New Trailer for VIOLET & DAISY Starring Saiorse Ronan and Alexis Bledel

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A new trailer for Academy Award-winning writer Geoffrey Fletcher’s (Precious) first directing venture Violet & Daisy has been released.  The film centers on two young female assassins, played by Saiorse Ronan (Atonement) and Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls), who set out for what they think will be a quick and easy hit, but turns into something much more complicated when their target throws a wrench in the works.  The marketing and posters for the film thus far have seemed to be going for that pulpy and modern pop take on young women in today’s society, like Spring Breakers, but the trailer gives off a tone that seems a bit muddled.  It has elements of quirky comedy and a more serious and dire consequences drama, but not a clear vision that can be derived just from the trailer.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer, and click here to read Matt’s review from TIFF 2011.  The film also stars James Gandolfini, Danny Trejo, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, and Cody HornViolet & Daisy will be released on June 7th.

Frank Langella Signs on for REYKJAVIK, Kevin Durand Joins QUEEN OF THE NIGHT, Cody Horn Boards James Wan’s Untitled Paranormal Thriller

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Check out the latest casting news below:

  • Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon) has signed on for director Mike Newell’s political drama Reykjavik as Paul Nitze, the U.S. Secretary of the Navy and Ronald Reagan’s senior adviser.
  • Kevin Durand (Real Steel) reunites with Devil’s Knot director Atom Egoyan for Queen of the Night, starring Ryan Reynolds, Mireille Enos, Scott Speedman, Rosario Dawson and Alexia Fast.
  • Cody Horn (End of Watch) joins the untitled thriller written by James Wan (Insidious) and directed by Will Cannon (Brotherhood).  The paranormal pic already stars Frank Grillo (The Grey) and Maria Bello (A History of Violence).

Hit the jump for more on each picture.

MAGIC MIKE Blu-ray Review

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Channing Tatum came close to being an also-ran, but this year turned him into a star. Between The Vow, 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike, he went from being a lunkhead into a likeable lunkhead. He got the joke. Magic Mike was directed by Steven Soderbergh, and the story was that Soderbergh was so intrigued by Tatum’s life as a male stripper, he saw potential for a movie there. He was right, there is a good movie in his story, and Magic Mike was one of the best mainstream films of the summer. Our review of the Blu-ray follows after the jump.

New Trailer for END OF WATCH Focuses on the Partnership Between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña

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Writer/director David Ayer (Street Kings) is bringing his crime drama End of Watch into theaters on September 21st.  While we saw the violent side of Los Angeles law enforcement in the red-band trailer, this second trailer focuses on the partnership and importance of family for Officer Taylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Officer Zavala (Michael Peña). The duo finds themselves marked for death after a routine traffic stop turns into an epic drug bust that interferes with a notorious cartel.  End of Watch also stars Anna Kendrick, America Ferrera, Cody Horn and Frank Grillo.  Hit the jump to watch the new trailer.


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Magic Mike is the best male-stripper comedy-drama I’ve ever seen.  Granted, it’s the only male-stripper comedy-drama I’ve ever seen, but it’s still an enjoyable and thoughtful movie that explores issues of sexual objectification, artistic integrity, and gender roles.  These weighty topics come about organically through the majesty of well-choreographed and imaginatievely-designed stripping performances.  The film also features surprisingly effective performances from Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer along with one of the best roles in Matthew McConaughey‘s career.  Director Steven Soderbergh‘s film mostly keeps to fresh territory, and it only goes astray when it has to move through stale, undeveloped conflicts.  But until it reaches those points, you’ll want to throw dollar bills at the screen.

12 Clips from MAGIC MIKE Starring Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Olivia Munn and Kevin Nash

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12 clips from director Steven Soderbergh’s male stripper pic Magic Mike have been released.  The film is loosely based on Channing Tatum’s early days as a male stripper, and the actor stars as a stripping mentor to a young up-and-comer played by Alex Pettyfer.  With Soderbergh onboard, we can reasonably assume that this won’t simply be a straightforward, flashy stripper movie.  Early word has been strongly positive, and I’m eager to see what kind of story Soderbergh intends to tell against the backdrop of this kind of world.

Hit the jump to watch the clips.  The film also stars Matthew McConaughey, Matt BomerJoe Manganiello, Olivia Munn, Kevin Nash, Riley KeoughCody Horn and Adam RodriguezMagic Mike opens on June 29th.

Clothing Is Scarce in New Red-Band Trailer and TV Spot for MAGIC MIKE

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A couple of new red-band clips for director Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike have gone online.  Though there aren’t any gratuitous full-frontal shots, there’s plenty of shirtlessness, pantslessness and ass-shots to put the rest of us members of the male species to shame.  I’m beyond eager to see what Soderbergh has put together with this “stripper movie” and based on general buzz, the unofficial Year of Channing Tatum should continue full speed ahead on the heels of Magic Mike.

