Year in Review: Allison’s Top 10 Returning TV Series of 2013

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In addition to a bevy of new and fantastic shows debuting in 2013, there were also plenty of trusted favorites to keep up with as well.  While BBC America and Sundance provided most of the best new content of the year, stalwart HBO dominates the list of returning programming.  Unlike the list of new series, the returning shows category features a few comedies, an acknowledgement that often it takes comedy series a little longer to get off the ground.  Bottom line, a good show is a good show regardless of format or genre.  Hit the jump for, in no particular order, the list of Top 10 Returning Series of 2013.

Ken Marino Talks BAD MILO!, Milo’s Tender Puppet Eyes, VERONICA MARS Movie, and EASTBOUND & DOWN

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bad milo ken marino

Surprisingly, Bad Milo, which is a movie about an ass demon, also has a lot of heart.  As the pressures of Duncan’s (Ken Marino) life start mounting, his stress triggers an insufferable gastrointestinal reaction that results in a pint-sized demon living in his intestine, that forces its way out and slaughters the people who have angered him.  Trying to keep its insatiable appetite at bay, Duncan attempts to befriend it, naming it Milo.

At the film’s press day, actor Ken Marino spoke to Collider for this exclusive interview about how he came to be a part of this project, his first reaction to the script, what he thought when he saw what Milo would look like, what it was like to work with the puppet, and working with such a great cast.  He also talked about revisiting his character Vinnie Van Lowe for the Veronica Mars movie, working on the new season of Eastbound & Down, and the type of projects he currently has in development.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

Heed the Words of Kenny Powers in 3 New Posters for EASTBOUND & DOWN Season 4

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It looked like Eastbound & Down had come to a close last season, but La Flama Blanca isn’t going to flicker out that easily.  The fourth and final season of the hilarious HBO series will premiere next month, and three new posters have been released to remind us all why Kenny Powers is one of TV’s most memorable characters.  Each tagline sounds like it could have come from Powers, which makes sense since Kenny Power’s biggest promoter has always been Kenny Powers (with Stevie coming in a close second).

Hit the jump to check out the posters.  Eastbound & Down premieres September 29th.

Teaser Trailers for New Seasons of HBO’s GIRLS and EASTBOUND AND DOWN

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In between last night’s season finale of True Blood and new episode of The Newsroom, HBO premiered a couple of new teasers for the upcoming seasons of Girls and Eastbound and Down.  The “in production” trailer for season three of Girls actually doesn’t contain any footage at all, but instead is a collection of stills that have been taken during the filming process of the show’s new season.  Included are peeks at the return of Andrew Rannells’ Elijah (huzzah!) as well as a trip to the beach for the titular characters.  Season three will premiere sometime in early 2014.

Additionally, a new teaser for the upcoming fourth and final season of Eastbound and Down cheekily equates Kenny Powers’ return with the rising of the phoenix.  We don’t yet know how the new season will deal with the ramifications of the season three finale, but I can’t wait to see Danny McBride back in character.  Season four of Eastbound and Down will premiere on September 29th.  Hit the jump to watch the teasers for both HBO series. 

Emile Hirsch and Director David Gordon Green Talk PRINCE AVALANCHE, Kickstarter, What They Collect, CAMP X-RAY, EASTBOUND & DOWN, and Much More

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Opening this week in limited release is director David Gordon Green’s (Pineapple Express) dramedy Prince Avalanche.  The film stars Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch and follows two workers as they spend their summer repainting traffic lines in the middle of a country highway.  While most summer movies are loaded with explosions, Prince Avalanche‘s sole focus is on the characters and their relationship.  Thankfully, Rudd and Hirsch deliver fantastic performances and the film’s scenes alternate between hilarity and heartbreak.  It’s definitely recommended.  For more on the film, here’s the trailer and Matt’s review.

