Harry Connick Jr. Talks DOLPHIN TALE 2, How His Character’s Story Parallels His Real Life, Balancing His Projects, and Bringing Music into the Film

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Harry Connick Jr. returns for the family friendly fish aquatic mammal sequel, Dolphin Tale 2, which tells the continuing story of the fine folks of the Clearwater Marine Hospital and their world-famous patients.  While on the film’s set at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which inspires the movie hospital, our select group of journalists got a chance to interview Connick Jr. between scenes.  He talked about returning for the sequel, interacting with his human and animal co-stars alike, balancing all the projects on his schedule, and bringing music into the film.

Writer-director Charles Martin Smith’s Dolphin Tale 2 opens Friday, September 12th, and also stars Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Nathan Gamble, Kris Kristofferson, Austin Highsmith, Austin Stowell, and the dolphins Winter and Hope.  Hit the jump for the full interview, and click here for more from the film.

Morgan Freeman Talks DOLPHIN TALE 2, Returning to Play the Snarky Dr. McCarthy, Reuniting with Winter, and Comments on the Late Nelson Mandela

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One thing I have in common with Morgan Freeman: we both flew into Florida to head to the Clearwater-based set of Dolphin Tale 2.  The difference is that he was flying in on his private airplane after playing golf in Guatemala, and I … was not.  Luckily, Freeman was able to squeeze in an interview with our group of visiting journalists before joining his co-stars on set.  He talked about the pleasant surprise of returning for the sequel, his reunion with Winter the dolphin, how his character’s expertise is tested again in this film, and a glimpse of just what it’s like on set.  Freeman also comments on the passing of Nelson Mandela, who died just a few days before this interview.

Writer-director Charles Martin Smith’s Dolphin Tale 2 opens Friday, September 12th, and also stars Harry Connick Jr.Ashley JuddCozi ZuehlsdorffNathan Gamble, Kris Kristofferson, Austin HighsmithAustin Stowell, and the dolphins Winter and Hope.  Hit the jump for the full interview, and click here for more from the film.


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Take a look at the new posters from the following films:

  • Affluenza – Writer-director Kevin Asch’s drama starring Ben RosenfieldNicola PeltzGrant Gustin, and Gregg Sulkin debuts in theaters and on VOD July 11th.
  • Dolphin Tale 2 - Directed by Charles Martin Smith and starring Ashley JuddHarry Connick Jr.Morgan FreemanNathan GambleCozi ZuehlsdorffAustin Stowell, and Austin Highsmith, with Bethany HamiltonDolphin Tale 2 opens September 12th.
  • The Hundred-Foot JourneyLasse Hallström’s adaptation starring Helen MirrenManish DayalRohan ChandOm Puri, and Charlotte Lebon opens August 8th.
  • Under the Electric SkyDan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz’s musical documentary that goes behind the scenes of the Electric Daisy Carnival will be playing in a theater near you starting on June 27th.
  • Magic in the MoonlightWoody Allen’s latest film starring Colin FirthEmma StoneEileen AtkinsMarcia Gay HardenHamish LinklaterSimon McBurney, and Jacki Weaver opens in limited release July 25th.

Hit the jump to check them out.

DOLPHIN TALE 2 Trailer: Big on Heart, Hope, and Laughs, Plus a New Teaser Poster for the Family Film

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In a world that churns out so much horrible news on a daily basis, it’s nice to know that light-hearted family films like Dolphin Tale 2 still exist.  Sure, it might not solve any major problems, but for a couple of hours you can just sit down with your family and watch a team of doctors care for sick or injured (and incredibly cute) critters.  Now that Warner Bros. has released the sequel’s official trailer, you can enjoy the unending cuteness of a baby dolphin as often as you want.

Directed by Charles Martin Smith and starring Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr.Morgan FreemanNathan Gamble, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Austin Stowell, and Austin Highsmith, with Bethany HamiltonDolphin Tale opens September 12th.  If you’re looking for more, be sure to watch the film’s first trailer and check out my set visit preview here.  Hit the jump to watch the new official trailer for Dolphin Tale 2.

First Trailer for DOLPHIN TALE 2 Starring Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr., Morgan Freeman, and Nathan Gamble

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The first trailer for writer-director Charles Martin Smith‘s family film sequel Dolphin Tale 2 is now available.  The follow-up sees the return of cast members Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr., Morgan Freeman, Nathan Gamble, and Cozi Zuehlsdorff as they continue Winter the Dolphin’s treatment at the Clearwater Marine Hospital.  This trailer markets the film as Inspiration with a capital “I”, and if you were a fan of the first pic, odds are you’ll be happy with the direction of this sequel.  If you weren’t, it doesn’t look like this follow-up will change your mind.

Hit the jump to watch the Dolphin Tale 2 trailer, and if you missed Dave’s set visit preview, click here.  Also starring Kris Kristofferson, Austin Stowell, Austin Highsmith, and a special appearance by professional surfer Bethany Hamilton, Dolphin Tale 2 opens September 19th.  Hit the jump to watch the trailer.

