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This week on The Collision, we are joined by our TV Editor, Allison Keene, to talk about Breaking Bad.  In our spoiler-filled discussion, we dissect the series finale “Felina”, address criticisms of the finale, what we got out of it, why the show as a whole connected with audiences, the show’s greatest strengths and weaknesses, the series’ lasting impact, and much more.  As always, we finish up with our recommendations.

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ruby sparks chris messina

Chris Messina is ‘the jet fuel that makes Ruby Sparks work,’ according to directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris whose new movie opens in theaters on July 25th. When Calvin (Paul Dano), a struggling writer, discovers his powerful imagination has conjured up a real life character named Ruby (Zoe Kazan), the only person he can really trust with the implausible truth is his brother, Harry (Messina), who at first is convinced Calvin is having some kind of spectacular breakdown and then begins to relish the sublime possibilities. Messina brings an ineffable Everyman quality to the role that gives the story’s fantastical elements a foundation in ordinary reality and grounds the film for audiences.

Messina, who is perhaps best known for his role in another distinctive twist on the romantic comedy, Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona, sat down with me for an exclusive interview to talk Ruby Sparks. He told me how the unusual script and the opportunity to work with Kazan and Dano drew him to the project, how his two sons and his older brother helped inspire his character, how he had fun bonding with Dano over golf, and what it was like working with two directors. Messina, who is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood and can currently be seen on Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom, also discussed his upcoming films Celeste and Jesse Forever and Argo directed by Ben Affleck, his new Fox comedy The Mindy Project, and what fans can expect on Season 5 of Damages.

New Teaser Trailer for the Final Season of DAMAGES

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Damages remains one of the most underrated, intensely twisted and addicting shows on TV. And for its final season, the series (which changed its home from FX to DirecTV last year) appears to be returning to its roots.

One of the most haunting and compelling images from the show’s first season was that of Ellen (Rose Byrne) covered in blood and running from her apartment (away from the bludgeoned corpse of her ill-fated fiancé). As is often the case with the show, intense imagery propels a season-long mystery, and in the new teaser trailer we see Ellen again bloody in the street, – this time not running, but seemingly lifeless. Hit the jump for the video and more about Damages‘ final season.

Two Trailers for the Fourth Season of DAMAGES

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Last July we learned that the drama series Damages was saved form cancellation by DirecTV and now the premiere of the fourth season (airing exclusively on the satellite service) is nearly upon us with July 13th getting closer everyday. So with the premiere looming, we have two new trailers for the forthcoming season starring Glenn Close and Rose Byrne who will also be joined by John Goodman as a shadowy CEO of a Blackwater-like military contractor and the defendant in a wrongful death suit, Judd Hirsch as a former mentor of Patty’s who has hit bottom and more. Check out both of the new trailers after the jump.

Judd Hirsch Joins the Fourth Season of DAMAGES

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You may remember last summer we heard that Damages, a show that was on the verge of death was saved by the great folks at DirecTV. Now that fourth season is almost ready to be underway and today we have word on a new cast member. EW reports veteran actor Judd Hirsch (from the classic Taxi series and films like Independence Day) has landed a key role as a former mentor of Glenn Close’s character. He’s a man took her under his wing during her first job out of law school, but his situation has changed greatly over time and he now spends his time “at the bottom of a bottle.”

The fourth season begins this summer on DirecTV with the story revolving around a wrongful death lawsuit filed against a military contractor over an incident that happened in a war zone. With less censor restrictions and no commercials, expect the envelope to be pushed.

DAMAGES Saved By DirecTV, Funny or Die Short Spawns Reality Series, RED FACTION TV-Movie Headed to SyFy

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Yet another TV show has found itself saved from cancellation thanks to DirecTV. After facing the executioner, EW reports the FX legal drama Damages has been picked up by the same satellite provider that so graciously saved Friday Night Lights after NBC canceled it awhile back. However, unlike the deal with NBC which allowed new episodes of Friday Night Lights to be aired on NBC after their premiere on DirectTV, this deal for Damages will have the episodes air exclusively on DirectTV. The satellite provider has picked up two more seasons of the series consisting of 10 episodes each which will start airing in 2011. I haven’t watched Damages yet but I’ve heard nothing but good things about the series and performances from Glenn Close, Ted Danson and Timothy Olyphant.

Hit the jump for a new SyFy TV movie based on the Red Faction video game series and a brand new reality show inspired by a Funny or Die video.

MAD MEN and 30 ROCK Win Emmys Again for Best Drama and Best Comedy So No One Will Be Upset

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Imagine if the same six or seven movies and their actors, writers, directors, etc. kept getting nominated for Oscars every year.  There would be slight deviations but for the most part, Academy members would just take their ballot from last year, peruse a couple of For Your Consideration ads, maybe read a critic’s list or two as a second source to make sure they weren’t making any selection deemed interesting, and you’d wonder if they just showed a repeat except they somehow replaced Jon Stewart with Hugh Jackman.

“TV’s Finest Night” is always a repeat and you cherish just about anyone who hasn’t won an Emmy in the past no matter the quality of the show.  Yes, “Mad Men” and “30 Rock” are excellent shows but barring a steep decline in quality, I already know who’s going to win next year because the Emmys are a bunch of lazy wimps who don’t watch anything outside the ten shows they already love.  Hit the jump for a list of tonight’s winners and only grumbling since this farce isn’t worth the energy of a blinding rage.

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