The other day I sat down with Emile Hirsch and David Gordon Green here in Los Angeles.  They talked about making the film under the radar, how the project came together, the editing process, their thoughts on Kickstarter, Twitter, what they collect, the Pineapple Express sequel from This Is the End, upcoming projects like Lone Survivor, Bonnie and Clyde, Joe, Manglehorn, HBO’s Eastbound and Down, Camp X-Ray, and a lot more.  Hit the jump for the interview.


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Tonight’s season finale of Game of Thrones will be one of HBO’s most watched episodes of their year, so it was the perfect time to promote their upcoming slate of programming.  Shortly before the season finale, HBO aired promos for the new seasons of Eastbound & Down, The Newsroom, and Boardwalk Empire; the new series True Detective and Hello Ladies; and Greg Mottola‘s upcoming comedy, Clear History.  Most of these functioned as announcement trailers.  We’re still fairly early in the summer, and most of these programs won’t arrive until we’re firmly in the fall; True Detective won’t even show up until 2014.  But if you’re eager for The Newsroom, it’s a substantial new trailer.

Hit the jump to check out the promos, and come back later tonight when Allison posts her recap of the season finale of Game of Thrones.  As a side note to GoT fans, we’ll be talking about the series on this week’s Collision when we record on Tuesday.

Danny McBride Talks THIS IS THE END, EASTBOUND & DOWN Season 4, Larry David’s CLEAR HISTORY, and More

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At WonderCon a few days ago, I landed an extended video interview with Danny McBride.  While he was in attendance to help promote Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s awesome-looking end of the world comedy, This Is the End (click here for the red band trailer and our panel recap), we also talked about Eastbound & Down season 4 (which starts filming next month!), Larry David‘s Clear History, and a lot more.

For those not familiar with This is the End, the R rated comedy stars everyone in Hollywood (Rogen, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Jason Segel, Danny McBrideCraig RobinsonMichael Cera, Emma Watson, Paul Rudd, Jay Baruchel, Mindy Kaling, Kevin Hart, Martin Starr and more) and it looks to be one of the better films this summer.  Hit the jump for what McBride had to say about all of his projects and circle June 14, 2013 on your calendar (the release date of This is the End).

Lily Tomlin Talks ADMISSION, Working with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, EASTBOUND & DOWN, and More

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Director Paul Weitz (About a Boy) comedy-drama Admission opens this weekend.  The film stars Tina Fey as an admissions officer at Princeton University whose life is thrown for a curve when she runs into an old friend (Paul Rudd) while visiting an experimental high school in New Hampshire.  Admission also stars Lily Tomlin, Michael Sheen, Wallace Shawn, Nat Wolff, and Gloria Reuben.  For more on the film, here’s the trailer and six clips.

The other day I got to speak with Tomlin here in Los Angeles.  We talked about how she got involved in the project, her thoughts on the script and her character, how much improv they did, if she ever tried to make Tina Fey laugh on camera, and her great work last season on HBO’s Eastbound & Down.  Hit the jump to watch.

EASTBOUND AND DOWN Season 3 Blu-ray Review

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Eastbound and Down is a ridiculously entertaining show that has had a core issue since Season 2, which is that the arc of Danny McBride’s Kenny Powers is virtually the same for every season.  He’s an arrogant guy who learns a lesson on how to be a slightly better person every time, but in a way that suggests for every two steps forward there’s one back.  He’s still an ignorant redneck jerk, but maybe a little better.  Season Three looked to close out the series, and that gives it a nice boost over Season Two, which was also good, but suffered more in direct comparison to the first season.  Now it seems that creators McBride, Jody Hill and David Gordon Green are going back to this well for a fourth season.  But they had a good ending, with Season Three, and that makes us a little worried about more.  Our review of Season Three of Eastbound and Down on Blu-ray follows after the jump.

