New THE LOFT Trailer Takes Karl Urban and Wentworth Miller to the Height of Paranoia

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We saw the first trailer for The Loft more than two years ago, and now the film will finally see the light of day. Open Road Films has acquired The Loft from Universal and just released a new trailer and poster. The film stars Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet, and Matthias Shoenaerts as five married friends who share a secret penthouse where they can cheat on their wives and indulge in whatever fantasies they chose without leaving a paper trail.  Their party train quickly derails when they find the body of a dead woman in the loft and fall to paranoia as everyone begins to suspect one another.

The movie looks like it could be trashy fun, but none of the characters come across as particularly likeable, just a bunch of entitled dudes cheating on their wives.  It’s hard not to like Urban and Marsden though, so maybe the casting will make up for the off-putting nature of the characters. The film also stars Isabel Lucas, Rhona Mitra, and Rachael Taylor and opens in theaters January 23, 2015. Check out the first The Loft trailer after the jump.

John Boyega Leads Jesse Owens Biopic, RACE; Kevin Hart Lends His Voice to a Pair of Animated Family Films for Universal and DreamWorks Animation Studios

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Here’s a look at the latest casting news:

  • John Boyega (Attack the Block) will lead the Jesse Owens biopic, Race, directed by Stephen Hopkins (The Life and Death of Peter Sellers) from a script by Anna Waterhouse and Joe Shrapnel.
  • Louis C.K. (Louie), Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) and Kevin Hart (Ride Along) will lend their voices to Universal’s 3D animated The Untitled Pets Project, opening February 12, 2016.
  • Ed Helms (The Office) and Kevin Hart (Ride Along) will voice characters in DreamWorks Animation’s Captain Underpants, also starring Nick Kroll (The League), Jordan Peele (Key and Peele), and Thomas Middleditch (The Wolf of Wall Street), for director Rob Letterman.

Hit the jump for more on each film.

First Trailer and Images for IDENTITY THIEF Starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy

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The first trailer for the comedy Identity Thief has been released.  Directed by Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses), the movie stars Jason Bateman as an accounts rep who has a week to travel across the country and track down the con artist (Melissa McCarthy) who stole his identity.  Horrible Bosses was a fantastic surprise last year and the pairing of Bateman and McCarthy sounds great, but this trailer is a tad disappointing.  Many of the jokes hinge on physical comedy, so hopefully they’re saving the dialogue-driven stuff for the full film. The caliber of talent involved is promising and McCarthy looks to have put together quite the character, so I’m still eager to see more.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer and to check out some images.  The film also stars Jon Favreau, Amanda Peet, Tip “T.I.” Harris, Genesis Rodriguez, Morris Chestnut, John Cho, Robert Patrick, and Eric StonestreetIdentity Thief opens February 8, 2013. 

HOMELAND and MODERN FAMILY Clean Up at Primetime Emmy Awards; MAD MEN Shut Out

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The 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards were given out last night, and longtime favorite Mad Men had a pretty rough evening.  Matthew Weiner’s AMC drama was shut out in every category in which it was nominated (Christina Hendricks was robbed), denying the series a record-breaking fifth consecutive Best Drama Series Emmy in favor of Showtime’s excellent freshman series Homeland.  The cable thriller nearly swept the drama series category, even landing Damian Lewis a surprising Best Actor win over perennial favorite Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Mad Men’s way overdue Jon Hamm.  It’s hard to complain, though, as Homeland had a positively stellar first season and star Claire Danes gave a powerhouse performance as a psychologically plagued CIA analyst, for which she was awarded Best Actress.

On the comedy side of things the awards were a tad more predictable, with ABC’s Modern Family pulling off another sweep in the genre. Julia Louis-Dreyfus took home the Best Actress award for her hilarious work on Veep, and Jon Cryer inexplicably won Best Actor in a Comedy for his role in Two and a Half Men despite that show not being funny.  Hit the jump to read the full list of winners.

Allison Predicts the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards Winners

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The 2012 Emmy Awards air Sunday at 8pm on ABC during all of your other programming (set those DV-Rs!), so is the show worth watching?  Will there be any upsets?  Or will it just be worth it to sit there smugly as Bryan Cranston wins again for Breaking Bad, turning to your friends, significant other or Siri and saying “I totally called that.”  Hit the jump to see my predictions for who will win and whoshould win Sunday night based on Vegas odds, rumors, secret handshakes, the predictability of Emmy voters, with maybe an upset or two thrown in to keep things interesting.

