Diane Kruger Talks THE BRIDGE Season 2, Emotional Stoicism, Her Character’s Complexity, Differences from Season 1, and More

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The FX crime thriller The Bridge is back for Season 2, and when the body of a cartel member is found on U.S. soil, Detective Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger) and her Mexican counterpart, Detective Marco Ruiz (Demian Bichir), must work together again to solve the case.  Brutal crimes and dangerous enemies will see them pulled into a complex web of drug running, money laundering and police corruption.  This season also stars Ted Levine, Matthew Lillard, Emily Rios, Thomas M. Wright, Annabeth Gish, Franka Potente, Nathan Phillips, Abraham Benrubi and Lyle Lovett.

During this recent interview to promote the show’s return, actress Diane Kruger talked about tackling such an emotionally stoic role, what makes Sonya Cross such a complex character to play, making sure to portray all of the nuances of someone with Asperger’s, how Season 2 will be different from Season 1, her character’s greatest struggles this season, Sonya’s personal relationship dynamics, and the experience of being a part of a TV show.  Check out what she had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers

Octavia Spencer, Quvenzhane Wallis & Diane Kruger in FATHERS AND DAUGHTERS; Alexandra Daddario in SAN ANDREAS; Kit Harington in TESTAMENT OF YOUTH

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Take a look at today’s latest casting news:

Hit the jump for more on each project.

FX Renews THE BRIDGE for Season Two

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FX has ordered a second season of the drama series The Bridge.  Starring Demian Bichir and Diane Kruger, the show focuses on tensions at the US-Mexico border as told through the unlikely pairing of an El Paso police officer (Kruger) and a Chihuahua State Policeman (Bichir) who initially team up to track down a serial killer.  The 13-episode second season will debut in Summer 2014, while the show’s first season is currently heading toward its season finale on October 2nd.  When the show began it was fairly promising, but I felt the character development just wasn’t enough to keep me invested and ended up checking out around episode six or seven.

Nevertheless, I’m interested to hear if those that stuck with it have found this first season to be fulfilling.  Hit the jump to read the press release and sound off in the comments below.

THE BRIDGE Review: FX’s Border Crime Drama Builds Slowly, But Is Worth the Wait

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Though the setup of FX’s new drama series The Bridge has a litany of familiar crime show elements — a straight-laced female detective paired with a laid-back male cop, for starters — over its first few episodes it unfolds into a beautiful patchwork of sprawling storytelling that is linked through a serial killer with political agenda, but not beholden to it.  The Bridge is adapted from a Scandinavian drama of the same premise, where detectives from two different border towns must work together when a body is found severed on the borderline itself.  In FX’s version, the border is the United States and Mexico, and the towns El Paso and Juarez, the latter being a notorious site of drugs and violence, particularly against women.  The serial killer who left the severed body has a statement to make about the crimes in Juarez and about immigration, and the story goes deep when exploring it.  Hit the jump for more on why you should, no matter what, watch past the pilot.

Diane Kruger Talks THE BRIDGE, Playing a Cop with Asperger’s, Working with Co-Star Demian Bichir, and More

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The FX drama series The Bridge, adapted from the Scandinavian series Bron, is a present-day crime thriller that explores the tensions on the U.S.-Mexico border.  When an American judge known for her anti-immigration views is found dead on the bridge connecting El Paso and Juarez, El Paso P.D. Detective Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger) must work with her Mexican counterpart, Detective Marco Ruiz (Demian Bichir), to catch a serial killer operating on both sides of the border.  The show also stars Ted Levine, Annabeth Gish, Thomas M. Wright and Matthew Lillard.

During this recent interview to promote the series premiere, actress Diane Kruger talked about playing a cop with Asperger’s, making sure she correctly represents the condition, how much she loved the original series, how similar in tone this adaptation is, the research she did into the border conflict aspect of the show, working with co-star Demian Bichir, what she’s most looking forward to viewers getting to see, that they will wrap up this case in the 13-episode first season, and what led her to television.  Check out what she had to say after the jump.