HBO Executives Michael Lombardo and Richard Plepler Talk the Future of GAME OF THRONES, THE NEWSROOM Criticism, Another Season of CURB, the ENTOURAGE Movie and More

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While at the HBO portion of the TCA Press Tour, President of Programming Michael Lombardo and co-President Richard Plepler took some time to talk about new and returning programming.  During the interview, they spoke about how long Game of Thrones and True Blood could run for, the status of the Entourage movie, their movie deal with Larry David and the affect that could have on future seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, their thoughts on the first season of The Newsroom, the possibility of a fourth season for Treme, and what viewers can expect from the Woody Harrelson/Matthew McConaughey series True Detective.  Check out what they had to say after the jump.

Kenny Powers Goes Steve Jobs in Latest K-Swiss Ad Featuring Bruce Lee, Moon Babes, and Animated Children Getting Destroyed

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Last Sunday, the third and final season of Eastbound and Down premiered with one of the series’ best episodes to date.  They’ve got the comedy of Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) down to a science, and every one of his lines absolutely kills.  A couple years ago, K-Swiss made the bold and brilliant decision to hire Kenny as their pitchman/MFCEO (Motherfuckin’ Chief Executive Officer).  Now he’s back, parodying Steve Jobs (tooo soooon!), and selling K-Swiss’ latest shoe, Blades.  The commercial is five-minutes long and only ten seconds are devoted to talking about the design of the shoe.  Everything else is Kenny Powers being awesome and hilarious.

Hit the jump to check out the commercial, which features a conversation with Bruce Lee, green chicks on the moon, and a blood-drenched animated sequence.  Eastbound and Down airs at 10pm EST on HBO.

EASTBOUND AND DOWN and Kenny Powers to Kick-Off NASCAR Season

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While the new season of HBO’s Eastbound & Down started this past Sunday, NASCAR’s Nationwide Series is set to kick-off at Daytona this Saturday. If you’re asking me what Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) and NASCAR have to do with each other, well then you haven’t been paying attention. HBO and Eastbound & Down are sponsoring the #50 car, driven by T.J. Bell for MAKE Motorsports.

The #50 Eastbound & Down/Make Motorsports Chevrolet features elements of Kenny Powers’ prized jet ski, The Panty Dropper, with a purple and leopard-print scheme, as well as the likeness of the “legend” himself, who also hails from Shelby, N.C.

Hit the jump to check out the images.

Hilarious New Trailer for EASTBOUND & DOWN Season Three

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“Look at y’all jumping around like a bunch of child molesters at Chuck E. Cheese.” Damn it’s good to have Kenny Powers back, or at least know that his return to HBO for the third (and maybe final) season of Eastbound & Down is coming on February 19th, less than a month away. Now a new trailer straight from HBO promises a great duo between Danny McBride and Jason Sudeikis as Powers’ new best friend and fellow ball player and we catch a quick glimpse of the return of Will Ferrell, Steve Little, and John Hawkes too. The trailer really does speak for itself so you can check it out after the jump.

HBO Announces Premiere Dates for EASTBOUND & DOWN, LIFE’S TOO SHORT and LUCK

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With the midseason premieres of several new and returning series just around the corner on network television, cable has plenty of new stuff in store as well. Deadline reports HBO has just brought their midseason premiere schedule to the table with the return of the third (and possible final) season of Danny McBride in Eastbound & Down returning on February 19th at 10/9c. Then following immediately after on the same night at 10:30/9:30c Ricky Gervais brings yet another one of his British successes to the cable network with Life’s Too Short. But before all that, the new drama series Luck, starring Dustin Hoffman, will debut on January 29th. However, the series will actually have a sneak preview after the season finale of Boardwalk Empire on December 11th as well. After the jump you can check out the trailers for all three series.

First Teaser Trailer for EASTBOUND & DOWN Season Three

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Though Kenny Powers won’t be coming back until January 2012, that doesn’t mean HBO doesn’t want you to miss out on the majesty of such an iconic athlete. A short teaser for the third season of Eastbound & Down has just been released with one hell of an airbrushed tanktop featuring the shining face and signature curls for Kenny Powers on one lucky lady. It sounds like this will be the last season for the hilarious and vulgar comedy series, so savor the flavor of anticipation while you can and check out the new teaser trailer after the jump.

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