Director Courtney Solomon Talks GETAWAY, Practical Stunt Work, Punching Up Stunts and Taking Over the Streets of Bulgaria, Plus DUNGEONS & DRAGONS

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Opening in theaters this weekend is Courtney Solomon’s Getaway, a non-stop thrillride starring Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez and the Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake.  Hawke stars as former racer Brent Magna who is forced to wreak havoc across the streets of Bulgaria by a faceless villain who has kidnapped Magna’s wife.  Gomez is along for the ride as “The Kid” and attempts to help Magna survive this deadly race against the clock.

During a recent press day, Solomon sat down to talk with us about his latest film, speaking extensively about the practical stunt work involved in Getaway, why those stunts are more visceral than CG creations, and the bravado and worth ethic of the Bulgarian stunt team.  He also commented on punching up stunt sequences that were too bland on paper and came alive while on location, including the film’s climactic final run (and a somewhat illegal jaunt down Bulgarian streets).  Fans of Dungeons & Dragons will also be interested to see where progress is at on the new film, of which Solomon is a producer.  Hit the jump for the interview.

Warner Bros. to Develop New DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Movie

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While the current slate of blockbuster movies seem to be all superheroes and sci-fi, Warner Bros. is looking to reboot one of the bastions of swords-and-sorcery stories.  The studio is looking to develop a feature film franchise based on the long-running fantasy role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons.  “But wait,” you say, “didn’t someone already try that with the horrendous 2000 movie by the same name?”  Why yes they did!  Thirteen years is apparently enough of a cooling-off period to warrant another try.  It looks like the picture is already fairly far along the road to development thanks to a reworking of an existing script.  Hit the jump for more.

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