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Writer/director Andrew Niccol’s The Host opens this holiday weekend with star Saoirse Ronan (Hanna).  Adapted from Twilight author Stephenie Meyer’s sci-fi novel of the same name, The Host centers on Melanie Stryder (Ronan), one of the last human survivors of an alien invasion.  Unfortunately for Melanie, she’s quickly captured and implanted with an alien parasite known as a Soul, which attempts to replace her consciousness and take over her body; Melanie isn’t having it. The two entities must learn to cooperate or face the loss of the loved ones they each hold dear.

While Niccol makes his best attempt at adapting this story, the fault lies with the source material.  The tension that manifests in the first two acts rapidly diminishes in a lackluster conclusion that, while certainly an original take on conflict resolution, ultimately falls flat on screen.  Hit the jump for my review of The Host.

Diane Kruger Talks THE HOST, Andrew Niccol’s Take on Stephenie Meyer’s Novel, Plus Updates on NATIONAL TREASURE 3 and THE GREEN BLADE RISES

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In the upcoming Andrew Niccol film The Host, Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds) plays an alien named Seeker who becomes obsessed with tracking down a band of rebellious humans who continue to mount a resistance against the invasion of Earth.  At the heart of Seeker’s hunt is Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan), a human who continues to rebel against the Soul implanted in her body and who may inadvertantly lead the Seeker to eradicating the humans once and for all.

During a recent press event, we were able to interview Kruger about The Host, her playing a somewhat antagonistic character for the first time, the film’s aesthetics and Niccol’s vision, as well as Meyer’s input on Kruger’s character.  She also updated us on the progress of National Treasure 3, as well as her upcoming arthouse film The Green Blade Rises and the status of her new FX drama, The Bridge.  Hit the jump to watch the interview.

New Trailer for Andrew Niccol’s THE HOST, Starring Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, and Jake Abel

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Open Road Pictures has released a new trailer for writer/director Andrew Niccol’s (Gattaca) sci-fi film The Host.  Based on the novel of the same name by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, the film stars Saoirse Ronan as Melanie Stryder, one of the last remaining humans on Earth after a race of parasitic aliens has taken over most of the world.  Melanie attempts to fight back against her parasite and sets out to free other humans, if they’ll accept her as one of them.  This trailer teases a bit more of the film’s love triangle and Niccol’s characteristically clean-looking sci-fi world.  Knowing very little about how the story plays out, I’m interested to see if the film marks a step up in maturity from Meyer’s Twilight franchise or if it skews closer towards the YA demographic.  Having Niccol onboard as the director is definitely a good sign.

Hit the jump to watch the new trailer, and click here to check out five clips from the pic.  The film also stars Max Irons, Jake AbelDiane KrugerWilliam Hurt, Frances Fisher and Boyd HolbrookThe Host opens on March 29th.

New Trailer for Andrew Niccol’s THE HOST Starring Saoirse Ronan

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Open Road Pictures has released a new trailer for writer/director Andrew Niccol’s (Gattaca, In Time) adaptation of the Stephenie Meyer sci-fi novel The Host. The story takes place in a future where a parasitic alien species is nearly finished wiping out the human population by taking over the consciousness of each person.  A soul named Wanderer is attempting to take control of Melanie Stryder’s (Saoirse Ronan) consciousness, but faces strong opposition by what remains of the girl.  This trailer finally does a swell job of explaining the film’s plot, and Niccol looks to have crafted a really cool-looking sci-fi world.  I’m still not entirely sure whether the story plays out as a romance or as more of a thriller, but I’m intrigued nonetheless.

Hit the jump to watch the new trailer. The film also stars Max IronsJake AbelDiane KrugerWilliam Hurt, and Boyd Holbrook.  The Host opens on March 29th.

FX Gives Series Order to THE BRIDGE Starring Demián Bichir and Diane Kruger; Premiere Set for This July

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FX has made a series commitment to one of its more interesting pilots.  The network announced today that it has ordered a 13-episode first season of the drama The Bridge, which stars Demián Bichir and Diane Kruger.  The show is based on the Scandinavian series Bron and centers on two detectives from the United States and Mexico who must work together to hunt down a serial killer operating on both sides of the American-Mexican border.  Meredith Stiehm (Homeland) and Elwood Reid (Hawaii Five-0) created the series and wrote the pilot with Bichir in mind for the male lead, and they will act as executive producers on the show.

