Weekend Box Office: ELYSIUM Leads with $30.5 Million; WE’RE THE MILLERS in Second; PLANES Fails to Lift Off

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Welcome to another very crowded weekend at the domestic box office. As expected, Elysium took top honors with an estimated $30.5 million but still fell short of pre-release expectations. We’re the Millers held on to second place with $26.5 million, making it the only feature to top initial projections for its first weekend. That leaves Disney’s Planes grounded in third and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters right behind it as each failed to improve significantly on their modest Friday performances.

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Elysium $30,500,000 $30.5
2.  We’re the Millers $26,555,000 $38
3.  Planes $22,525,000 $22.5
4.  Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters $14,600,000 $23.4
5.  2 Guns $11,128,000 $48.5
6.  Smurfs 2 $9,500,000 $46.6
7.  The Wolverine $8,000,000 $111.9
8.  The Conjuring $6,700,000 $120.7
9.  Despicable Me 2 $5,700,000 $338.2
10.  Grown Ups 2 $3,700,000 $123.8

Neill Blomkamp Says He’s Written an 18-Page Treatment for DISTRICT 10; Turned Down the Opportunity to Make a STAR WARS Film

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Despite the fact that he only has one feature film under his belt, Neill Blomkamp continues to be one of the more promising and refreshing filmmakers working today.  After the success of his Best Picture-nominated 2009 sci-fi film District 9, Blomkamp was likely inundated with offers to direct pretty much any studio tentpole of his choosing.  Instead, the director opted to stick with original filmmaking, and the result is the great-looking sci-fi/social commentary pic Elysium, which opens in theaters next month.

Nevertheless, fan interest in a sequel to District 9 remains, and during a recent interview Blomkamp revealed that he’s actually made some progress on the proposed District 10.  Moreover, he apparently turned down the opportunity to helm a new Star Wars film in order to once again focus on original projects.  Hit the jump for more.

Sony Shows the New Trailer from Neill Blomkamp’s ELYSIUM Plus 10 Minutes of Footage; Watch Our Spoiler-Free Video Blog Recap

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Did you like District 9?  Imagine if writer-director Neill Blomkamp had 100 million more dollars to play with and access to huge movie stars like Matt Damon and Jodie Foster to help tell his next story.  You’d then have Elysium.

Ever since the movie was first announced, we’ve been covering it here on Collider, including its presence at last year’s Comic-Con.  Since it’s the follow up to a great movie, we’ve definitely had high expectations.  If the ten minutes of footage and the new trailer that I watched today at the Arclight in Hollywood are any indications, not only will our lofty expectations be met, they’ll be exceeded by far.  We might be talking about the film of the summer.  Continued after the jump.

Director Neill Blomkamp Talks HALO Movie, DISTRICT 10, Adaptations vs Original Work and Possibly Adapting Iconic Hollywood Movies and Characters

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After a screening of some footage from his upcoming sci-fi feature Elysium, writer/director Neill Blomkamp (District 9) talked about other projects he has varying levels of involvement in.  He touched on his learning experience with the defunct Halo picture, possible sequels to his breakout film District 9 and his stance on directing original material, sequels to his own films and adapting popular properties.  Blomkamp also teased a bit about iconic cinematic characters that he would love to get his hands on but is a bit too apprehensive about taking them on completely.

Hit the jump to see what he had to say and be sure to check back later for more on this special event for Elysium, due out August 9th.

AVENGERS 2 and DISTRICT 9 Sequel Updates from Directors Joss Whedon and Neill Blomkamp

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With Joss Whedon’s Firefly reunion panel being one of the most well-received Comic-Con events in recent memory, some of the director’s other works may have been overshadowed for a moment.  It takes quite a bit to drown out The Avengers, so a perfect question for Whedon would be to ask about the status of The Avengers 2 and whether or not he’ll be back for the sequel.  More on that after the jump.

Another visionary director in the person of Neill Blomkamp (District 9) was on hand at Comic-Con today to showcase his current project, Elysium.  While we’ll have more on the Matt Damon-starrer in a bit, Blomkamp did comment on his upcoming projects, including a sequel to District 9.  Hit the jump to read more about what’s next from Whedon and Blomkamp and be sure to stay up to date with our continuing Comic-Con coverage here.

Weekend Box Office – MADAGASCAR 3 Passes PROMETHEUS with $60.3 Million Opening

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After winning Friday by a nose, Fox’s Prometheus slipped into second this weekend with an estimated $50 million from 3,396 locations. That gives Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted the win with a reported $60.3 million from 4,258 dates and puts overall box office receipts more than 30% ahead of 2011.