Synopses Released for 2 GUNS Starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, and IDENTITIY THIEF Starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy

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Universal Pictures has released synopses for their upcoming films 2 Guns and Identity Thief.  Briefly, 2 Guns is an action flick that stars Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg as operatives from competing government bureaus who are disavowed and forced to go on the run together after a mission goes wrong.  As for Identity Thief, the comedy stars Jason Bateman as a man who goes to great lengths to get his identity back from a con artist (Melissa McCarthy).

Hit the jump to check out the synopses.  2 Guns opens August 16, 2013.  Identity Thief opens February 8, 2013.

Red-Band Trailer for THE LOFT Starring Karl Urban, James Marsden, Eric Stonestreet, and Rhona Mitra

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A red-band trailer has gone online for the thriller The Loft.  The film centers on five friends who have a loft where they can go to cheat on their wives.  Their perfect locale hits a bit of a snag when they find a woman brutally murdered in the loft, and they don’t know who’s responsible.  I first thought that this would be a claustrophobic film where the five friends would be turning on each other since they each have a key to the loft.  Instead, they start suspecting their wives to be jealous murderous who discovered their husbands’ secret.  It’s an odd approach, although it makes sense since the guys seems sleazy enough to distrust the woman they’ve wronged rather than the dishonest guys in their company.  The only question is whether or not we’ll care what happens to the five adulterers, and if we’d rather see them get their comeuppance than solve the mystery.

Hit the jump to check out the red-band trailer.  The impressive cast features Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet, Rachael Taylor, Rhona Mitra, Valerie Cruz, and Isabel Lucas.  The film currently has no release date.

Creator/Executive Producer Graham Yost Talks JUSTIFIED Season 3; Hopes to Have Patton Oswalt and Eric Stonestreet Guest Star

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Developed by Graham Yost and starring Timothy Olyphant, Justified is based on the works of crime novelist Elmore Leonard. As Season 2 ended the Bennett family’s hold over Harlan County and marked the return of Raylan’s (Olyphant) old nemesis/friend Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) to the criminal life, Season 3 picked up with him finding out that he and his crew aren’t the only ones making a play to rule the Harlan underworld. Now, Raylan finds himself dealing with a pregnant ex-wife (Natalie Zea) while facing off against dirty politicians, a mysterious man named Limehouse (Mykelti Williamson), and an enterprising criminal from the Motor City (Neal McDonough).

While at the TCA Winter Press Tour, showrunner/executive producer/writer Graham Yost talked to Collider for this exclusive interview about where this season is headed, how the new criminal element will affect things, that he’s hoping to get Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) and Patton Oswalt (Young Adult) on as guest stars since they’re both big fans of the show, the pressure of not repeating yourself while living up to what fans expect, and how far ahead they plan out where things are going with the story. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

MODERN FAMILY’s Eric Stonestreet to Play Fatty Arbuckle in HBO Film THE DAY THE LAUGHTER STOPPED

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The actor has already won an Emmy for his fantastic work as one-half of one of the funniest gay couples on TV in the ABC comedy series Modern Family, but now Eric Stonestreet is taking on another gig that could likely end up snagging him another golden statue. Stonestreet is attached to play legendary silent-film star Fatty Arbuckle in The Day the Laughter Stopped, a new TV movie set up at HBO from John Adams writer Kirk Ellis and You Don’t Know Jack director Barry Levinson attached to helm. Based on David A. Yallop’s book of the same name, the film chronicles the sudden and tragic downfall of Arbuckle’s career after facing false accusations of rape and murder. More after the jump.

Eric Stonestreet and Wentworth Miller Join Indie Thriller LOFT

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Eric Stonestreet is a scene stealer on ABC’s Modern Family but he’s about to made a radical departure as he’s in final negotiations to star in the dark indie thriller LoftVariety reports that Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) is also set to join the film, “which follows five married friends who share a loft where each of them bring their mistresses. When the body of an unknown woman is found in the loft, they begin to suspect one another of murder.”  As we reported back in February, the film also stars Patrick Wilson and James Marsden.  This cast and premise offers the possibility for a tight, claustrophobic thriller…or it could end up like 2006′s disappointing Unknown (as opposed to 2011′s disappointing Unknown).  Screenwriter Wesley Strick (the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street) adapted Bart De Pauw’s original screenplay for the 2008 Belgian film of the same name.  Erik Van Looy directed that film and will return to helm the remake.

