Directors Guild of America Announces Nominations for the 65th Annual DGA Awards, Including Ben Affleck

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The Directors Guild of America has just announced their nominations for “Outstanding Direction in Feature Film” for the 65th Annual DGA Awards.  The nominees are as follows:

These nominations, as well as the omission of certain other directors, carry certain implications heading into the Academy Awards contest.  Hit the jump for more DGA-related news.

Directors Guild Award Documentary Nominees Announced; includes PROJECT NIM, THE INTERRUPTERS, and Martin Scorsese’s George Harrison Doc

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On the heels of announcing their nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for 2011, the Directors Guild of America have announced their nominations for Best Documentary Director.  The nominees are Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky for Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory, Steve James for The Interrupters, James Marsh for Project Nim, Richard Press for Bill Cunningham New York, and Martin Scorsese for George Harrison: Living in the Material World.  Scorsese also picked up DGA nomination this year for Hugo, which brings his total number of nominations to ten.  He previously won for The Departed.

While I’m rooting for Project Nim, this is a fine collection of nominees.  It’s much better than the Academy’s short list, which only includes Project Nim, Paradise Lost 3, and Bill Cunningham New York.  The winner of the DGA’s 2011 Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary will be announced January 28th.

Tom Hooper Wins at the Directors Guild Awards for THE KING’S SPEECH

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Uh-oh, The Social Network.  Heading into January, it seemed like the Academy Awards were yours to lose.  But things have been rocky since your (admittedly meaningless) Golden Globes domination.  The Producer’s Guild chose The King’s Speech, shortly before that movie racked up 12 Oscar nominations to your 8.  Now the Director’s Guild has followed suit and selected The King’s Speech‘s Tom Hooper in the Feature Film category for their 63rd annual awards.  Since 1948, the Academy and the DGA have only disagreed on Best Director six times.  I believe Oscar night now unofficially belongs to you, The King’s Speech.

Hit the jump for the full list of winners, including Martin Scorsese for directing the pilot of Boardwalk Empire.

Directors Guild of America Names Nominees for Best Documentary Director

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Earlier this week, the Directors Guild of America named its nominees for Best Director.  Now they’ve named their nominees for Best Documentary Director.  And the nominees are:

  • Lixin Fan for Last Train Home
  • Charles Ferguson for Inside Job
  • Alex Gibney for Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer
  • Davis Guggenheim for Waiting for “Superman”
  • Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger for Restrepo

Among the notable snubs were Banksy for Exit Through the Gift Shop and Amir Bar-Lev’s The Tillman Story.  It’s possible that the DGA’s nominees will be the five Oscar nominees as well, but I honestly don’t see what’s so spectacular about Client 9.  Obviously, I’m biased towards Exit Through the Gift Shop, but I think it’s the more enduring and thought-provoking work.  Winners will be announced Saturday, January 29th. [TheWrap]

63rd Annual Directors Guild of America Award Nominees Announced

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The Directors Guild of America has announced its nominees for 2011.  The nominees are Darren Aronofsky for Black Swan, David Fincher for The Social Network, Tom Hooper for The King’s Speech, Christopher Nolan for Inception, and David O. Russell for The Fighter.  It is highly likely that at least four of these five directors will receive Oscar nominations and it’s also likely that one of these five films is going to win Best Picture.  The last time the Directors Guild winner didn’t match up with Best Picture was in 2005 when the DGA gave Ang Lee Best Director for Brokeback Mountain but the Oscar for Best Picture went to Crash.

The DGA will announce the winner on Saturday, January 29th.  Previous winners include

Kathryn Bigelow and THE HURT LOCKER Top James Cameron’s AVATAR at the Directors Guild Awards

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Last night, the Directors Guild of America selected the best directorial work in film and television from 2009, most notably awarding Kathryn Bigelow with Outstanding Directorial Achievement for Feature Film for her work on The Hurt Locker, becoming the first female to ever win the award.  This is very good news for the Oscar prospects of the Hurt Locker, as well as very bad news for those of Avatar. The DGA feature film honoree has failed to line up with the Best Director Oscar winner a mere 6 times in the 61 year history of the awards, and has predicted the Best Picture Oscar winner 79% of the time.  Earlier in the month, The Hurt Locker upset Avatar to win kudos from the Producers Guild, perhaps the guild most likely to favor the big budget wonder of Avatar.  With both the producers and the directors on its side, The Hurt Locker just became the certain favorite for Best Picture come Oscar night.  James Cameron and Avatar may just have to settle for their Golden Globes . . . and billions upon billions of dollars.

On the non-fiction side, Louie Psihoyos won Outstanding Directorial Achievement for his work on The Cove.  Hit the jump for more on the night’s winners.

DGA Recognizes TV Directors

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Mad Men image slice.jpg

The Directors Guild of America has revealed its nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Movies for Television, Drama Series, Comedy Series, Musical Variety, Reality Programs, Daytime Serials, Children’s Programs and Commercials. Despite the shit TV directors get, TV is progressing toward a greater cinematic atmosphere and TV directors are having greater relevance in the medium. DGA President, Taylor Hackford said, “television directors play a crucial role in eliciting performance, advancing the story and establishing the look and feel in all genres of television”. There’s no better example than Lost, which feels more like an hour-long, big-budget film than a TV show. The two-part season 5 finale received a nod, and Curb Your Enthusiasim director’s Jeff Schaffer and Larry Charles were nominated for their work on the last two episodes of the fictional Seinfeld-reunion that took place on the show. Mad Men picked up three nominations for Drama and Glee, still in the middle of its first season (returning April 13 with the remaining nine episodes of season one) received two nominations in Comedy.  Check out some surprise nominations after the jump.

The Directors Guild of America Suggests Bigelow, Cameron, Reitman, Tarantino, and Daniels Were the Best Directors of 2009

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Kathryn Bigelow, Lee Daniels, James Cameron, Quentin Tarantino and Jason Retiman.jpg

The Directors Guild of America just released their nominees for Outstanding Directiorial Achievement in Feature Film for the 62nd annual DGA awards.  Regarding Oscar potential, the nominees include two favorites in Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) and James Cameron (Avatar), two likely contenders in Jason Reitman (Up in the Air) and Quentin Tarantino (Inglorious Basterds), and possible longshot Lee Daniels (Precious).  There are no truly shocking choices among the nominations, but there is some solid filmmaking among the group.

The DGA nominations are often a good predictor of Oscar nominations for Best Director, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see Daniels swapped out for, say, Academy darling Clint Eastwood (Invictus).

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