Justin Bartha Heads to CBGB; Shannon Woodward Is Claire In CLAIRE’S CAMBODIA; Kris Polaha, Collette Wolfe, and Justin Castor Join DEVIL’S KNOT

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cbgb justin bartha shannon woodward collette wolfe

We have a few casting notices for you tonight:

  • Justin Bartha will play Stiv Batros, lead singer of the Dead Boys, in CBGB
  • Shannon Woodward is the title character in Claire’s Cambodia
  • Kris Polaha, Collette Wolfe, and Justin Castor joined the cast of Atom Egoyan‘s Devil’s Knot

Hit the jump for details on each project.

Matt Jumps into the HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 80s Party

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Last weekend, I headed to Lake Tahoe to do the press junket for Hot Tub Time Machine.  Before I continue, let me say that film is damn funny and that’s good because I would have felt conflicted about having an awesome time at the 80s party MGM threw the following night if I hadn’t enjoyed the film.  The reason it was an 80s party is that the film centers on four guys (played by Rob Corddry, John Cusack, Clark Duke, and Craig Robinson) who travel back to 1986 and Corddry, Cusack, and Robinson’s characters get a redo when they discover that their rose-colored nostalgia glasses aren’t worth shit.

After the jump, you’ll find all the photos I took at the party as well as some of the beautiful scenery and the casino in the hotel where money goes away.  I’ve only noted myself and the stars in the photos, but if you attended the party and want to be credited (or if you want your photo taken down), let me know and I’ll update the caption (or take down the photo).

Hot Tub Time Machine hits theaters on March 26th.

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