Title Weekend Total
1 Madagascar 3 $60,350,000 $60.3
2 Prometheus $50,000,000 $50
3 Snow White & the Huntsman $23,020,000 $98.5
4 Men in Black 3 $13,500,000 $135.5
5 The Avengers $10,809,000 $571.8
6 Best Exotic Marigold Hotel $3,235,000 $31
7 What to Expect When You’re Expecting $2,700,000 $35.7
8 Battleship $2,286,000 $59.8
9 The Dictator $2,150,000 $55.1
10 Dark Shadows $1,360,000 $73.7

Weekend Box Office – RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Rises Above Expectations with $54 Million

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Looks like summer 2011 had one more blockbuster left after all.  Cowboys and Aliens may have been a late-July disappointment but, so far, Fox’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes is performing more like a June release than your typical August afterthought.  Surpassing all early projections, the sci-fi vehicle took in an estimated $54 million from 3,648 locations for an easy number one at the US box office.

  Title Weekend Total
1 Rise of the Planet of the Apes $54,000,000 $54
2 The Smurfs $21,000,000 $76.2
3 Cowboys and Aliens $15,748,000 $67.3
4 The Change-Up $13,500,000 $13.5
5 Captain America $13,000,000 $143.1
6 Harry Potter 7b $12,160,000 $342.8
7 Crazy, Stupid, Love $12,100,000 $42.1
8 Friends with Benefits $4,700,000 $48.5
9 Horrible Bosses $4,620,000 $105.1
10 Transformers 3 $3,015,000 $344.1

Weekend Box Office – SUPER 8 Defies Expectations with $37 Million Debut

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After months of buildup, Super 8 took top honors this weekend with an estimated $37 million from 3,379 locations.  That figure is significantly higher than the film had been tracking just five days ago.  Is it higher than the studio was hoping for five months ago?  Not exactly.

Title Weekend Total
1 Super 8 $37,000,000 $38
2 X-Men: First Class $25,000,000 $98.8
3 The Hangover Part II $18,500,000 $216.5
4 Kung Fu Panda 2 $16,635,000 $126.9
5 Pirates of the Caribbean 4 $10,845,000 $208.7
6 Bridesmaids $10,154,000 $123.9
7 Judy Moody $6,267,000 $6.2
8 Midnight in Paris $6,146,000 $14.2
9 Thor $2,370,000 $173.6
10 Fast Five $1,714,000 $205

Weekend Box Office – BATTLE: LOS ANGELES Lands in First with $36 Miilion; RED RIDING HOOD in Third; MARS NEEDS MOM Needs Help

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The weekend played out pretty much as expected after Friday’s estimates, except for one factor (and I know this is a shocker): final weekend tallies ended up on the low end of projections across the board.  We are still dealing with box office totals that are down over 10% from 2010 but, compared to the 45% we were down last weekend, that’s progress!

Title Weekend Total
1 Battle: LA $36,000,000 $36
2 Rango $23,050,000 $68.6
3 Red Riding Hood $14,100,000 $14.1
4 The Adjustment Bureau $11,450,000 $38.4
5 Mars Needs Moms $6,800,000 $6.8
6 Hall Pass $5,105,000 $34.9
7 Beastly $5,090,000 $16.9
8 Just Go With It $4,000,000 $93.9
9 The King’s Speech $3,625,000 $129
10 Gnomeo & Juliet $3,546,000 $89

Sharlto Copley Exclusive Interview for THE A-TEAM Blu-ray; Plus Updates on MEN IN BLACK 3 and ELYSIUM

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Just in time for the holidays, the adrenaline-fueled thrill ride The A-Team is being released on Blu-ray with more action and more adventure, in a never-before-seen extended version of the film. Even if you’ve already seen the blockbuster about a daring team of former Special Forces soldiers who are convicted by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit, and then later break out of prison, only to tackle their toughest mission yet, there is still plenty on the disc to newly discover, including deleted scenes, a gag reel, character chronicles, a mash-up montage, and commentary from director Joe Carnahan and visual effects supervisor James E. Price.

In this exclusive interview with Collider, actor Sharlto Copley talked about how much he enjoyed taking on the role of Captain H.M. Murdock, the fun he had doing behind the scenes stuff for the Blu-ray release, and how playing this character brought up a lot of memories from his childhood. He also talked about how humbled and grateful he is for the success he’s had in his career since District 9, how he’s looking forward to re-teaming with director Neill Blomkamp for the super-secret Elysium, and that he’s looking at and considering doing Men in Black 3, but contrary to the rumor, still hasn’t signed onto the project yet. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

Director Neill Blomkamp to Reunite with DISTRICT 9 Star Sharlto Copley for ELYSIUM

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Neill Blomkamp is reteaming with his District 9 star Sharlto Copley for a new sci-fi action film entitled Elysium. According to Deadline, Blomkamp is reportedly shopping the film to several interested studios with a graphic novel for the film in tow. Not much is known about Elysium other than it takes place on another planet and is set in the distant future. Blomkamp recently released a strange viral video for Wired Magazine, but it is still not clear what (if any) connection this video has with the film in question. For those wondering, “Elysium” is actually a term used in Greek mythology for a section of the Underworld designated to heroes and other laudatory figures. The term has gone on to have connotations with “Paradise”.