DOLPHIN TALE 2 Set Visit Preview: Collider Goes to Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Plus 4 New Images from the Film

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While much of the country was in the grip of sub-freezing temperatures, a group of online journalists (myself included) were lucky enough to visit the set of Dolphin Tale 2 in Clearwater, Florida.  Writer-director Charles Martin Smith returns for the sequel, which also features returning cast members Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, Nathan Gamble, and Cozi Zuehlsdorff to name a few.  Of course, Winter the Dolphin is back in her scene-stealing role at the center of the extended family drama which includes not just the human cast, but their animal patients as well.

Hit the jump to check out the first images from the film and for a preview of our set visit to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which we’ll reveal in full closer to Dolphin Tale 2′s September 19th release date.

Weekend Box Office – CHRONICLE and THE WOMAN IN BLACK Both Break $20 Million on Super Bowl Weekend

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It didn’t claim the record for highest debut or the greatest attendance, but this year’s Super Bowl weekend still caught most box office watchers by surprise with two bigger-than-expected openings. Fox’s Chronicle was first with $22 million from 2,907 locations, but CBS Films’ The Woman in Black was right on its heels with $21 million from 2,855. That’s the first time that two titles have opened to over $20 million on a Super Bowl frame since… ever.

Title Weekend Total
1 Chronicle $22,000,000 $22
2 The Woman in Black $21,000,000 $21
3 The Grey $9,500,000 $34.7
4 Big Miracle $8,480,000 $8.5
5 Underworld Awakening $5,600,000 $54.3
6 One For The Money $5,250,000 $19.6
7 Red Tails $5,000,000 $41.3
8 The Descendants $4,600,000 $65.5
9 Man on a Ledge $4,460,000 $14.7
10 Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close $3,925,000 $26.7

97 Original Scores Up for Oscar; DRIVE and ATTACK THE BLOCK Ruled Ineligible

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As the 84th Academy Awards move closer, we’re starting to get a better sense of how things will pan out. We recently shared the 39 songs that will contend for the Best Original Song category, and now the Academy has announced the 97 original scores eligible for the Best Original Score award. AMPAS is notoriously picky when it comes to eligibility in this category, and as we feared the scores for both Drive and Attack the Block have been deemed ineligible. Also disappointing is the ineligibility of Alexandre Desplat’s mesmerizing score for The Tree of Life.

While it’s upsetting to see some of the year’s best work side-lined, there’s plenty to be happy about. I was a huge fan of Howard Shore’s work in Hugo and Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s score for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, as well as The Chemical Brothers’ brilliant work in the criminally underseen Hanna. Hit the jump for the full list, as well as who I think will make the cut.

Weekend Box Office – PUSS IN BOOTS Snatches First Place from TOWER HEIST with $33 Million

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And the bad news for new releases just keeps coming. Despite placing first on Friday, the Universal comedy Tower Heist could not pull off a weekend win. The all-star ensemble took in just $25.1 million from 3,367 locations or ten million less than it was expected to command. The culprit? Looks like audiences who kept Puss In Boots at the low end of its own projections last weekend came out in force for round two: giving the Dreamworks Animation release an impressive 97% hold and a second week at number one.

Title Weekend Total
1 Puss In Boots $33,000,000 $75.5
2 Tower Heist $25,100,000 $25.1
3 Harold and Kumar 3D $13,100,000 $13.1
4 Paranormal Activity 3 $8,525,000 $95.3
5 In Time $7,700,000 $24.2
6 Footloose $4,550,000 $48.8
7 Real Steel $3,407,000 $78.7
8 The Rum Diary $2,987,000 $10.4
9 Ides of March $2,000,000 $36.8
10 Moneyball $1,900,000 $70.3

Friday Box Office – FOOTLOOSE on Top with $5.6 Million

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Footloose opened at the top of the charts this Friday with $5.6 million, but the remake will have to keep dancing its heart out to fend off last week’s champion Real Steel.  Both movies should land in the $15-18 million range for the weekend.  The revival of fellow beloved 80s property The Thing debuted in third place with a weaker $3.2 million.  Still better than this week’s other wide release, The Big Year, which earned just $1.15 million this Friday despite a trio of high profile leads in Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Jack Black.  Check back tomorrow for the weekend totals.

Title Friday Total
1 Footloose $5,565,000 $5.6
2 Real Steel $4,517,000 $40.0
3 The Thing $3,200,000 $3.2
4 The Ides of March $2,250,000 $16.9
5 Moneyball $1,715,000 $53.9

Weekend Box Office – REAL STEEL Goes Unchallenged with $27.3 Million; THE IDES OF MARCH a Distant Second

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It may not be the overwhelming win that its pricey PR push promised, but America’s new number one movie Real Steel did score the highest debut of any truly ‘new’ release since Rise of the Planet of the Apes two months ago.  With $27.3 million from its 3,440 locations, the family-friendly robot boxing movie also earned almost three times what its nearest competitor, George Clooney’s The Ides of March, saw on its first weekend.

