PHINEAS AND FERB Clip Featuring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s SHAUN OF THE DEAD Cameo

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Should I be watching Phineas and Ferb?  I assumed it was a kids-only thing due to the rather goofy animation and the fact that it airs on the Disney Channel, but if Shaun and Ed from Shaun of the Dead are on it, it’s got to have a more mature appeal too, right?  (Plus I’m mildly amused by the fact that the show features a pet platypus named Perry.)

I’ve never seen a single episode of the show so I don’t really know, but the Halloween season special, “Night of the Living Pharmacists,” actually sounds like a lot of fun and it’s got Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in it as well.  Hit the jump to check out their cameo in a Phineas and Ferb clip from the Halloween episode.

Meet the Offspring of Maleficent, Jafar, and More in First Image from Disney Channel’s DESCENDANTS

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From Alice in Wonderland to Maleficent to the upcoming Cinderella, live-action twists on classic stories are all the rage at the moment.  However, these redos won’t just be relegated to the big screen, as the Disney Channel is getting in on the action with the upcoming TV movie Descendants.  The film reimagines the offspring of famous Disney characters like Maleficent, Jafar, and even Cruella de Vil, bringing them together in a prep school environment.  On the adult side, we have Kristen Chenoweth playing Maleficent and Kathy Najimy as the Evil Queen, but today Disney Channel has released a first look image of Maleficent’s daughter, Jafar’s son, Cruella’s son, and the Evil Queen’s daughter.

Hit the jump to take a look at Dove Cameron, Booboo Stewart, Cameron Boyce, and Sofia Carlson in the roles, respectively.  Descendents premieres on the Disney Channel sometime in 2015.

Full Trailer for GIRL MEETS WORLD; Series Premieres June 27th

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Disney has released a new Girl Meets World trailer and finally announced a premiere date for the new TV series.  Picking up with Boy Meets World’s Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) years after their college days, Girl Meets World focuses on the adorable couple’s daughter Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) as she begins seventh grade.  This full trailer offers an extended look at the show, but those hoping for a Cory & Topanga centric follow-up will be disappointed, as the protagonist of Girl Meets World is indeed Riley.  The tone is very much in line with Disney Channel’s other current original series, but there are glimpses of the trademark heart that permeated throughout Boy Meets World.  For big fans of BMW like myself, the opportunity to check back in with Cory, Topanga, and hopefully a few other Boy Meets World regulars is enough of a reason to check out the new series.

Hit the jump to watch the new Girl Meets World trailer.  The series officially premieres on Disney Channel Friday, June 27th, but the first episode will be available as a free download on iTunes starting June 13th.  Moreover, Disney Channel will air a Boy Meets World marathon on June 15th.

Cory and Topanga Are Parents in First GIRL MEETS WORLD Trailer

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The Disney Channel has released the first Girl Meets World trailer.  The show is a spinoff of the excellent sitcom Boy Meets World, which aired from 1993 to 2000 on ABC and followed the coming-of-age of Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) from sixth grade to college.  In this new series, Cory and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) are parents, and the focus turns to their young daughter Riley (Rowan Blanchard).  As a big fan of BMW, I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing how Girl Meets World stacks up.  Series creator Michael Jacobs returns to executive produce this new show, which is promising, and I’m hopeful he can inject the same mixture of sweetness and offbeat humor that made Boy Meets World a joy to watch.

Hit the jump to check out the first Girl Meets World trailer.  The series also stars Sabrina Carpenter and will feature appearances by other original Boy Meets World castmembers, including William Daniels (Mr. Feeny), Corey Fogelmanis (Minkus), and Rider Strong (Shawn).  Girl Meets World premieres on Disney Channel this summer.

GIRL MEETS WORLD Picked Up to Series by Disney Channel; First Images Released

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It’s officially official: the Boy Meets World gang is coming back to television.  The Disney Channel announced today that the sequel series Girl Meets World has been picked up to series, bringing Ben Savage and Danielle Fischel’s Cory and Topanga back to the small screen for the first time since the Boy Meets World series finale in 2000.  Executive produced by BMW creator Michael Jacobs, Girl Meets World follows the exploits of Cory and Topanga’s tween daughter Riley, played by Rowan Blanchard.  Other Boy Meets World regulars are expected to pop up on the new show every now and then, with William Daniels’ Mr. Feeny confirmed to be appearing in the pilot.

