Action Star Donnie Yen Talks DRAGON, Why He Turned Down THE EXPENDABLES 2, Period Versus Modern, Whether Breaking Out in the U.S. is a Goal, and More

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While Donnie Yen made a name for himself on American shores with his breakout hit in 2008, Ip Man, his reputation was established for many martial arts action film fans long before he ever played the Wing Chun grandmaster.  I spoke with the multi-talented Yen earlier this year in promotion of his upcoming film, Wu Xia (or Dragon).  The period film, set in 1917 China, revolves around an investigation into his character, Liu Jinxi, and the mysterious death of two criminals that were attempting to rob a general store.  Some have likened the film to David Cronenberg’s A History of Violence, and the careful balance between fighting for what is right even if it doesn’t benefit the greater good is touched on.

While the conversation strayed from touching on Dragon directly, I did get his thoughts on playing a character with a reserved nature, the differences between a period film and a modern film, and his preferences between the two.  Additionally, we talked about how he feels he is a martial arts chameleon, his reason for turning down The Expendables 2, how much he trains between films, his love of MMA, and much more.  You can find the complete interview after the jump. 

Kung-Fu Trailers for TAI CHI ZERO [Updated with Additional Bonus Trailer] and DRAGON, Starring Donnie Yen

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We’ve got a pair of kung-fu mash-up trailers for you today.  First up from the creators of Ip Man is a new trailer for Stephen Fung’s Tai Chi Zero, one that showcases a combo of traditional kung-fu accented by a steam-punk aesthetic and accompanied by dub-step.  The film stars Yuan Xiaochao, Angelababy, Tony Leung, Ka Fai and Shu Qi.  Tai Chi Zero opens stateside in limited release on October 19th.

In an Ip Man connection of sorts, the second trailer features star Donnie Yen in Dragon, a feudal kung-fu drama mashed up with a noir detective piece.  The Peter Ho-Sun Chan film also stars Takeshi Kaneshiro as a detective trying to uncover Yen’s characters secret past.  Dragon opens here in limited release starting November 30th.  Hit the jump for both trailers, synopses and posters. 

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