Over 40 Pictures from Mondo’s Disney Gallery Show “Nothing’s Impossible” Featuring Work by Martin Ansin, Tom Whalen, and Aaron Horkey

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Mondo’s Disney gallery show Nothing’s Impossible was another hit.  People camped out for days in the freezing weather, and the line reached over 300 people by the time the gallery opened.  Artists such as Martin Ansin, Tom Whalen, Aaron Horkey, and Jason Edmiston had killer pieces for this show which tackled hit Disney properties such as The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.  Check out over 40 photos after the jump.

Over 30 Pictures from Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo’s MODERN VINTAGE Gallery1988 Show in Los Angeles

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Last night in Hollywood, artists Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo returned to Gallery 1988 for their new tandem show, Modern Vintage.  Tackling an assortment of films, tv shows, and videogames, they put a spin on each that fans are sure to appreciate.  With over 20 prints available, in a variety of sizes and price points, there was something for everyone.  Check out images of everything on the walls after the jump.

Limited Paper: Spoke Art Gallery Travels to New York For SCORSESE: AN ART SHOW TRIBUTE

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A few weeks back, we alerted you to an upcoming show being assembled by our friends at the Spoke Art Gallery.  The Spoke Art guys generally operate out of San Francisco, but this Friday they’re taking a field trip to New York’s Bold Hype Gallery to unleash a Martin Scorsese-themed gallery show that looks to be quite the homerun.  Wanna see some preview images from the show and find out what you’ll get if you’re one of the first 100 people in line?  Meet me after the jump, folks!

Limited Paper: A Preview of Bottleneck Gallery’s GIZMOS AND GADGETS Show Featuring New Artwork from Godmachine, Cuyler Smith, and Dave Perillo

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Yes, gallery shows are still coming fast and furious in 2013, and this week brings us another new one:  Bottleneck Gallery’s Gizmos and Gadgets opens this Friday, and—from the looks of the preview images sent over by our buddy Joe at the Gallery’s NYC location—it looks to be just as impressive as the work we saw from that Gallery throughout 2012.  Wanna see some amazing new artwork from Godmachine, Cuyler Smith, and Dave Perillo?  Find out when you can plan on getting a crack at purchasing some of this stuff online?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Over 80 Pictures from GALLERY 1988′s Tribute to Judd Apatow Art Show Inspired by a Comedic Producer

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Last night, Gallery 1988 opened a cool new art show that focused on the many Judd Apatow movies and TV shows.   If you’re in the L.A. area and want to see artwork inspired by Freaks and Geeks, Anchorman, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Walk Hard, Funny People, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and more from his great resume, I suggest heading over to the Melrose Gallery before December 30 (it’s open Wednesday – Sunday, 11-6 PM).  However, for those that won’t be able to make the show, I took over 80 pictures and shot almost everything on display.  Hit the jump for more.

Limited Paper: Spoke Art’s Third-Annual BAD DADS Show (Based on the Films of Wes Anderson) Opens, Prints on Sale Today!

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The folks at Spoke Art have an annual tradition, one that celebrates one of our greatest living entertainers by hiring dozens of artists to produce pieces of art based around that entertainer’s most cherished works.  We’re speaking, of course, about Spoke Art’s long-running Forever The Boss:  The Filmography of Tony Danza Retold Via Knitted Sweaters.  As you might expect, this series hasn’t sold a single piece since its 1988 inception.  It is the art world’s biggest ongoing catastrophic failure, truly one for the books.

Thank God, then, that the Spoke Art guys have another annual show that’s proved to be far more popular:  Bad Dads, an annual showcase of screenprints, paintings, and other works of art based around the filmography of Wes Anderson.  They just opened their third Bad Dads show:  wanna see some of the artwork from that show, and find out where you can buy some of those prints?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper Exclusive: Acid-Free Gallery, Tom Whalen, and Dave Perillo’s TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE Posters

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As you’re probably already aware, the New York City Comic-Con is just around the corner (it runs October 11th-14th).  We’ve known for some time now that Mondo would have a presence at this year’s NYCC, but they’re not the only ones dropping  new stuff during this year’s NY-based gathering of the geeks:  our friends over at Acid-Free Gallery (they’re the guys that released that Myths and Monsters series not too long ago) are also scheduled to unleash new prints during the event…and from the looks of things, we’re guessing they’re going to sell quick.

Want to see some of the brand-new Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo posters Acid-Free’s dropping during NYCC 2012, including a new reveal you’ll only find here at Limited Paper?  Of course you do.  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Tom Whalen Tells Us About His 80’S DAZE Gallery Show; Mondo FANTASTIC FEST Posters for DREDD 3D, LOOPER & ROOM 237

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We’ve got quite a bit to get to in today’s Limited Paper, folks, and with Fantastic Fest 2012 still in full-swing, we don’t have a lot of time to get through it.  In today’s writeup, we chat with frequent Mondo artist Tom Whalen (who has a brand-new, 80’s-themed gallery show co-headlined by Dave Perillo opening this Friday);  we tell you when you can expect to learn and see more of Tyler Stout’s line of Mondo t-shirts (yup:  incoming Stout interview!);  and we take a look at all the Fantastic Fest posters Mondo is preparing to drop online tomorrow afternoon.

Yes, today’s Limited Paper is a spring-loaded, jam-packed, all-singing, all-dancing, primed-to-explode-directly-into-your-terrified-face  extravaganza of awesome.  See it all after the jump, folks.

LIMITED PAPER is Headed to Comic-Con and We’ve Got Info on Releases from TOM WHALEN, DANIEL DANGER, OLLY MOSS, and More!

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Comic-Con 2012 sounds like one of the most massively exciting, probably-chaotic, and assuredly-fragrant gatherings of film geeks, comic nerds, and costumed weirdoes ever assembled.  People from all over the globe are converging on San Diego this Wednesday, and—for the first time ever—your humble Limited Paper scribe has given in and consented to join that undulating mass of geekery.  But it ain’t because Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gonna be there, and it ain’t because Django Unchained footage is screening.  It ain’t even because Peter Jackson’s got Hobbit stuff to share.  No, I’m going for the limited paper…and if you’ll meet me after the jump, I’ll tell you (just about) everything I know about what the poster-collecting community can expect from Comic-Con 2012 which includes Olly Moss, Daniel Danger, Tom Whalen, Dave Perillo and more.


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Limited Paper just keeps on coming, people!  Last time, we told you all about the Phone Booth Gallery’s amazing A Distant Winter gallery show (and showed up some pretty kick-ass photos, to boot), and this time we’ve got even more exciting news for all the limited paper-collecting poster-freaks in the audience:  want details on Mondo’s drop schedule at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con? Wanna see the newest prints from Gallery1988’s Breaking Bad series?  What is the Horror Die-Cut Collection, anyway (hint:  it’s awesome)?  Find out after the jump, people.

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