First Trailer for A HAUNTED HOUSE 2 Starring Marlon Wayans and Gabriel Iglesias

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The first trailer for the horror spoof sequel A Haunted House 2 has been released online.  The film finds Marlon Wayans reprising his role from the first film (which only opened in theaters 11 months ago), as he attempts to rid himself of ghostly hauntings by moving into a new house, only to find that his new home is also haunted.  The first film grossed nearly $60 million worldwide against a budget of only $2.5 million, so it’s possible that the Haunted House franchise could follow the same low budget/high profits blueprint that the wildly successful Paranormal Activity series has enjoyed—the very franchise that Haunted House is spoofing.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Gabriel Iglesias, Jamie Pressly, Essence Atkins, Affion Crockett, Dave Sheridan, and Ashley RickardsA Haunted House 2 opens on March 28, 2014.

New Red Band Trailer for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Spoof A HAUNTED HOUSE Starring Marlon Wayans

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A new red band trailer for the spoof A Haunted House has been released online.  Co-writer and star Marlon Wayans looks to be trying to recapture some of that Scary Movie magic with this pic, as it basically combines elements from Paranormal Activity and The Devil Inside with the same type of parody comedy that the Wayans Brothers used to great success with the Scary Movie franchise.  The results here are fairly stale, as Scary Movie itself spawned numerous terrible copycat films that drove the parody genre into the ground.  There are one or two mildly funny moments in this sex joke-heavy red band trailer, but nothing to suggest that A Haunted House is a must-see comedy.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  Directed by Michael Tiddes (Dance Flick), the film also stars Essence Atkins, David KoechnerNick Swardson, and Cedric the Entertainer.  A Haunted House opens on January 11th.

Marlon Wayans to Direct and Star Opposite Essence Atkins in Found Footage Spoof SMART ASS

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With the release of Chronicle last week, the found footage genre finally crossed the threshold of public consciousness required for parody.  Marlon Wayans, the writer and star of such spoofs as Scary Movie and Dance Flick, is up to the task.  Not only will Wayans star opposite Essence Atkins in Smart Ass, described as “a spoof of a various found-footage pics like Paranormal Activity and The Devil Inside Me.”  According to Variety, this is also Wayans’ directorial debut with co-director Mike Tiddes.  Filming on the independent production is now underway in Los Angeles.

Though Wayans has mostly been a critical punching bag in the last decade, there are a lot of pieces here that appeal to me.  With all the tics and affectations of the genre, found footage is fertile ground for this satirical treatment.  And 10-year-old me watched a lot of Wayans on his The WB sitcom The Wayans Bros., and even more of Atkins on Smart Guy.  (She played the sister of a pugnacious little shorty with 1000 IQ.)  I will try to wait until at least the trailer to write this one off.

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