MICMACS Blu-ray Review

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French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s (A Very Long Engagement, Amélie) latest, Micmacs-a revenge tale laden with arms trade satire and a light dash of romance-has finally hit store shelves in the “U.S. of A.” For those film lovers unfamiliar with Jeunet’s style, he’s like the Michael Bay of whimsy-bombarding his audience with blasts of vivid colors, absurdly cartoonish characters and classical depictions of love in place of explosions, cleavage and helicopters.

Although Micmacs’ world is our mundane own, through Jeunet’s lens it is unrecognizably alive. With his knack for fantastical world-building and painterly eye, Jeunet’s visual palate is as surreal and unique as Tim Burton’s…if Burton traded his black nail polish for glitter. His films are the definition of style over substance, and while Micmacs leans too heavily on that notion-more so than its predecessors in the Jeunet filmography-there are few directors whose art stands to gain more from a proper high-definition treatment. My full review of the Blu-ray after the jump.

Writer-Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet Interview MICMACS

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Writer-Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet Interview MICMACS slice

With Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s new film Micmacs getting released this Friday, we got to participate in a roundtable interview with the gifted filmmaker.  Micmacs is a poignant and whimsical tale starring French comedian Dany Boon and featuring Jeunet cast favorites Andre Dussolliers, Dominique Pinon and Yolande Moreau. Set in modern day Paris, Jeunet’s satire on the world’s arm trade takes its inspiration from some of the great silent comedies of another era and reflects his extraordinary eye for colorful characters and rich visual detail. Micmacs also reveals once again Jeunet’s unique sensibility for addressing matters of life and death in a distinctly original way with poetry, imagination and emotion.

During the interview, Jeunet talked to us about what drew him to the project, how he infused the film’s political undercurrent with magical realism to make his point, and why ingenuity and imagination can be a powerful defense against violence in today’s world. He also discussed the challenges he faced while making Alien: Resurrection.  More after the jump:

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