The most compelling storytelling is currently happening on cable television, and viewers are moving outside network television more and more, as evidenced by this past Sunday’s record-breaking numbers for AMC’s The Walking Dead.  FX’s The Bridge sounds like a promisingly swell addition to the current cable landscape, and I look forward to checking it out when the series debuts this July.  The pilot was directed by Gerardo Naranjo (Miss Bala) and production on the remaining episodes begins in April.  Hit the jump for the press release.

Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Kruger, and Emile Hirsch to Lead MIDNIGHT SUN

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Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Kruger, and Emile Hirsch have signed on to star in 1940s drama Midnight Sun.  Written and directed by Chris Eigeman (Turn the River; he also starred in Whit Stillman‘s Metropolitan and The Last Days of Disco), the film “follows two young post graduates recruited by the US Government to work on a top-secret project in New Mexico. Along with one of the students’ new wife, they drop their jazz-filled lives in New York and move to a secret community of scientists in the desert.”  As everyone knows, desert scientists hate jazz.

According to Screen Daily, shooting is set to begin this summer.  Hit the jump for a refresher on the stars’ other projects.

13 New Images from Stephenie Meyer Sci-Fi Adaptation THE HOST, Starring Saoirse Ronan

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With a generation of Tweens (and beyond) saying goodbye to The Twilight Saga, a new Stephenie Meyer adaptation will fill the vampire/werewolf void with soul-stealing alien parasites; how dreamy!  The sci-fi flick from writer/director Andrew Niccol (In Time) stars Saoirse Ronan (Hanna) as a young woman who is among the last humans to be taken over by the alien parasites, though her spirit won’t give up without a fight.  We’ve got 13 new images from The Host, which opens March 29th, that also show off co-stars Diane Kruger, Boyd Holbrook, Max Irons and Jake Abel.  Hit the jump to take a look. 

New Trailer for THE HOST from Writer/Director Andrew Niccol and Author Stephenie Meyer

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A new trailer for The Host has gone online.  It does a solid job of setting up the plot, and sells the love-story angle hard, which is what you would expect when you bill the flick as coming from Stephanie Meyer, author of The Twilight Saga.  I’m just not sure if the sci-fi element will attract or turn off the audience the movie intends to attract.  Even though Twilight has werewolves and vampires, no one would call it anything but a romance.  Hunger Games has an easier time of selling itself as an action-adventure with a romantic subplot.  But The Host hasn’t been the literary success of either of those franchises, and without that support, I don’t know how the film will do, especially when March is so crowded with big releases.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  The film stars Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger, William Hurt, Jake Abel and Max IronsThe Host opens March 29, 2013.

Elizabeth Banks to Lead Comedy WALK OF SHAME; Diane Kruger and Anton Yelchin Will Romance Each Other in 5 TO 7

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Fresh off a great but minor role in Pitch Perfect (which she also produced), Elizabeth Banks has been set as the lead in the comedy Walk of Shame.  The actress will play an aspiring Los Angeles TV news anchor who, after losing an audition for her dream job, goes out for an uncharacteristic night of hard partying and drinking.  She wakes up the next morning with no money, car, or memory of the previous night’s events, but finds a message from her agent telling her that she actually won the audition and must be on the air by 5pm.  She then “must embark on a ‘walk of shame’ across hostile neighborhoods” in a presumably eventful quest that will lead her to the station by 5:00.

Per Variety, Steven Brill (Heavy Weights, Mr. Deeds, Little Nicky) is directing from his own script, with production set to begin in January.  Hit the jump for casting news concerning the romantic comedy 5 to 7.

Diane Kruger to Star in Terrence Malick Production of Abraham Lincoln Film THE GREEN BLADE RISES

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Another Abraham Lincoln feature film has arisen and it is set to star Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds).  The Green Blade Rises will see Kruger play the 16th President’s stepmother, Sarah Lincoln.  This summer has already seen the rise and fall of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and we’ll see Steven Spielberg’s effort, Lincoln, this November with Daniel Day-Lewis in the title role. Produced by Terrence Malick and written/directed by A.J. Edwards, The Green Blade Rises will focus on the formative days of Lincoln, the tragedy that ended his life and the women who guided him along the way.  Hit the jump for more on this project.

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