Looking Back at E3 2014 Plus Over 100 Images from the Popular Gaming Expo

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Last week E3 2014 came to a close, but it left plenty to be excited for in the near future.  The “Big 3”, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, all have their Next Gen systems in consumer hands, so this year was all about proving why you shouldn’t lose faith in their product.  With owners of the Xbox One, Wii U, and Playstation 4 all clamoring for games for their libraries, there are quite a few titles I think you should be on the look out for.  Click on through to see my top games and over a 100 pictures of E3 2014.

Disney Planning “New Versions” of DISNEY INFINITY Video Game Featuring Marvel and Star Wars Characters

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Last year, Disney released Disney Infinity, a video game that uses figurines and an electronic pad to interact with the game.  For example, if you have Jack Sparrow and Mike Wazowski figurines, you can put them on the pads, and they’ll go into the on-screen game.  There are other aspects to the gameplay, and overall it’s a neat concept.  While the game itself received mixed reviews, the figurines are incredibly well made, and available to buy separate from the game.  With the exception of Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lone Ranger Disney has gone to its animated library for Infinity, but the mammoth company also owns Marvel and Star Wars, and now characters from those universes may be getting in on the action.

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