Copley, who was last seen this past summer in Joe Carnahan’s The A-Team, joined Men in Black III this past October.

Is Neill Blomkamp’s DISTRICT 10 Slated to Begin Shooting This Year?

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Approach this news with highly-cautious optimism, but it’s possible that Neill Blomkamp’s (tentatively titled) District 10 could begin shooting this year.  MarketSaw reports that the film is in pre-production and will go before cameras sometime around October.  However, this past October we reported that Blomkamp was making another sci-fi film but it wasn’t District 10.  And as we reported then, that news coincided with an interview Steve did with Blomkamp in August during the press tour for District 9.

Then there’s Steve’s recent interview with Richard Taylor, the creative director of Weta Workshop (who handled all of the special effects for District 9).  When Steve asked Taylor about working on Blomkamp’s next sci-fi movie, Taylor responded, I’m not sure I can say that yet, but by being elusive… We’re just thrilled by the possibility of making films with him in the future.”  So while it’s possible that Blomkamp could be moving ahead with District 10, It’s also possible that there was some confusion from MarketSaw’s source and it’s Blomkamp’s untitled sci-fi project that’s scheduled to shoot in October.  Either way, it’s very exciting news.

Exclusive Interview with Weta Workshop’s Richard Taylor; Talks LORD OF THE RINGS Blu-ray, THE HOBBIT, Neill Blomkamp, More

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Richard Taylor WETA image slice (4).jpg

To help promote the recent release of Lord of the Rings on Blu-ray, I got to speak with Richard Taylor.  If you’re a fan of the LOTR trilogy, you already know who Richard Taylor is and his amazing work.  But for the newbie’s, Taylor is the co-founder and co-director of the Weta companies in Wellington, New Zealand, and he’s the Creative Director of Weta Workshop.  He’s also won four BAFTAs, five Oscars, and numerous other awards for Weta’s success in makeup, costume and visual effects.

As a huge fan of Taylor’s work and the LOTR trilogy, I could have spoken to him for hours.  But due to only having 15 minutes on the phone (he was in New Zealand), I asked his thoughts on LOTR on Blu-ray, we talked about how The Hobbit would look different than LOTR as Middle Earth was more peaceful back then, what did he do on Avatar, and is he working with Neill Blomkamp on his new sci-fi film as he worked on District 9.

If you’re a fan of Taylor’s work, you’ll love the interview.  Hit the jump to check it out:

DISTRICT 9′s Sharlto Copley in Talks to Lead I AM NUMBER FOUR

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Sharlto Copley, who made one of the all-time best acting debuts with his performance in Neill Blomkamp’s Oscar-nominated District 9, in talks to star in the sci-fi flick I Am Number Four.  Based off the young-adult science fiction book by James Frey and Jobie Hughes, the film is about Four (played by Beastly‘s Alex Pettyfer), one of nine aliens who escape their home planet before its annihilation by a rival species and hide out on Earth disguised as human high schoolers.  According to Heat Vision, Copley will play, “a man who hailed from the alien world’s serving class but now is the title character’s adult guardian and mentor.”

The script is by Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar and comes from a planned six-book series to be introduced this fall.  D.J. Caruso (Eagle Eye) is attached to direct and Steven Spielberg will produce the film with Michael Bay.  Copley will next be seen this summer in Joe Carnahan’s adaptation of The A-Team.

Mark Millar’s Directorial Debut to Take Cues from TRAINSPOTTING and DISTRICT 9

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mark_millar_01.jpgMark Millar is a writer of note. His comic books have been the basis of both Wanted as well as the new movie Kick-Ass, which comes out this spring. So when you find out that Millar is working on a movie that he’s going to be directing and writing, and it’s going to start filming this summer, its news. STV got a chance to touchdown with the writer, who makes the movie sound like any film enthusiast’s dream.

In the interview, Millar describes his inspiration of the movie coming from District 9, a sci-fi epic that doesn’t ever touch the normal film settings like New York or Los Angeles but branches out to South Africa. Millar’s movie would center on a completely original superhero, taking place in Scotland, comprising of an entirely unknown Scottish cast, and working exclusively with Scottish crew members. He claims it will have the 21st century vibe of Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting, while also being “As cool as X-Men 2“, all while having a unique Scottish flavor. Kick-Ass looks awesome, and I found Wanted to be surprisingly great, so I completely support wherever Millar goes with this endeavor. He says the film is to start shooting in June or July.

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