While we’ll have to wait until 2014 to see the show, Disney has released a couple of first-look images that give us a look at the Girl Meets World cast.  Hit the jump to check them out.

BOY MEETS WORLD Creator Michael Jacobs Says Whoever Wants to Be a Part of GIRL MEETS WORLD Cast Will Be

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I never thought I’d say this while in my mid-20s, but I’m really looking forward to a Disney Channel show.  Fans of the 90s sitcom Boy Meets World got a strong dose of nostalgia with the news that Disney was moving forward with a sequel series aptly titled Girl Meets World, and the show is shaping up to be a suitable companion to creator Michael Jacobs original series.  Jacobs is spearheading GMW for Disney, and we already know that Ben Savage and Danielle Fischel are signed to reprise their roles as classic couple Cory and Topanga while we follow the adventures of their 13-year-old daughter, Riley.

Though it was initially unclear how many original castmembers might appear on the sequel series, Jacobs has now clarified the matter by simply stating that anyone who wants to come back is more than welcome.  Hit the jump for more.

Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel Set for Disney Channel Sequel Series GIRL MEETS WORLD [Updated]

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Holy hell, it’s really happening.  ABC’s 1990s sitcom Boy Meets World has long been a fan-favorite series, and the show’s popularity hasn’t seemed to wane much in the last 12 years it’s been off the air.  As such, the news that Disney Channel was developing a sequel series titled Girl Meets World was met with much enthusiasm.  The potential series would focus on the 13-year-old daughter of soul mates Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel), Riley, but much it was unclear whether Savage and Fishel would be willing to return to the characters.  Fans can rest easy now, though, as word comes that the actors are set to reprise their roles in Girl Meets World.  Hit the jump for more.

[Update: Fishel posted a letter to fans about the upcoming series. Check it out after the jump.]

Pixar TV Special TOY STORY OF TERROR Set to Debut in 2013; PARTYSAURUS REX Airs on Disney Channel Tonight

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More Toy Story is headed to the small screen.  Though most figured that Toy Story 3 would be the last time we saw Pixar’s loveable band of toy characters in their own story, the studio decided to let Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang live on in short form.  The first Toy Story short, the very funny Hawaiian Vacation, debuted with Cars 2, and the studio has continued the trend with two further shorts, Small Fry and Partysaurus Rex.

Earlier this summer we got wind that Pixar was planning two 22-mintute Toy Story TV specials to debut in 2013 and 2014, and now we have a tantalizing title for the first installment: Toy Story of Terror.  Hit the jump for more.

Creator Alex Hirsch Talks GRAVITY FALLS, How He Ended Up Making a Show for the Disney Channel, His Love for TV Animation and More

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The Disney Channel animated comedy series Gravity Falls, from creator/executive producer/writer/director Alex Hirsch, follows city kids Dipper (voiced by Jason Ritter) and Mabel Pines (voiced by Kristen Schaal), who are sent to spend the summer with their eccentric Great Uncle Stan, aka Grunkle Stan (voiced by Hirsch), who runs a tourist trap called The Mystery Shack in a remote northwestern town where nothing is what it seems.  With creatures in the forest, monsters in the lake and time travel a possibility, things get very interesting for the twins as they quickly realize they need each other, in order to unlock the secrets of the quirky and mysterious town.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, CalArts graduate Alex Hirsch talked about what initially interested him in animation, how he ended up creating a show for the Disney Channel, what inspired the idea for Gravity Falls, how his relationship with his own twin sister growing up is really what’s at the heart of this show, the craziest summer experience that he’s personally had, the process for deciding the look of the show and characters, and how his family feels about being represented on the show.  He also talked about what he loves about television animation, and how he’d love to branch out and do an adult animated series, at some point.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

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