DC Comics Announces WATCHMEN Prequel Comics

     February 3, 2012

In situations likes these it’s best to sigh and then shrug.  DC Comics has officially announced that they’ll be launching Before Watchmen, prequel comics based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen.  While there have been murmurings of Watchmen prequel …

Could DC Comics Be Developing a WATCHMEN Sequel/Prequel?

     February 4, 2010

Bleeding Cool is reporting that DC has some pretty definite plans to move forward with several sequels or even prequels to the Watchmen comics.  Why now, after over 20 years after the original graphic novel was published?  The popularity of …

WATCHMEN 2 Disc Director’s Cut DVD Review

     February 10, 2015

After over two decades of controversy, fan anticipation, lawsuits, and thousands of naysayers claiming that it could never actually happen, Alan Moore’s groundbreaking graphic novel Watchmen finally got its silver-screen translation.  Although Moore’s name is conspicuously absent from the film’s …