Limited Paper: Mondo Releases the Next Wave of UNIVERSAL MONSTER Posters from Their Gallery Show, MASS EFFECT 2 Gets a Sweet Poster and More!

by     Posted 2 years, 45 days ago


Although things were quiet on the Limited Paper front this week, one shouldn’t assume that it’s been quiet all over in Poster World:  in truth, things are just as busy as they were throughout October…it’s just that many things have been going down behind the scenes.  Indeed, there’s reason to believe—whether you’re a casual collector, a frothing-at-the-mouth true believer who feel s compelled  to buy everything, or if you’re just now making the decision to get into the absurdly entertaining hobby of print-collecting—that the rest of 2012 is gonna be (to quote former first lady Nancy Reagan) “absotively redonkulous up in hurr, bitches”.

But let’s not dwell on what may or may not be happening in the weeks ahead:  instead, let’s focus on what’s happening in the immediate future.   Wanna know when you can get a crack at the remaining prints that didn’t sell out at Mondo’s Universal Monsters Gallery show?  Are you a Mass Effect fan looking to prove your love for that franchise via the purchase and display of fancy-colored paper?  Wanna another head’s up regarding Limited Paper’s next giveaway?  It’s all after the jump, folks.

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