While I’ll be interested in seeing Stonestreet in such a different role from Modern Family‘s Cam, he’ll next be seen in the R-rated comedy Bad Teacher and the family film The Muppets.  As for Miller, he’s signed on to the indie drama Analog.  He also wrote the script Stoker, which will be directed by Chan-wook Park (Oldboy).

Ricky Gervais, Emily Blunt and Mickey Rooney Join THE MUPPETS; Plus New Images from Set

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Would anyone following Jason Segel’s The Muppets be remotely surprised if it was announced that more people have joined the cast? Today, two more names have been added to the incredibly large list of high-profile celebrities appearing in the film. Also, along with the casting news comes a bunch of new photos from the set.

Ricky Gervais and Emily Blunt are the newest additions to the movie, with their roles being kept a secret. Hit the jump to see who they will be joining in this movie of which I have run out of adjectives to describe; as well as the images.

Nine Join THE GREATEST MUPPET MOVIE EVER MADE, Including Jack Black, Paul Rudd, and Lady Gaga

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Huge casting updates from The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made today. Nine new names are being added to the roster of talent that comprises what may be the greatest ensemble ever formed.

Take a deep breath because we now have the following reported to be in the highly anticipated film: Jack Black, Donald Glover (Community), Jane Lynch (Glee), Danny Trejo (Machete), Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family), John Krasinski (The Office), Ed Helms (The Hangover), Lady Gaga, and (drumroll, please) Paul Rudd (Dinner for Schmucks). Hit the jump to see what their roles will be.

MODERN FAMILY First Season Blu-ray Review

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Sitcom television has evolved quickly over the last decade. Yes, there’s still shows like Two and a Half Men, but the single camera, actually-filmed or faux-documentary style has freed half hour comedies from the set-based, laugh-tracked trappings of earlier generations (even M*A*S*H had a laugh track). Modern Family borrows much from The Office’s faux-documentary conceit, but as a portrait of a family (headed up by Ed O’Neil and his step-wife Sofia Vergara), the show is modern in its approach to what constitutes a family and familiar in how it makes its jokes. It’s multi-ethnic, with a homosexual son (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and his partner (Eric Stonestreet), but then also with a Simpsons-inspired regular family (headed up by Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell). My review of Modern Family on Blu-ray follows after the jump.

Video Highlights from the 2010 Emmy Awards including Speeches and Hilarity

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We already gave you a list of the winners from the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmys (Link 8), but if the ceremony was just nominees being read and awards being handed out then the telecast wouldn’t be over three hours long would it? So to follow-up, we’ve put together some of the highlights form the show itself complete with video for your hungry eyes and ears. Below you’ll find a great comedic bit featuring the cast of Modern Family receiving some advice on how to make their next season even more hilarious. Remedies include George Clooney and Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin as new cast members and even the use of 3-D to show off Sofia Vergara’s…talents. In addition there’s a couple great acceptance speeches and other laughs to be had just below the jump.

Cameron Diaz’s BAD TEACHER Is Hot for Justin Timberlake

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Cameron Diaz’s Bad Teacher has found the apple of her character” scheming eye as Justin Timberlake has been cast in the lead male role.  Directed by Jake Kasdan (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story), Bad Teacher centers on a “foul-mouthed, gold-digging seventh-grade teacher who, after being dumped by her boyfriend, sets her sights on a colleague (Lucy Punch) who is dating a substitute teacher, who also is the scion of a watch fortune.”  According to Sony Pictures’ press release Timberlake is the watch fortune scion (which is one of the under-utilized jobs in many role-playing games).

Along with Timberlake Molly Shannon and Eric Stonestreet (who plays Cameron Tucker on the hilarious Modern Family) are also joining the cast, which also includes (as we reported last month) Jason Segel as the school’s gym teacher and John Michael Higgins as the principal.

Filming begins this month in Los Angeles.  Hit the jump for the full press release.

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