of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (read our review here), and a classic from filmmaker D.W. Griffith.  Briefly:


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Clear History danny mcbride bill hader michael keaton larry david slice

HBO has released new images for several upcoming projects:

  • Clear History Larry David stars as a marketing executive who sold his shares in an electric car startup and missed out on billions of dollars.  Jon Hamm, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, Michael Keaton, and Kate Hudson also star.  Greg Mottola (Superbad) directs.
  • Hello Ladies Stephen Merchant (Extras) stars as an Englishman looking for love in Los Angeles in the comedy series he co-writes with Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (The Office).
  • Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight Christopher Plummer, Frank Langella, Benjamin Walker, and Danny Glover star in the Stephen Frears-directed political drama centered around Ali’s refusal to fight in the Vietnam War.
  • Seduced and Abandoned Director James Toback and Alec Baldwin comment on the absurdity of Hollywood with this documentary about their failed efforts to secure financing for an Iraq-set love story.

See the images after the jump.

New Full Trailer for Larry David’s CLEAR HISTORY Starring Jon Hamm, Danny McBride, and Bill Hader

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The first full trailer for writer/star Larry David’s new HBO film Clear History has made its way online.  David plays a hipster marketing exec named Nathan who sells his shares to a start-up over a fight with his boss (Jon Hamm), only to miss out on billions when the company’s new product becomes a smashing success.  We’ve see the footage of David in his long beard previously, but this new trailer reveals that the majority of Clear History takes place 10 years after David’s character sells his shares.  Nathan, now clean-shaven and very different in appearance, runs into his old boss at his island off the coast of Massachusetts, and proceeds to plot his revenge.

The trailer makes the film look like a feature-length episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is in no way a bad thing, and its prospects are buoyed by promising appearances from the likes of Danny McBride, Bill Hader, and Michael Keaton.  Hit the jump to watch the full trailer.  Directed by Greg MottolaClear History premieres on HBO August 10th.


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Tonight’s season finale of Game of Thrones will be one of HBO’s most watched episodes of their year, so it was the perfect time to promote their upcoming slate of programming.  Shortly before the season finale, HBO aired promos for the new seasons of Eastbound & Down, The Newsroom, and Boardwalk Empire; the new series True Detective and Hello Ladies; and Greg Mottola‘s upcoming comedy, Clear History.  Most of these functioned as announcement trailers.  We’re still fairly early in the summer, and most of these programs won’t arrive until we’re firmly in the fall; True Detective won’t even show up until 2014.  But if you’re eager for The Newsroom, it’s a substantial new trailer.

Hit the jump to check out the promos, and come back later tonight when Allison posts her recap of the season finale of Game of Thrones.  As a side note to GoT fans, we’ll be talking about the series on this week’s Collision when we record on Tuesday.

HBO Announces Fall Premiere Dates, Including “Final” Season of EASTBOUND & DOWN

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There’s not much of a shake-up with HBO’s fall drama schedule, which keeps Boardwalk Empire‘s fourth season premiere (see the teaser trailer here) in its usual September spot.  With The Newsroom airing earlier this summer than last year, a comedy slot has opened up at the end of September that will pair the return of Eastbound & Down (for a “final” season, though we’ve heard that before) along with the new Stephen Merchant comedy Hello Ladies, which will serve as the lead-in.  No news yet regarding Treme, whose shortened fourth season should return some time in the fall to conclude the series.  Hit the jump for more spoiler-free specifics about the fall schedule, including the new Larry David movie. 

Teaser Trailer for Greg Mottola’s CLEAR HISTORY Starring Larry David, Jon Hamm, Bill Hader, and Michael Keaton

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The first teaser trailer has been released for Greg Mottola‘s HBO film, Clear History, which stars an unrecognizable Larry David as “Nathan, a hipster marketing exec who sells all his shares at a start-up over a fight with his boss (Jon Hamm), only to miss out on billions when the company’s new product—an electric car—becomes a smashing success.”  The movie was largely improvised, and also stars Bill Hader, Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes, Danny McBride, Michael Keaton, Phillip Michael Hall, JB Smoove, and Amy Ryan.  Mottola tells EW the movie picks up ten years after Nathan’s disastrous mistake, and he has changed his name and gone incognito.  The Superbad director adds that the character is loosely based off an employee mentioned in Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer and first image.  Clear History premieres on HBO in August.

Eva Mendes Talks THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES, How She Landed the Role, Larry David’s CLEAR HISTORY, and More

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Now playing in limited release and expanding nationwide this weekend is one of the best films you’re going to see this year: director Derek Cianfrance’s The Place Beyond the Pines.  The pic centers on a professional motorcycle rider turned bank robber (Ryan Gosling) and a rookie police officer (Bradley Cooper).  Saying more would be detrimental to your enjoyment of the film, and I would encourage you to be very careful when reading about it.  Pines also stars Eva Mendes, Bruce Greenwood, Dane DeHaan, Ray Liotta, Ben Mendelsohn, and Rose Byrne.   For more on the film, here are images, clips, and everything we’ve previously posted on the film.

At the New York City press day, I got to speak with Mendes.  We talked about how she landed her role, the way she prepared to make sure her character looked real and authentic on screen, how Cianfrance asked her to make the decision of who to cast as her on-screen mother, what’s it been like waiting for the film to come out after premiering at TIFF, and more.  In addition, she also talked about who she plays in Larry David‘s Clear History.  Hit the jump to watch.

Danny McBride Talks THIS IS THE END, EASTBOUND & DOWN Season 4, Larry David’s CLEAR HISTORY, and More

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At WonderCon a few days ago, I landed an extended video interview with Danny McBride.  While he was in attendance to help promote Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s awesome-looking end of the world comedy, This Is the End (click here for the red band trailer and our panel recap), we also talked about Eastbound & Down season 4 (which starts filming next month!), Larry David‘s Clear History, and a lot more.

For those not familiar with This is the End, the R rated comedy stars everyone in Hollywood (Rogen, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Jason Segel, Danny McBrideCraig RobinsonMichael Cera, Emma Watson, Paul Rudd, Jay Baruchel, Mindy Kaling, Kevin Hart, Martin Starr and more) and it looks to be one of the better films this summer.  Hit the jump for what McBride had to say about all of his projects and circle June 14, 2013 on your calendar (the release date of This is the End).

Larry David’s HBO Comedy Feature Now Titled CLEAR HISTORY; All-Star Cast to Include Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Kate Hudson, Bill Hader and More

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It looks like Larry David’s comedy feature set up to debut on HBO finally has a name: Clear History.  More important than that oddly ambiguous title is the all-star cast that David and director Greg Mottola (Superbad) have lined up.  We previously reported that Jon Hamm (Mad Men) and Michael Keaton (Batman) were attached to star, but a slew of others have joined the production.  Clear History will also feature Kate Hudson, Bill Hader, Amy Ryan, Eva Mendes, JB Smoove, Danny McBride and Phillip Michael Hall.  Hit the jump for more on Clear History.

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