Hit the jump to watch the NSFW trailer and TV spot, and if you missed 53 high-resolution images from the film click here.  The film also stars Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, Matt BomerJoe Manganiello, Olivia Munn, Kevin Nash, Riley KeoughCody Horn and Adam Rodriguez.  The film opens on June 29th.

First Trailer and Poster for MAGIC MIKE Starring Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey as Male Strippers

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The first trailer and poster for director Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike have gone online.  The film is loosely based on Channing Tatum‘s days as a male stripper, and the actor stars as a mentor to a young “exotic dancer” played by Alex Pettyfer.   Though some may balk at the “Channing Tatum stripper movie”, this world actually looks like it could be a lot of fun through Soderbergh’s eyes.  The trailer opens with the easy sell, but once we get into the plot it’s obvious that there’s a bit more to Magic Mike than professional undressing.  Soderbergh isn’t one to do Step Up-type movie where every single plot beat is predictable and groan-worthy (which this movie could easily have been), so I’m interested to see what drew him to this story.  Moreover, Matthew McConaughey appears to be having a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to watching him steal every scene he’s in.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Olivia Munn, Riley Keough, Cody Horn and Adam RodriguezMagic Mike opens on June 29th.

New MAGIC MIKE Teaser Features Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer Stripping

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Ladies, you’ve been patient with our non-stop nerd postings related to all-things-superheroic (which I’m sure you enjoy, too), but we have a little treat for you.  We recently posted images of stars Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer in the stripper story, Magic Mike, but now we’ve got them in motion.  Two new teasers have hit the web and they both feature the aforementioned actors in various states of undress.  You can also listen to what Tatum had to say about the project in this recent interview with Steve.  Directed by Steven Soderbergh and also starring Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Olivia Munn, Kevin Nash, Riley Keough, Cody Horn and Adam Rodriguez, Magic Mike opens on June 29th.  Hit the jump to check out the videos.

First Image and Official Synopsis for Steven Soderbergh’s MAGIC MIKE Starring Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum and Joe Mangianello

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Magic-Mike-image-Matthew-McConaughey-Channing-Tatum-Joe-Mangianello slice

Warner Bros. has released the first official image and synopsis for director Steven Soderbergh‘s male stripper movie, Magic Mike.  The film stars the perpetually shirtless Matthew McConaughey along with Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Mangianello, Olivia Munn, Riley Keough, Cody Horn, and Adam Rodriguez.  For those unaware, Magic Mike is based on Tatum’s real life experiences as a 19-year-old stripper, and tells “a story of friendship set in the world of male strippers.” Here’s what Soderbergh had to say about the project:

“When Channing talked to me about this, I thought it was one of the best ideas I’d ever heard for a movie. I said I wanted in immediately. It’s sexy, funny and shocking. We’re using Saturday Night Fever as our model, so hopefully we’re on the right track.”

Hit the jump for more.

Casting Call: Lara to Star in Ron Howard’s RUSH; Horn to Play Female Lead in MAGIC MIKE; Thompson Joins THE GREAT GATSBY

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We have a few quick casting stories for you this fine morning (or early afternoon for those on the east coast).  First up, Alexandra Maria Lara (Downfall) will star opposite Chris Hemsworth in Ron Howard’s Formula One racing drama Rush.  Working from a script by Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon), the story focuses on the real-life rivalry between British driver James Hunt and Austrian F1 champion Niki Lauda.  Lauda will be played by Inglourious Basterds‘ Daniel Brühl.  It’s interesting that the lead role seems to be Hunt even though Lauda nearly died in a fiery crash in 1976 but returned to the track just six weeks later to race Hunt.  Variety has no details on Lara’s character other than to say that she’s the female lead.

Hit the jump for casting news on Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike and Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby.

Casting Call: David Oyelowo Joins PAPER BOY, Lee Pace Cast in LINCOLN, Cody Horn Added to END OF WATCH

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Casting is a year round event, and today we have three new casting details to provide. Director Lee Daniels (Precious) has picked up David Oyelowo (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) for his film The Paperboy, while Lee Pace will join Steven Spielberg’s period drama Lincoln. Not to be outdone is Cody Horn, who will join End of Watch with the writer of Training Day, David Ayer, at the helm. Daniels has made quite a few casting changes, with actors dropping in and out. However, it seems this may be the final trio of male actors for the film before production begins. As for Lincoln, everything is fitting in place for a nice film, with Daniel-Day Lewis in the role of Lincoln. For more on each of these films and the actors just cast, hit the jump.

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