Jason Richman Exclusive Video Interview DETROIT 187

     January 11, 2011

The end has come for my string of on-set video interviews for ABC’s hit police drama Detroit 187. Leading up to the return of the show last week after a winter hiatus I premiered interviews with nearly every star in …

James McDaniel Video Interview DETROIT 187

     January 9, 2011

ABC’s Detroit 187 returned last week from a brief holiday break and with that comes the second to last of my on-set interviews. Tonight I have veteran actor James McDaniel (NYPD Blue), who stars as Sergeant Jesse Longford. The show …

Natalie Martinez Video Interview DETROIT 187

     January 5, 2011

As most of you have probably noticed, over the past week, we’ve posted a number of interviews with the cast of ABC’s hit police procedural drama Detroit 187 as I got to visit the set last month.  What I like …