Title Weekend Total
1 Real Steel $27,300,000 $27.3
2 The Ides of March $10,400,000 $10.4
3 Dolphin Tale $9,160,000 $49
4 50/50 $5,500,000 $17.3
5 Courageous $4,600,000 $15.8
6 The Lion King 3D $4,550,000 $85.9
7 Dream House $4,500,000 $14.5
8 Moneyball $3,230,000 $49.2
9 What’s Your Number? $3,050,000 $10.3
10 Abduction $2,900,000 $23.3

Weekend Box Office – DOLPHIN TALE Surfaces In First While New Releases Sink

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With three new releases plus three strong holdovers, this weekend turned out to be one of the most difficult to predict in terms of box office numbers.  In the end, it was the week-old Dolphin Tale that emerged victorious: leaping over Friday’s champ Moneyball, the still-ferocious Lion King 3D and the critically-acclaimed newcomer 50/50.

Title Weekend Total
1 Dolphin Tale $14,245,000 $37.5
2 Moneyball $12,500,000 $38.4
3 The Lion King 3D $11,050,000 $79.7
4 50/50 $8,850,000 $8.85
5 Courageous $8,800,000 $8.8
6 Dream House $8,200,000 $8.2
7 Abduction $5,650,000 $19.1
8 What’s Your Number? $5,600,000 $5.6
9 Contagion $5,040,000 $64.7
10 Killer Elite $4,855,000 $17.4

Friday Box Office – MONEYBALL Back on Top on Second Friday; New Releases Underwhelm

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Moneyball won the pot on its second Friday with an estimated $3.9 million, though there is a good chance that either of September’s family hits, Dolphin Tale or The Lion King 3D will end up the weekend winner.  With Friday numbers, I usually like to give some indication of what Sunday’s top ten will look like but, today, I’m not sure that will be possible.  On top of the very close estimates between the holdover titles, there are four new releases in the mix: three of which are running well below their pre-release projections.  So far, What’s Your Number? is lagging 85% behind Anna Farris’ last comedy hit The House Bunny50/50 is doing half the business of 2009’s cancer comedy Funny People and the Universal thriller Dream House looks like a winner by sticking to its projected three-day opening of $8 million!  That leaves Courageous.  Haven’t heard of it?  The Christian drama has come out strong, with a debut of $3.1 million and a projected weekend that should nearly double its studio’s expectations of $5 million.  Details tomorrow.

  Title Friday Total
1 Moneyball $3,900,000 $29.8
2 Dolphin Tale $3,500,000 $26.7
3 The Lion King 3D $3,300,000 $71.8
4 Courageous $3,100,000 $3.1
5 50/50 $2,900,000 $2.9
6 Dream House $2,900,000 $2.9
7 What’s Your Number $2,100,000 $2.1


Weekend Box Office – THE LION KING 3D Keeps Its Crown; MONEYBALL Slides to Second with $20.6 Million

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Once again, it looks like I was foolish to bet on Moneyball.  Blinded by the strong opening day of this long-time underdog, I completely forgot that last weekend’s champ would have a home field advantage on Saturday.  The final score put The Lion King 3D back on top and added another $22.1 million to the re-release’s lifetime stats.  Moneyball had to settle for second, though the estimates between it and the week’s newest family film, Dolphin Tale, are close enough that the baseball flick could conceivably fall to third by Monday.

Title Weekend Total
1 The Lion King 3D $22,100,000 $61.6
2 Moneyball $20,600,000 $20.6
3 Dolphin Tale $20,300,000 $20.3
4 Abduction $11,200,000 $11.2
5 Killer Elite $9,500,000 $9.5
6 Contagion $8,565,000 $57.1
7 Drive $5,771,000 $21.4
8 The Help $4,400,000 $154.4
9 Straw Dogs $2,100,000 $8.8
10 I Don’t Know How She Does It $2,053,000 $8

Friday Box Office – MONEYBALL Delivers First Place Finish with $6.8 Million

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Now that is a title I never thought I would write.  Two years ago it looked like Sony’s tale of baseball underdogs was dead in the water, but look at Moneyball now!  Number one on Friday with an estimated $6.8 million and almost guaranteed to win the weekend with a projected $20 million.  That is a bit higher than original studio estimates and, if achieved, would give Moneyball the biggest opening ever for a baseball-themed feature.  At number two after its big re-release last weekend is Disney’s The Lion King 3D, which means that the new family heart-warmer, Dolphin Tale, had to settle for third and an estimated $5.1 million.  The weekend’s third and fourth new releases round out the top five: Lionsgate’s Abduction, with Taylor Lautner, scored an estimated $3.8 million while Killer Elite, with Jason Statham and Clive Owen, was not far behind with $3.4 million.  Both films are currently looking at an opening of $11 million or so.  Details and analysis tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Moneyball $6,800,000 $6.8
2 The Lion King 3D $6,100,000 $45.6
3 Dolphin Tale $5,100,000 $5.1
4 Abduction $3,800,000 $3.8
5 Killer Elite $3,400,000 $3.4
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